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[Photo] TWSSG Saryang - Park Seong min

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[Photo] BYJ at TWSSG FIlming SIte

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[Captures] KOB BYJ Official Site Flash - TWSSG

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[News Trans] Rumors of BYJ’s marriage, and his break in the States to avoid the excessive media.

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[News Trans] Rumors of BYJ’s marriage, and his break in the States to avoid the excessive media.
2008.05.15 (Thurs) 18:44,

It’s known that the Hallyu Star Bae Yong Joon is taking a break in the States.

There have been rumors revolving BJY this year including one of marriage. He went to Manhattan in New York for the CF filming and is still in the States.

The staff of his management company said, “He is in the States now because he has suffered immensely from the paparazzi that have hounded him domestically.”, and “at first I did not believe that the rumor really existed.”

The staff also said that BYJ was recently suffering from the marriage rumors and agonized from the intensive surveillance by the media and paparazzi since then. He plans to stay in the States until the end of this month and will participate in the “TWSSG” promotion that NHK organized with the main casts including Moon Sori and Lee Jiah starting June 1st in Japan.

Reporter Hwang Insung

[VOD] BYJ Filming CF in New York 08.05.2008

[Vod]배용준 2008.05.08 New York 촬영 장면
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출처:흠민영님 cyworld mini HP

4개의 영상을 편집했습니다. 감사합니다.^^*

[스크랩] 유튜브에 올라온 뉴욕 영상 3 류 Moment 연가 1

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[Updates / Photo] Yonsama in Virginia.

Tranlated by choguan to Chinese in Baidu
Translated by flor to English in KOB
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Mr BYJ suddenly appeared like a comet when the mass was about to begin and everybody were sitting there.
At once there was noise …
He came with Philip Lee’s family.
Philip has returned to Korea after he came to USA in Easter. So this time only BYJ came.

His leg might still be not very well as he knelt down un-natuarlly during the mass.
His face was a bit red.
The Priest introduced BYJ when it was time for announcement.
YJ stood up and greet everyone.
He also shook hands with those around him.
He might had a late dinner last night, so his face looked a little swollen from the photo ( of course this might not be the fact ).
After that he went back to New York. He seemed to come here with his manager by car.


This photo seems to be taken at the mass that he attended. Reposted from posoku's blog.

The original was posted on Translated by suehan on KOB.

[Yonsama in Virginia]

2008-05-13 (18:52:52)

Am I one step behind?
I heard that he visited Philip Lee’s house and went to Korean Catholic Church
where Philip’s family attends mass.
I also heard that somebody saw him there.
My house is close to that church, I should have gone to that church. hahaha
I wrote this story because I felt so sad.

And I translated a few comments.

*I heard that he came to the Catholic Church, where my friend goes.
I also heard that he even gladly took a picture (suehan: with member?)
and his perfect smile turned the eyes of the people.

*The church is located at Georgetown and the priest’s nephew is Phillip Lee.

[VOD] BYJ & CJW On (Winter Sonata) Site KBS Interview 2002



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[scan] shukanjosei 5.13

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[New Photo] Such a relaxing YJ - at NY JFK Airport

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[Scan] joseijishin 5.12

[SCAN] 韓navi/배용준님-세븐일레븐에서 예약 개시, 첫 도시락 프로듀스 비화 joseijishin5.12

source: BYJ Gallery~ by miemi

original in japanese: josei jishin 2008/05/27 p.181
scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: sweet sister / bb's blog

Yonsama, Reservations Start at 7-11,
Backstory to Development of Gosireh Bento

Last month, Yonsama went to New York.
This magazine was able to obtain news of his latest activities in New York!

“In early May, he did the advertising filming for the IT firm Viliv.
Rehab is also progressing well
and it appears that he will be staying abroad a bit longer.
It seems that he will return to Seoul once before the June 1 TWSSG event in Japan.”
(business associate)

In Japan, the Yonsama produced Gosireh bento (2,500 yen including tax)
will be sold nationwide at all 7-eleven stores.
This bento will be sold for a limited period
and 7-eleven stores will be accepting reservations until June 8.
Bentos will be distributed from June 13-15.

“Yonsama, who has held the belief of,
‘wanting to share the food culture of Korea with many people,’
and for some time he has had an interest in marketing Gosireh’s menu.
Around November of 2007, the project was drawn up,
and after repeated trial and error, the project became a reality
after spending half a year of effort on it. "
(Gosireh staff member)

Of course, as general producer of the bento project,
Yonsama’s ideas are reflected in all the areas
such as flavor, nutritional balance, and color scheme.

Yonsama’s favorite mixed rice (zakko bap) and spinach namul (sigumchi namul)
are included to make a total of 16 dishes!

Please enjoy your free time in New York to the fullest
and on the day when you reunite with your family,
please show us your beautiful smile!

[News] 'Yon-sama' BYJ in Washington (DC)

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Opensea posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

'Yon-sama' BYJ in Washington (DC)
[US Joongang Daily]5/12/08

Talent BYJ, taking rest in US after finishing drama 'TWSSG', visited Washington on 11 and serve a mass for Grand Celebration Day for Descent of Holy Spirit at DC Joomingonghyeon Catholic Church with family of his acquaintance.

BYJ left for New York on that day, after taking commemorative phototaking with believers.

[Photo] BMF's 5th birthday Celebration on May 11th 2008 - More Photos To Come

Dear all, yokee has posted a 'report' on our BMF's 5th birthday Celebration on her blog, the link is as below.

And thanks to Rosalind, she had forwarded me some of the photos taken during the gathering, and I have chosen some of them that you may not have seen.

Photographed by Rosalind.

We (The Malaysian BYJ Family) just had a gathering this afternoon at a sister's new house. The event should be starting at 11:30am, but most of us arrive there earlier. I manage to take some photos but I am waiting for some more better quality photos to come in later taken by 'professionals' ha ha....

Anyway, I would like to thank Yokee for coordinating the event, and thanks Jenny for providing a venue for us (hope we didn't mess up her house).

And definitely, the best part was holding on YJ's autographed photo and with his greetings to the family, gosh ...that's feel good. And Yokee is so thoughtful of making a copy for each and everyone of us ^.^

His greeting is "Apa Khapar, Malaysian Family. Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary. Best Wishes. May 05, 2008. Bae Yong Joon.

What are they trying to take the photo of??

The answer is the BMF birthday cake (Blue apple is BMF logo)

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