Saturday, January 12, 2008

[VOD]TWSSG-2008.01.11 EP06 "Prelude of plot" Spot CM^^

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[Photo] Secom BYJ keylight

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[Scan] Taiwan Edition of TWSSG OST

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[News] YJ's original handwriting letter worth at least 2,500,000 won


[Trans] Latest BYJ news from kob 2008-1-11

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Time : 2008-01-11 14:55:38
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I saw this news on a message board, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to repost it here.
Autumn Girl

Today BYJ went to the US embassy to apply for a visa.

From some who have seen him in person, they say that he is well-built and broad-shouldered. He has a gentle voice and a very beautiful smile…….Of course he went there with his crutches.

Upon leaving the embassy, BYJ also said to one of the staff: “It’s been hard work for you.”
This female staff member was surprised, she was so proud that she could not stop showing off.

It appears that he is doing quite well during this break.

Friday, January 11, 2008

[VOD] Unscreened Cut - The initial encounter of Damdeok, SJN & Hyeongo

[스크랩] [VOD]未公開カット - タムドク,スジニ,ヒョンゴ最初の出会い

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[Info] 14.1.08 Will be named as Winter Sonata Day - celebrating 6th anniversary!

Some celebration events will be held on 14th & 15th at Yong Pyong Resort, for more info, please click the following link:

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[Captures] MBC Happy Time - BYJ 2

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[VOD & Captures] MBC Happy Time - BYJ

ハッピータイム NGスペシャル(キャプチャー)

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[Photo] Manager Yang.....

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

[VOD] 2008.01.08 Radical!- "Gosireh" Dessert - Hongsi

[goshireh news]shim씨 blog 고시레 인기의 디저트가 상품화에・・2008.1.8

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