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BYJ Updates on April 18 by lcktour

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Hello everyone.
Today YJ came to the beauty salon.
Came out at ard 12 noon just now.

His hair tied in a bundle
Wearing black sunglasses.
Grey V shaped collar T-shirt.
Black jacket and jeans.

He smiled and waved to the family, and then left.

The make up artist also came along.
Is there any filming on-going?

[OLD VOD] CM Filming in Gosireh

[vod] 고시레에서 CM 촬영
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[Interview] Yoo Seung Ho (Young Damdeok) - Chosun Online


source: makishi's Toy Box

[Info] Black Day (April 14th) in Korea - Interesting.....

Black Day (April 14) is an informal tradition for single people (a.k.a. Unit Solo/Solo Regiment, Korean: 솔로부대) to get together and eat noodles with black bean sauce in South Korea, sometimes a white sauce is mixed because those celebrating the Black Day didn't experience the White Day.

The idea is that those who didn't give or receive gifts on Valentine's Day or White Day can get together and eat Jjajangmyeon (짜장면), white Korean noodles with black
bean sauce (hence the name), to commiserate their singledom.


Participants eat Jajangmyeon, Chinese-style noodles topped with a thick sauce of black bean paste, at a speed eating competition, sponsored by an online company, for movie tickets at a movie theatre in Seoul April 14, 2008. It was a Black Day for love in South Korea on Monday with lonely hearts trying to ease their pain by diving head first into bowls of noodles.

source: wikipedia / yahoo news

BYJ Updates on April 17

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下午4點7分 -


Hello everyone.
Today YJ went to the gym and also the dermatologist.
He's wearing black cap, glasses.
Wearing black training suit with white stripes.
He greeted the family very happily.
He also waved in his car.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

[Trans] BYJ, standing in front of camera in a long time, revealed '4 colored charm' [Sports Chosun] 4/16/08

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Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

BYJ, standing in front of camera in a long time, revealed '4 colored charm'
[Sports Chosun]4/16/08 09:27

BYJ made public '4 colored charm'.

Having restrained from outings to official occasions since broadcasting of drama 'TWSSG' (MBC) ended, BYJ recently filmed commercial for paper (media) for Kyeongnam Company.

The filming in this time proceeded with feelings of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter as its theme. On that day, in order to express 4 seasons, BYJ either held armful of spring flowers, or showed appearance of exercising holding dumbells, He assumed affectionate pause holding laundry basket, and also transformed to a gentleman in dandy formal suits, etc., radiating charm of only BYJ to the fullest of his heart.

A staff at the Kyeongnam Company who was in charge of this told, "With lady fans as our target, we placed main point at making BYJ's tender and intellectual feeling alive. We plan to decorate papers with this commercial in full scale in the latter half of this year."

By the way, BYJ, having suffered from complications from injuries since filming of the drama, rather took care of staff ahead of him without showing sign of fatigue, despite of appearing at the studio with uncomfortable body, so that he got claps and cheers.

Reported by Chon Sanghee,
Copyright (c) Sports Chosun

[Scan] Tokyo Weekly Magazine 22.4.08

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[New Photo] YJ in new Keangnam Ad

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[Scan] New Megane Ichiba CF Image



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

[VOD] NHK GTV 15.4.08 Hangul Alphabet lectures 3


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BYJ Updates on April 15

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下午1點37分 -

Hello everyone.
Today YJ also went to the gym, he worked out on a new sporting equipment.
Came out at 1:15pm a while ago.

He's wearing cap and sunglasses, in black training suit.
Came down from the stairs,
and walked towards his Maybach.

While he gets into his car, he smiled and greeted the family who have been waited there, then only he sat on his car.
He also opened up his car window.

下午5點38分 -

At ard 3:50pm.
YJ entered into the beauty salon.
Came out at 5:30pm.

He's wearing white cap, white training suit with grey coloured stripes jacket and pants,
He's also wearing yellow T-shirt, black sunglasses,
and wearing white sport shoes.

He returned in his Maybach.
As usual, he smiled and greeted everyone.

[Photo] YJ Photoshooting for Keangnam's Print Ad

[스포츠서울[Photo]]오랜만에 모습 드러낸 배용준 , 경남기업 광고촬영

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[Scan] joseijishin / shukanjosei 29.4.08

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[Trans] YJ's 2nd restaurant in Japan to be opened in Nagoya

original in japanese: Shukan Josei 4-29-08
scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

Second “Gosireh” to open in Nagoya!

Saying that he “wanted to spread Korean culture”,
Yonsama opened the Korean court cuisine restaurant Gosireh
in 2006 in Shirogane, Tokyo.
Now the second restaurant will open in Nagoya!
Details as to what type of restaurant it will be, will be revealed shortly.

At Gosireh in Shirogane, from 4/19-5/11
20 fan photos on the memories theme of “Yonsama and The First”
will be exhibited along with photos from his first visit to Gosireh in April 2007.
It looks like things are picking up right before his June official visit.

[INFO] Park BOF in Seoul will be closed for renovation

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source: Park BOF HP

Park BOF in Seoul will close from 15 April for its renovation.
Renovation period is scheduled to be 15 days to one month.
Please be careful if you are planning your trip to Seoul, and to visit Park BOF.

We will post a notice on HP to inform you of the opening date and location.
We ask you for your patience and understanding.

[Old Photo] The 40th Paeksang Art Awards

source: posoku's blog / byjgallery by pola / makishi's Toy Box

Monday, April 14, 2008

[Photo] Pachinko WLS 2 - Bath Towels

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[Photo] TWSSG Toys Set Sold in Korea

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[Photo] IMX Japan Building


〒220-0012 神奈川県横浜市西区みなとみらい三丁目6番3号MMパークビル12階
Kanagawa, Yokohama City, MM Park Building, 12th Floor.

source: posoku's blog