Saturday, July 12, 2008

[Photo] Chosun Galbee in LA

Heard that when he was in LA 2-3 years ago, he went to one of the Korean restaurants, ChoSun Galbee. Will he be visiting there again?

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[News] TWSSG Tissue Box

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Friday, July 11, 2008

[Captures] TWSSG Collectables

source: yuri's blog / Chosun online (Korean Style)

You can purchase from HERE.

[Trans] Someone just saw Yonsama. (at the Ra Beauty Core in L.A.)

source: Quilt by suehan

Hi, everyone;

I found this posting on today and translated it to share with you.


[I just saw Yonsama. (at the Ra Beauty Core in L.A.)]
2008-07-10 (11:27:33)

I just saw Yonsama.
I came back after I had my hair done at the Ra Beauty Core and
Bae Yong Joon suddenly walked by me.
I wasn’t sure in the beginning, but I heard that it was him.

I’m one of his devoted fans, so I regret not staying there longer to see him some more.
So I’m posting this story as fast as I can.
Oh, he was so gorgeous. His face was so small.

(suehan: Ra Beauty Core is the name of beauty salon located at K-town in Los Angeles.)

source: wikipedia,_Los_Angeles,_California

[Info] MNet showing Barefooted Youth on 25/7/08

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【SCAN】NHK STERA 7/12-7/18

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[Scan] Nikkansport BYJ 06-08 ~ 2007-2008 Section

[일본 잡지] 닛칸 스포츠가 본 BYJ 06~08로부터 2007~2008년 기사
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[Photo] Chuam Beach - WLS Filming Site

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

[Audio] TWSSG OST Vol. 2

일본 발매 태왕사신기 OST Vol.2 운명-피아노&Harp version
source: byjgallery by zeze

twssgST16.wma -

Track 16

일본 발매 태왕사신기 OST Vol.2 코믹버젼 수지니 테마 곡 들어보세요

Track 3

[VOD] -Ana☆Para- Magazines Introduction Featuring BYJ


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[Photo] Random Pictures from DCInside

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