Saturday, August 02, 2008

[Flash] My Viliv

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[Info] The reservation for Gosireh on 28th & 29th August 2008

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[News] E Ji Ah Collapse During Filming

E Ji Ah collapse during drama filming, and it was transported to the emergency treatment. It is diagnosed as low body temperature and meningitis. It is said she will have to temporarily stop filming and now that she is resting at home.


Friday, August 01, 2008

BYJ Updates on July 31, 2008 ~ Evening

source: posoku's blog / LCKTOURです
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Good evening
Yong Joon who entered the BBQ Restaurant at about 6:30pm, he has dinner with Phillip Lee, then he came out at 21:17.

Philip drove Benz by himself and went back, Yong Joon were very happy and said hello many times and shook hands with everyone of the families who he met at the BBQ restaurant.

I want to share this joy with all of you!



[SCAN] GRAZIA September 2008

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[Info] Endo MasanobuOfficial blog - WORLD BRAIN COLOSSEUM

[Endo Masanobu씨 공식 blog]한국 Yellow사와의 협업과 배용준씨의 캐릭터 "joon bear" 사용
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An Online Game called WORLD BRAIN COLOSSEUM by the
Cooperation between MGS, Yellow Entertainment& KEYEAST

Thursday, July 31, 2008

[Scan] TWSSG Premium Letter (Stamp) Set - Entame Post Vol.4 2008 JUNE

[Scan] 태왕사신기 Premium Letter Set - Entame Post Vol.4 2008 JUNE

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BYJ Updates on July 31, 2008 by lcktour

source: lcktour
translated by xiaoyi's translation machine

How are you getting along, everyone?
You must be surprised by the e-mail magazine early this morning!
In Seoul, rain stopped now, and the weather is fine
Wonder whether he can rest all day long today, Manager Hwang drives the Maybach and YJ appeared together with Mr Shin

After he gone to the Skin Beauty Treatment Centre at 10:30, then he entered the beauty parlor at about 12:30. He came out some time ago at 13:57.
White long sleeves, brown glasses, slate color jeans, he had a small brown hat in his hand.

笑っていながら答えてくれました。「アン ガヨ!」
When the Korea family (who have waited there) asked whether is he going to U.S.A. again, he stopped and laughing and answered An-i-yo!
Glad to see that his face looks cheerful even though there's time difference (due to the traveling)


[Updates] BYJ arrived in Korea from New York today (7/31, Korea time).

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BYJ arrived in Korea from New York today.

He arrived at Inchon Airport with Brian around 4 am this morning (7/31, Korea time)
via Korean Airlines.

Manager Hwang and Mr. Shin came to Inchon Airport to greet him.
He left the airport by his Maybach.
It’s said that he carried the cart himself and looked healthy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[SCAN] TWSSG official Filming Diary

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[SCAN] 태왕사신기 공식 촬영 일기 TWSSG official Filming Diary
source: byjgallery by LL / arayo