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[VOD] 080404 BYJ Interview CM - NHK Drama

[Vod]080404 배용준 인터뷰 - NHK 海外ドラマ・スタッフ블로그 - by meron님
From by style

[Vod]080404 배용준인터뷰 - NHK海外ドラマ・スタッフ블로그

by meron( My Precious!)

original in japanese: NHK staff blog 2008/03/31
reposted from: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

TWSSG, We’ve Got the BYJ Interview!

To all BYJ fans, thanks for waiting!
We obtained the BYJ interview! (^ ^)!

We had requested an interview from BYJ, star of TWSSG, for quite some time
but the interview could not be done
since he said that he wanted to concentrate on filming
during the filming of the drama∼ ( T_T)

But now in preparation for the TWSSG Pre-Broadcast Special,
we again submitted our request for an interview
and received an unexpected yes reply!
Then the interview tape safely reached our hands \ ( ^o^) /

The filming of the interview took pl*ace in mid-March.
Because of his leg injury, the filming took pl*ace at his home
and the NHK staff could not travel to Seoul.

The filming was done by a camera-man from the BOF office.
Using the questions sent by NHK,
the interview was conducted by a staff member from the BOF office.
That is why the images in the interview have the feel of a “home video”
but with a very much alive Yonsama whom we haven’t seen in a while! (^ ^)!
All BYJ fans should not miss this!

Thank you to everyone who assisted in the filming
and to BYJ, who despite his injury,
BYJ agreed to our interview request. m(__)m

The interview will be aired in the TWSSG Pre-Broadcast Special
and also during the PR spots.

30-sec spots planned broadcast schedule

4/1 (Tuesday) evening 20:43:30
4/3 (Thursday)evening 16:49:30
4/4 (Friday) evening 18:58:55
4/5 (Saturday) morning 5:59:30
4/5 (Saturday) noon 12:38:30

[VOD] 2002/2004 PaekSang Arts Awards - BYJ

스크랩] [Vod]배용준 2002년/2004년 百想藝術大賞 PaekSang Arts Awards

From by 캔디캔디

용준님의 곳만 꺼냈습니다. 깨끗한 Movie가 아닙니다만…

[VOD] 2008 April 5 News - BYJ June Japan Visit

[VOD]2008.04.05 BYJ 일본 방문

source: Quilt by komomo

[JOB notice]TWSSG premium event 2008 in Japan

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[JOB notice]TWSSG premium event 2008 in Japan

As part of promotion for drama ”Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi,” Bae Yong Joon’s visit to Japan have been determined.
In accordance with this visit, there will be “Drama TWSSG Premium Event 2008 in Japan(tentative)” in below detail.

[brief summary: Drama” Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” Premium Event 2008 in JAPAN(tentative)]
date: June 1, 2008 Sunday 14:00-(schedule)
location: Kyocera Dome Osaka (

participants(scheduled) : Kim Jonghak PD, Bae Yong Joon, E Jiah, Jun Seo, others.

event organizer(phone): 0180-993-717(24hours recorded information )
event HP:

note: we ask you to be patient and wait for a while,
information on event details and ticket distribution will be notified thru event organizer and its site as soon as it is decided.

dear bae family,
BOF and BOF international has finally announced about the event in Japan.
If any of you are interested to join the event from outside of Japan,
it may be wise to write to BOF international in advance to ask them for information on applying from outside of Japan.

you could write to BOF international at this mailing address;

good luck to everyone, and hope to see you in Osaka,

[BMF] 5th Anniversary Celebration

The following notice is posted by Yokee


Dear everybody..

We have confirmed the date for our coming 5th anniversary gathering as follows :

Date : 11th May 2008 Sunday
Venue : Jenny Thee's house at Bukit Jalil, KL (will provide address and location later)
Time : from 11.30am

Ppayment : RM 60.00/person

As usual we will be preparing door gifts/ byj's goodies, food and games/activities for u to enjoy.

For those who is interested pls contact me or Yokee and we need to make payment to jenny before 20th april 2008 (will provide the account details to you via email) to make the necessary preparations.


Please do come and join us!!

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BYJ Updates on April 3rd, 2008 by lcktour

Korean to Japanese:miemi
Japanese to chinese:Wenny From 愛俊之家 byjfamily
Chinese to English: xiaoyi


Hello everyone.
At 12 noon, YJ arrived by his Maybach and entered into the beauty salon.
At 1;20pm just now, he came out of the beauty salon.
Is he going for filming today?

下午3點7分 -
Afternoon 3:07pm


Hello everyone.
At 12 noon, YJ arrived by his Maybach and entered into the beauty salon.
Before entering the beauty salon, he greeted briefly to the family who have waited.
Then, when he returned, it was 1:15pm


Today, he's wearing black sunglasses.
And wearing black wool coat and work pants.
When he walked, it's getting more and more natural.
Before he get into the car,
He waved to the family who have been waited for him while getting into the car.

[SCAN] BYJ Classics The Concert4/3 clear file & poster

source: byjgallery by azuna & LL

[Photos]BYJ Classics The Concert 2008.4.3 - SUMIDA TRIPHONY HALL

source: / fuyuka blog / byjgallery by josefine & azuna

[JOB News] BYJ Mobile Phone is available on sale from now on


攜帯電話『fanfun 815T ぺ・ヨンジュンモデル』予約開始のお知らせ(2008.4.3更新)

ぺ・ヨンジュンプロデュースによる攜帯電話、『fanfun.SoftBank 815T ぺ・ヨンジュンモデル』がソフトバンクモバイル株式會社より発売となり、本日予約を開始しました。




「fanfun. SoftBank 815T ペ・ヨンジュン モデル」で、素敵な春の訪れを感じてくださいね。

內容:攜帯電話本體 1台
    コーディネートパネル 3枚


手機內容 (HP Content):
手機電話本體 1台 / Mobile Phone 1
版面造型 3張 / 3 pc of layout model
Phone Price: 93,120 yen
分起付款:24個月 / 24 mths instalment
價格:3,380/月 / 3380 per month
限於網上定購 / Limited for online purchase only

source: by SNOW


source: Quilt by komomo

[VOD]TWSSG-2008.04.03NHK SPOT CM2 -include BYJ INTERVIEW^^*

source: Quilt by makishi

[BOF official Notice] We tell you BOF's position regarding an article about Mr. BYJ

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Flor posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[BOF official Notice] We tell you BOF's position regarding an article about Mr. BYJ

How are you. This is BOF.

Regarding a news article in this AM about meeting of Mr. BYJ and Miss E Ji Ah, we inform you that it is different from the fact.
Because many people seem to be worried, we urgently tell you company's position.

In the evening on 21 (of March), BYJ was with his acquaintances, and the lady with bound cropped hair in a photo that was printed along with the article is an owner of beauty salon, which was in charge of make-up on Mr. BYJ.

The news article is different from the fact, and we hope that dear family would not be confused.

At present, management team and legal service team at our company is examining this matter promptly and accurately , and we will strongly legally deal with any portion where there is defamation of character of Mr. BYJ.

We are sorry to cause you to worry, and we will put further more effort to be able to deliver good news in the future.