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[VOD / Captures] BYJ Japan Visit on WLS Animation Site - Vol. 3

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[Photo] 7.6.08 'Take Action 2008' Soccer Match - photo by makiko

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[VOD] 배용준님 2008/0607

[VOD] 배용준님 2008/0607
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[Photo] 7.6.08 BYJ attended the 'Take Action 2008' Charity Football Match

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[VOD] BYJ-2008.06.07 RealTime Sunday-Ceremony of Dream Match

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[VOD] 7.6.08 BYJ attended the 'Take Action 2008' Charity Football Match

[VOD] 배용준님 2008/06/07
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BYJ Updates on 7.6.08 - yuri's blog

YJ come to the stadium now at 14:10. He watch a game from the second floor balcony.

Phillip Lee is together with him too.

The match seems to be overred at 15:30. 30 mins after the ceremony, there seems to be press conference for one hour for the person concerned.

It seems the broadcast is not on time, it was late.
When he entered, he didn't seem to open the window.
15:50 ヨンジュンさんの車来ました。これから乗り込むようですよ。
At 15:30 YJ's car came, he then enter the car.

[VOD] 2008.06.05 Entertainment News TWSSG Press conference

[스크랩] [VOD]2008.06.05 예능 뉴스 TWSSG Press conference

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[Scan] Japanese Newspaper - YJ Japan Visit

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[Photo] 29.5.08 BYJ at the beauty salon ~ mishio blog

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[Photo] Phillip Lee Checking In At Incheon Airport on 30.5.08

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[Scan] 7.6.08 Evening Edition Newspaper

[SCAN]석간 후지
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[News] BYJ 10 hours interview completed, end of Japan Trip, return to Korea next week

배용준 10시간 인터뷰 끝 日 공식일정 마무리‥내주 귀국

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배용준 10시간 인터뷰 끝 日 공식일정 마무리‥내주 귀국

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[News] BYJ 10 hours interview completed, end of Japan Trip, returning to Korea next week.

[Photo] 31/5 BYJGALLERY Sisters Gatherings

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[News] Photographed for GQ & Vogue Japanese Magazine

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BYJ, shot fashion pictorials for Japanese editions of GQ and Vogue
[Star News]6/6/08 14:33

Actor BYJ shot fashion pictorial for Japanese editions of world renowned fashion magazines, GQ and Vogue.
BYJ shot fashion pictorial in 2 years since a domestic men's magazine in 2006.
BYJ, showing costumes and hair style that we could not see often all the while, got words of praises from staff at the location.

His agency, BOF, explained that people working in it, having watched the shooting, revealed sense of satisfactionn, shouting 'wonderful' repeatedly, and BYJ showed sense of satisfaction by the work, as he was taking commorative shots with staff after all the shooting and interview have finished.

BYJ, officially visiting Japan with Director Kim JOnghak, Moon Sori, E Ji Ah at present, to commemorate airing of the drama 'TWSSG' (which is being aired in Japan) in Japan, proceeded relay interviews with Japanese influential medias, Nikan Sports, San Kei, Yomiuri, AERA, Weekly Women, Women Themselves, for 10 hours in a special class hotel in downtown Tokyo.

The explanation was that interviews in this time had hight degree of interest locally to the extent that editors of each medium would did them personally. At the time of interview, to a question "I heard that (you) created character of Damdeok with director. Please explained detalied example, BYJ told, When I received script where youth Damdeok would appear for the first time, I felt that (youth Damdeok) was not particularly different from boy Damdeok (Yoo Seungho).

Saying that "When boy Damdeok (Yoo Seungho), who always lived in imprisonment in palace, and who had been controlled from his father, grew up into Youth Damdeok, because boy Damdeok's browing period was dark, (if it were me) he would be jollier to cast it off,", he explained that "Because I thought that he might put effort to show his own appearance with change, like being free and playful, (I) changed (gradually) the chracter through conversation with the director."."

BYJ finished official schedule for visiting Japan with the individual interviews on 5 as the last one, and plans to return home after finishing personal schedule.

The drama 'TWSSG' is aired at 11PM on every Saturday in ground wave station at NHK, Japan.

Reported by Kim Soojin,
Copyright ⓒ Money Today Star News

[Photo] NHK Recording Studio for TWSSG Special Program

NHK에서 토크쇼 녹화한 스튜디오를 태왕사신기풍으로 꾸몄다고 하더니
바로 이 곳이라네~! 우와
정말 태사기 느낌이 가득하다 ㅠㅠ

역시 일본 방송 무대는 멋지구랴

출처-DC 배용준 갤러리- 러브러브byj님

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[VOD] 4.6.08 TWSSG NHK Media Event (NHK Homepage Version)

[영상] 6월4일 태왕사신기 NHK 기자회견 일부 (NHK홈피 ver)
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[Photo] Moon So Ri having delicious OKONOMIYAKI

[스크랩] 문소리님이 오사카에서 드셨던 맛있는 오코노미야키
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[VOD] 2008.06.06Sukkiri! - BYJ at Nagoya Ferris Wheel

[VOD]배용준-2008.06.06Sukkiri!-나고야 관람차 영상^^
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[Trans] Let’s go to see BYJ -- NHK in Japan stopped their work

Translated by suehan on Quilt

[Let’s go to see BYJ -- NHK in Japan stopped their work.]
2008-06-05 13:52

On June 4, 2008, Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon (36) recorded a special program for NHK while he visit Japan to celebrate the local broadcasting of the historical drama, “TWSSG”. He appeared on the program with Moon Sori, Lee Jiah, and the producer Kim Jonghak. The appearance occurred right after he finished the press conference which NHK organized.

NHK showed their sincerity by constructing a Kokuryo style studio for this program in a format identical to the set for “TWSSG”.

It will be broadcasted at 5 pm, the prime time of Saturday, on June 21 in Japan. The local official said, “It’s very unusual to broadcast the foreign star’s special program on prime time.”

On the other hand, even the employees of company stopped their work to see Bae Yong Joon’s press conference and special program. It was a rare scene.

The ‘TWSSG’ has been broadcasted at 11 pm on Saturdays on NHK since April 5th and the 10th episode will be broadcasted on the June 7th.

Reporter Kim Yongho

[Captures] Viliv CM 30 sec

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