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[VOD] 2008.05.31 News On BYJ Japan Visit

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[VOD]배용준님-2008.05.31 Japan TV Program yajiuma purasu

[VOD]배용준님-2008.05.31 Japan TV Program mezamasi doyoubi~어제의 슈퍼 뉴스와 닮아 있습니다

[VOD]배용준님-2008.05.31Japan TV Program 「Zoom in sturday」
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source: by may10
[VOD]배용준님-2008.05.31Japan TV Program 「Hakken」

[Trans] Power Spot Predictions in Osaka

original in japanese: Koreal 7-08 p.24-25
scanned & posted by: arayo / byjgallery
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

Power Spot Predictions in Osaka
by Nakano Yuko

1. Airport – Kansai Airport Most Likely?

When BYJ visits Japan,
the one pl*ace he will always pass through first is the airport.
It is only a few brief minutes from the time he comes out of the arrivals gate
to get to the waiting car.
No doubt his management agency will issue a notice to fans,
“we request that you refrain from welcoming him at the airport.”
But despite this, for fans in eager anticipation,
the airport is the one sure spot to see BYJ up close.
A fan just can’t sit patiently by!

On May 9, a Korean sports newspaper reported that
he would depart from Incheon Airport to arrive at Osaka.
From this we can determine that he will use Kansai International Airport.

There are two arrival gates at Kansai Airport.
There is the first floor north arrivals and south arrivals gate.
The odds that he will exit either are 50-50.
To load passengers, autos must first park in the “passenger loading zone”
before cars can leave the airport.
The “passenger loading zone” is closest to the south arrivals gate.
If the airport is not that congested,
he can leave from the north arrival gate
and he would slowly head toward door H close to the “passenger loading zone”
to leave the terminal,
but if there is congestion, he will come out of the south arrivals gate
and quickly walk through door H to head toward the “passenger loading zone.”
Whichever gate he comes out of,
there is a great possibility that he will use door H
which is closest to the “passenger loading zone.”
The area around door H may be considered “special seats.”

On May 30, there are three flights each from Seoul on Korean Airline and Asiana.
There are two flights each in the morning, afternoon, and evening
and avoiding the busy evening flights,
it appears he will arrive on the morning or afternoon flight.

But the possibility exists that if plans change,
he may arrive in Japan from the US instead of Seoul.
Because he was in New York for CM filming
and it was announced that beginning in April,
a one-year contract was signed with photographer Kim Tae Hwan
for the two of them to travel together to Korea, Japan, Europe, the U.S.
and such to photograph photos for a photo album,
that he will arrive in Japan from overseas
or somewhere in Japan outside of Osaka can also be considered.

But this possibility is probably not that high.
Prior to the large scale fan meeting, preparations must be done
such as meeting with director Kim Jong Hak and the other actors.
All this will probably be done in Seoul.
If this is so, then the probability is high that he will arrive in Japan from Seoul.
Perhaps he will arrive together with director Kim Jong Hak?

*bb: mmm... they've gotten most of this part right.
yup, he arrived via kansai airport from seoul,
and yes, he did take the asiana afternoon flight.
and yes again, he did arrive with PD kim, together with the rest of the twssg cast.

2. Hotel – Conditions for Stay Must Be Luxury,
Distance to Venue & Fitness Facilities?

The luxury hotels that BYJ is likely to stay at in Osaka are the Ritz Carlton Osaka,
Westin Hotel Osaka, Imperial HotelOsaka, and the Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka).
Each hotel is one hour away from Kansai Airport by auto.
Fitness facilities are of course available.

Firstly, the most likely hotel would probably be the Ritz Carlton Osaka
located in the “Kita” center of Osaka.
It is highly rated having been ranked number one nationwide by magazines,
and it is the first Japanese hotel to be ranked as such among international hotel groups.
It was opened in 1997 and celebrated its 10th anniversary last year
by remodeling all guest rooms.
If BYJ were to stay here, he would stay in the Ritz Carlton Suite Rooms
on the 36th and 37th floors with a floor space of 233 square meters,
and a nightly rate of 650,000 yen (tax and service charge included).
It is a luxurious room with Jacuzzi and grand piano.

For the very curious BYJ, the Westin Hotel Osaka in Shin Umeda City,
within the “Kita” redevelopment area, may be also appealing.
It opened in 1993 but the Imperial Suite on the 30th floor
was just remodeled this February.
It is a gorgeous room with Baccarat crystal chandeliers and a grand piano.
The room space is an amazing 320 square meters
and the nightly rate is 960,000 yen (includes tax and service charge)!

The Imperial Hotel Osaka is located in a relatively quiet area
with famous cherry blossom sites, rivers, and the Osaka Castle close by.
It opened in 1996 and this hotel also underwent a major renovation last year.
Their luxury Imperial Suite Room can only be reserved by heads of state.

For all other individuals, the suite room is 100 square meters in size
with a nightly rate of 160,000 yen (includes tax and service charge)
but the fitness center can only be used from 10 am.
For BYJ, who rises early and likes to workout, this may be a problem.

The great probability is that he will stay at the Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka)
which is called the “guesthouse of Kansai’s financial community.”
The penthouse suite, Monaco Suite opened in 2002
in the Presidential Towers on the 25-27th floors,
and the Presidential Towers require a special key to get to the 24th floors and above
and security is very tight.
There is a fitness gym for guests only on the 24th floor
which is perfect for BYJ to protect his privacy.
The Monaco Suite has 252 square meters of room size
and the nightly rate is about 400,000 yen (includes tax and service charge)
which makes it a bargain (!).
Also, the Rihga Royal Hotel is the closest to the Kyocera Dome
of the four hotels listed here, being 10-15 minutes away by car.

3. Areas Frequented
Will He Appear at Shopping Areas in “Kita” or “Minami” ?

Wherever he goes, it is likely that he will draw crowds,
so it is most likely that BYJ will end up holed up in his hotel
except for traveling to the airport and event sites.
Unfortunately, Park BOF which just opened in April 2007
is now closed due to relocation.
On June 1, it will not be open,
so there is no possibility that BYJ will drop by.

There are many areas in Osaka where Japanese-Koreans and Koreans live.
There is a possibility that he will appear in those areas.
But Osaka has a different city culture than Tokyo
in that people will think nothing of calling out loudly without hesitation
an entertainer or celebrity’s name.
A situation could occur where someone yells, “BYJ is here!”
and a crowd gathers and begins talking to him
so that he won’t be able to move!?

If he is looking to open a sister restaurant to Gosireh,
he may come here to check out prospective sites.
Since he opened Gosireh in the upscale residential area of Shirogane,
the comparable area in Kansai would be the Ashiya area in Hyogo.

Also, to enjoy dining and wines
there is the possibility that he will appear in the “Kita” and “Minami” shopping areas
where Osaka local specialties such as okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake),
takoyaki (octopus balls), ikayaki (squid balls),
kushikatsu (deep fried skewered cutlets) can be bought by his staff for take-out
and eaten in the hotel room,
but perhaps he should try the fugu (poisonous blowfish) or hamo (eel)
which are more typical of Osaka restaurants
(fugu is not in season so hamo is a greater possibility!?).
In the many upscale restaurants of “Kita” within Kita Shinchi
(around JR Shinchi Station and Umeda Station subway),
BYJ may find it easy to make his way there.

4. Other Events – To Tokyo After the Osaka Event

According to the sports newspaper, he will go to Tokyo after the Osaka event.
There will be a press conference at NHK on June 4 or 5.
If those fans that were unable to get tickets for the Osaka event
waited at NHK studios in Shibuya Tokyo, or Gosireh in Shirogane,
there is a high probability that they can see BYJ.

After the June 1 event concludes and June 2 is a travel day to Tokyo,
the concern is that he may drop in at Gosireh on either June 2 or 3.
As you know, the street in front of Gosireh’s entrance is narrow.
To avoid inconveniencing the neighborhood,
he may visit the restaurant late at night after the restaurant closes
(or on June 3 in the early morning before the restaurant opens).

If he visits late at night or during the early morning hours,
it will be difficult to see him.
But it is too early to give up.
“He has already come and gone” fans may be told by the restaurant,
catching them off guard
but there is the possibility he will again visit the restaurant during daylight hours.

There are many things to do at Gosireh
such as meetings to discuss the new menu.
Matters won’t be concluded in one visit so a second visit would not be unusual.
BYJ will be staying in Japan for one week during the next visit.
After the press conferences and media events end,
and before he leaves Japan, the possibility is great
that he will make one more trip to Gosireh
as he considers Gosireh like his own adored child.

Note: “kita” refers to the north, so it means northern part of Osaka;
“minami” refers to the south, and therefore southern part of Osaka.

[Scan] Newspaper Report on BYJ Japan Visit

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BYJ at Incheon Airport 30 May 2008

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