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[용준님 소식]2008.1.31
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Thu JAN 31, 2008 18:49
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本日は、ヨンジュンさんの マネージャーさんがGORILLAに来て

日簡譯中:Wenny From 愛俊之家




translation from chinese to english: xiaoyi

Yesterday 30th, YJ went to the beauty salon
and was there for about 1 hour.

Today, YJ's manager arrived at Gorilla,
ordered Gorilla's meal and packed to go.
I was thinking whether is YJ having his dinner now?

[VOD / Trans] "Notice from BOF" We want to inform you about the standpoint of the Keyeast.

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Hi, everyone;

Some of you may know about the lawsuit that was filed by the Japanese company, Togashi (?), against BYJ, Keyeast, and the former CEO of Keyeast, Bae Sung Woong. According to the Korean media, BYJ promised to appear in “Face in Japan” which was held in Japan in August of last year as the event of Hallyu Expo. Togashi complained that they got the tremendous damages as the result of breach of contract and demanded KW 100 mil (about US $100,000).

Below is the notice posted by BOF explaining the situation from their standpoints. I hope the resolution can be reached in an amicable manner.


[Notice from BOF] We want to inform you about the standpoint of the Keyeast.


‘We want to inform you about the standpoints of Keyeast regarding the lawsuit that was filed by the Japanese Company, Togashi.’

Hi, it’s BOF;

We want to inform you about the official standpoint of us regarding the lawsuit that was filed by the Japanese Company, Togashi claiming that a breach of contract was performed by not appearing at the Hallyu event, ‘Face in Japan’.
1. We want to inform you that the Togashi’s allegations that were reported by the Korean media aren’t true. Keyeast, BYJ, the former CEO of Keyeast, Bae Sung Woong, have never made a contract with them for the appearance of BYJ at the ‘Face in Japan’ and any other events which were held in Japan.

2. On August 2007, when the events were held, it was the time when the filming of the drama ‘TWSSG’ was happening. In other words, basically it wasn’t possible for BYJ to attend the event.

3. Togashi has never, not even once, requested nor contacted us for the appearance of BYJ before the opening of the events. Moreover, even after that, they have never contacted us and it makes us think that this lawsuit is totally unreasonable.

4. Some of the media reported that the Hallyu Expo Company is our subsidiary company. It isn’t true either. Legally, Keyeast and the Hallyu Expo Company have no current relationship at all.

5. The reputation of Keyeast, BYJ, and the former CEO of Keyeast, Bae Sung Woong, has been seriously damaged by this senseless accusation. And we’re preparing to proceed in legal action against these accusations.

6. We are more worried about whether this incident will affect the formation of the Hallyu boom not only in Japan but in all Asian countries. We want to inform you once more that Togashi’s allegations aren’t true.

We hope that you take care of your health during this cold winter weather.
We will always wish you health and happiness.


[Photo / Scan] BYJ in Hong Kong

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[Capture] BYJ in Japan

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[Photo / Captures] EJIAH - LG LAHA Cosmetic & Travel in Rome

[이지아 LG 생활건강 라하 (LAHA)] - 이자녹스

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이지아 LG 생활건강 라하 (LAHA) - 이자녹스

Traveling in Rome

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[Scan] joseijishin 1.29

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[Captures] KOB Gallery - Megane Ichiba 2nd CM

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[VOD] Tabi Channel 11/11/07

[Vod]여행채널 tabi - 긴급독점밀착 배용준 ②-1

From by style

여행채널 tabi - 긴급독점밀착 배용준 ②-1

from amedama44

[Vod]여행채널 tabi - 긴급독점밀착 배용준 ②-2

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여행채널 tabi 긴급독점밀착 배용준② -2

from amedama44

[photo] megane-ichiba posters in the station 2008.1.25


眼鏡市場 下北沢店 OPEN / Megane-Ichiba SHIMOKITAZAWA Branch OPEN

*下北 沢 駅 のプラットホームから / from the platform of SHIMOKITAZAWA station

source: LL's Room With A View

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[Scan] shukanjosei 29.1.08

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