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BYJ Updates on May 23rd 2008

From by 남지수
Korean to Chinese:Wenny From 愛俊之家
Chinese to English: xiaoyi
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BYJ entered into the beauty salon at 12:20pm
He came out from the beauty salon at 1:50pm.

There's around 10 family waiting for him in front of the salon.
He appeared with a great smile in front of everyone.

He greeted everyone while going into his Maybach.

YJ wore a black T-Shirt
and sunglasses.

[VOD] YTN News on TWSSG June 1st Premium Event

YTNSTAR - [THE뒷애기]... 용준님 부분만
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[Vod] NEW Megane Ichiba CF starting May 23, 2008

Reposted from Quilt, original post by tomato99

source; Megane Ichiba HP
new CF starting from May 23,

"Design" version - 15 seconds

[VOD] 배용준님 안경시장 CM

From by may10

[Trans] Broadcast of TWSSG Premium Event via satellite in certain cinemas

Translated by ki yo mi, originally post on KOB

Dear families,

Good evening.

We decided to broadcast by satellite this event "Drama "TWSSG" premium event 2008 in JAPAN" on 1st.June.

【The broadcast date and time】
The date and time:
Sunday,1st June 2008 from 14:00pm (A plan)

【A broadcast place】
Shinjuku Barthes 9
T / Joey Oizumi
TOHO cinemas Roppongi Hills
XYZ cinemas Soga
T / Joey Niigata all ages
T / Joey Nagaoka
Umeda Buruk 7
Hiroshima Barthes 11
T / Joey Higashihiroshima
T / Joey river walk Kitakyusyu T Joey Kurume
T / Joey Ooita
Kagoshima ミッテ 10

※ By the situation of the weather, there is the case that disorder produces to a picture of the meeting places.
Please understand it beforehand.

【A rate】
4,400 yen(tax-included; )

【About ticketing】

◆ 7/ 11/ 9/ Shinjuku Barthes T Joey Oizumi / XYZ cinemas Soga / T Joey Niigata all ages / T Joey Nagaoka / Umeda Buruk Hiroshima Barthes T Joey Higashihiroshima / T Joey river walk Kitakyusyu / T Joey Kurume / T Joey Ooita

We sell the tickets above theaters
from Saturday, May 24 morning 10:00am.

About ticketting

◆ Kagoshima Mitte
Tickets from
Saturday, May 24 morning 10:00

◆ TOHO cinemas Roppongi Hills

We will announce it on May 23rd

I planned adjustment toward broadcast realization until today, but we are so sorry thst we announe you just before it at the same time,
we the all staffs hope you, families to come.

BOF international, Inc.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

[VOD] TWSSG Episode 24 Cut Scene

source: BYJ's Quilt by kyaputenQ []

太王四神記 24話 cut scene

[Photo] 08.05.08 BYJ Filming CF in New York - More Photos

[Photo]5/8 뉴욕에서 랄랄라 배용준 봤지롱 -사이월드 김유진님 미니홈피

From by style

[News Trans]Kim Seungwoo said, “BYJ is no longer a simple actor.”

Reposted from Quilt, translated by suehan


[News Trans]Kim Seungwoo said, “BYJ is no longer a simple actor.”
2008-05-21 18:13:37

[edaily SPN Reporter Kim Yongwoon] “We should see BYJ as a well-known figure of society.”

KSW had a special lecture for the students, whose major is in journalism, about “the youth who are searching for a dream” at the International Collage in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido on the afternoon of the 21th.

In the middle of the lecture, KSW answered a student’s question about the value of BYJ, KSW had appeared with him in “Hotelier”, saying, “BYJ is no longer a simple actor.” and “He is a professional indeed.”

KSW said, “I’ve never seen him misbehave.” and “BYJ is patient and professional indeed under any circumstances. Now we should see him as the well-known figure of society, not just an entertainer.”


[Photo] TWSSG Premium Event (01.06.08) Entrance Ticket

오사카 팬미팅 티켓

From by 희진

한국 가족들에게 판매된 티켓

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Photo] BYJ in NY (?) from IMX Mr. Sohn's blog

original in japanese: 5-20-08 Sohn's Blog
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

News Update

... (omitted) ...

I cannot write about the reasons but I went to New York.
Immigration and customs took quite a bit of time to clear.
When you have more than 100 boxes of DVDs, you will normally be stopped.
You will be questioned at length.

I think it was quite a while ago,
but I think that I wrote about how I was asked at Narita Airport,
“Do you always travel by economy class?”
and the truth is, that I didn’t answer back then which did not really bother me
but since then, I have been flying economy class.

The round trip in economy class was too hard on my body.
If there is a chance for me to go to New York again
and I can use my mileage club miles, I think I would like to upgrade.

... (omitted) ....

[photo]BYJ in NY(?) from IMX손자 사장의 Blog

From by josefine

IMX의 손자 사장이, NY에 다녀 온 것을 Blog에 썼습니다.
이 뒷모습은, 혹시 용즌님입니까?^^


[Captures] TWSSG dolls / Mobile Straps / Ball Chain

source: makishi's toy box / fuyuka's blog

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[Scan] joseijishin / shukanjosei 3.6.08

From by kaorin

[VOD] SBS News on YJ visit to Japan on June 1, 08

[VOD] 윤영미의 연예 뉴스- 배용준 일년 10개월 만에 일본 공식 방문

From by 김도연

[VOD] LD Credit Card CF 2002 & 2003

[CF] LG카드 2002, 2003...... 1,2,3,4,5,

From by 처음사랑
갤로거 이케
제 목 [CF] LG카드 2002, 2003

[VOD] BYJ Old CM Collections

source: posoku's blog

[Vod] BYJ mobile phone fanfun

BYJ phone fanfun
special thanks to oyuki nim
source: Quilt by hyejun


태왕사신기 CG Movie 1 - 3

From by 위대한광개토왕

[VOD] Taster's Choice CM - Complete Collection

[CF] Taster's choice 메이킹-이케님

From by 미소행복

[VOD] 2008.05.19 ntv Fukaiihanashi - BYJ Special

2008.05.19 ntv Fukaiihanashi 배용준 오늘밤 마음속 이야기 - by makishi님

From by style

[Trans)Interview of BYJ and YJS by Shinhan Internal Magazine

Reposted from Quilt
Korean to Chinese by Choguan on Baidu
Chinese to English by Lynn

Reporter: It’d been a long time since we see Mr. BYJ in the drama of TWSSG. Now we feel happy to see you again after such a long period. Can you tell us how you’ve spent your life these days? And, Mr. YJS, as an emcee who enjoys the greatest popularity now, can you tell us how you feel towards this?

BYJ: I’ve been under rehab. and in the meanwhile I’ve read some books and seen some movies whenever I got a chance. I really get good rest these days. And I will do the voice acting in the animated version of Winter Sonata soon which is a joint work of Korea and Japan.

YJS: I feel a little bit flattered by the great popularity. I am just doing my job to bring happiness and merriment to the audience. I appreciate people’s support and love.

Reporter: This is the first time cooperation for you two in the CF, how’s that?

BYJ: During the filming, Mr. YJS always shows his professional manner. In this point, I think he is really a professionist. And also I am surprised by his ability to make people around him feel comfortable and happy.

YJS: I feel very appreciate towards Mr. BYJ’s concern about all the people around him during the filming. When I was facing the camera alone, he always gave me a lot of courage which let me feel more natural about my acting and because of this, I can finish the filming smoothly and happily.

Reporter: Mr. BYJ, what’s your feeling when you were invited to do the CF for Shinhan?
Mr. YJS had been in two CFs for Shinhan and I was wondering what people’s reactions are towards the first one?

BYJ: Shinhan Financial Group has been developed on the basis of trust and reliability. I feel honored to do the CF for them and also it’s important to keep the feeling of reliability. At the same time, I am willing to learn the challenging spirit of them.

YJS: After the first CF came out , people put all their attentions to Ms. Lee Young Ah, and I guess this time, they will focus on Mr. BYJ. (Laughing)

Reporter: Mr. BYJ, in your dramas and films, you always give us an impression as a combination of masculinization and gentleness. What’s impression you will bring to us in this CF?

BYJ: I think it is still the same impression “ Masculinization and tenderness” When I express the idea of “ growing up with the Shinhan Financial” I show my firm side, but when I work with Mr. YJS in a harmonious atmosphere, it’s my gentle side.

Reporter: People are working hard to manage their financials regardless of age and career. What’s your way of managing your money, Mr. YJS?

YJS: Working hard and putting all the money in the bank is all what I have been doing. There are a lot people around me who are good at managing financials which let me consider about whether I should be more caring about my managing method and do I need to learn it from them? Of course, I can get the consultation from Shinhan if I want to get the information. (Laughing)

Reporter: Both Mr. BYJ and Mr. YJS have formed a strict self-discipline to establish the highest position in their respective areas. Would you please give some advice to the Shinhan Staff regarding self-management?

BYJ: I think the best self-management is to do your job in a professional method, and always keep in mind to show your concerns towards all the people around you.

YJS: I think, the best self-management is always trying your best, and always be optimistic.

Reporter: All the Shinhan Staff feel strongly towards the cooperation of you two in this CF. As the models of this CF, please say something to our staff.

BYJ: I feel very happy to be the model of Shinhan and treasure the friendship with all of you. I hope you can live your life vigorously and stay healthy. I wish a prosperous future of Shinhan and also I will motivate my self to present new image of myself in front of you.

YJS: Through the CF, I greeted all of you once again. Sometimes I think whether it is true or it is just a dream (laugh). As the model of Shinhan, I will try hard to bring reliability and trust to all of you. Cheers! Thank you!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

[Scan] TWSSG June 1, 2008 Premium Event

From by makiko

Cast attended:
○裴勇俊~飾演桓雄和談德 BYJ
○李智雅~飾演塞澳和秀芝妮 E Ji Ah
○文素麗~飾演嘉真和琪荷 Moon So Ri
○李弼立~飾演處虜 Phillip Lee
○朴成雄~飾演主武峙 Park Sang Myun (As Jumoochi)
○吳光陸~飾演玄古 Oh Kwang Rok (As Hyeongo)
○俊秀~演唱插曲許諾 June Seo (Singer who sang the title theme)

Joe Hisashi will be performing the OST at the event.


[VOD] Crayon Shincan Manga / Comic ... also watching TWSSG

[Vod]애니메이션『크레용신짱』 2008.05.16

From by vento

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