Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[Photo & Trans] Kim PD's talk show in Tokyo

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[Trans.] From JOB, PD Kim's stage greeting
Posted by Ein829 on JOB
on Feb. 26

Last year I wrote to PD Kim ( a fan letter) to ask him the screening of TWSSG at Japanese movie theaters. I also wrote that if he came to Japan I would treat him to 'croquette' (cloud nine: deep-fried mushed and mixed with mincemeat potato, very popular food in Japan.)
I don't know if he read my letter or not though...

Today I went to see PD Kim who was to appear for a stage greeting. In the morning I bought some croquettes and headed to the theater in Shinjuku.
I asked the staff saying in Korean "Please hand this present to PD Kim."

When the episode 12 was over, after the reporters' entrance to the theater PD Kim came up on the stage.
Stretching my hand out I said in Korean "Handshake please.", then he "Yea."
and he shook hands with me.
His hands were soft and warm. I was deeply touched feeling "with these hands he created such wonderful works."

He shared some interesting stories with us.

Yong Joon is a rascal.

Yong Joon remembered all the names of staff.

To create a friendly atmosphere Yong Joon often told jokes but nobody laughed.

Repeatedly he said "One more time, one more time" when Yong Joon was not satified with his acting. So if PD Kim were handsome he would have taken YJ's pl*ace.

The drinking scene with Sujini was retaken a week before its airing, since Yong Joon wanted to do it again saying he was unable to put his emotions to the scene.

As YJ addresses PD Kim as "Aboji", PD Kim wonders if Yong Joon might want to get marry to his daughter.

Finally PD Kim said next time he comes to Japan he will bring Yong Joon and some other actors for sure.

I really look forward to it...!!!

source: LL's Room With A View / byjgallery by miemi

source: BYJ's Quilt by tomato99 [tomato99-yongjoon0829]

Kim PD's talk show in Tokyo

dear bae family,

As you may have heard, Kim PD is visiting Tokyo for promotion of TWSSG.
He had dinner at Gosireh with Mr. Joe Hisaishi on 25 February, and
yesterday(26 February) there was a talk show at a cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

A kind bae sister, yunyon has shared the details of the show at our circle yesterday.
She has given me permission to share it with everyone.
It seems that show turned out to be praising of Yong Joon.
hope you enjoy it.


Original in Japanese: yunyon / BYJ’s family gathering
Japanese to English translation by tomato99
(captured photos added by tomato99)

good evening, everyone

I went to Wald9 and listened to Kim PD’s talk show today.^^

The talk show started after TWSSG episode 12 was shown.
Stage was set up in front of the screen.
Kim PD walked down the aisle from back seat and showed up on stage!
He actually watched epi.12 with us.

First emcee introduced his profile and Kim PD greeted in Japanese,
“I am Kim Jong Hak.”

the show proceeded as emcee asked questions and Kim PD gave answers to them.
Here are list of things Kim PD said;

Today, as I was watching TWSSG on this big screen here,
I somewhat feel that there were some other ways of shooting.

Yong Joon-ssi is a person who always seeks to be perfect.
Even I, as director said okay to a scene, he always asks to shoot ‘one more time.’
If I were more handsome and good looking, I would rather take his role and do the acting.
Actually, in today’s episode 12, there was a scene where Damdeok and Suzini was drinking together.

We did re-shoot this scene one week before the airing because
YJ could not fully empathize with Damdeok the first time.

At later shootings YJ was injured badly, it was difficult for him to move at all,
he should have been treated right away or else it may have affected his future activities.
We were even talking about rewriting the script to continue shooting,
Yong Joon-ssi said he would finish the shooting himself even if this means killing himself.
All the staff were moved to hear this.

Yong Joon-ssi wishes to be a director, and he has experienced being a staff himself.
He understands about shooting staffs and he calls everyone by their names.

There were very difficult times during the shooting I almost felt like giving it all up,
but support from Japanese fans greatly encouraged us to continue shooting.

In Korea, TWSSG is loved by not only by Yong Joon-ssi’s fans but loved by so many people.
In Japan, drama starts in April at NHK’s regular channel,
I hope that TWSSG will be loved by many people as well as Yong Joon-ssi’s fans.

Yong Joon’s injury is recovering well, we will visit Japan together in near future!


I have written down everything from my memory,
so forgive me if the story is not in order or some of the contents maybe wrong or missing.

Kim PD was bashfully waving hands at the last photo session for media
(fans were not allowed to take photos).
He was very cute.^^

He was wearing a light gray colored jacket,
I glanced at the back lining cloth and it was very gaudy!!

Oh, I am looking forward to seeing Yong Joon-ssi with Kim PD soon.

[Captures] TWSSG Prologue 2

source: byjfan by kaorin / May10

[Captures] TWSSG Prologue DVD

source: byjfan by kaorin / may10