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[Trans] AERA 12/3/07 ed. :BYJ's New Challenge TWSSG

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AERA 2007/12/03 edition.

Bae Yongjoon
His challenge for’’Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Legend)‘’
featuring with AERA exclusive unscreened cuts

The drama ”Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi 太王四神記” , a blockbuster in the greatest scale in Korean history, is finally going to be televised in Japan.
We will report you the highlights of this drama, and the present of Bae Yongjoon, who played the lead, along with the photos and secret stories AERA exclusively obtained.

Writer: Ms. Rumi Hayashi (Book Editing Section)


How many people and how long have they been waiting for this drama to be broadcast?

The latest drama “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” (24 episodes), Bae Yongjoon starring, is going to be televised on NHK High Vision from December 3, 2007. In Korea, the drama has been broadcast by 2 episodes a week from September 13, which means these screenings are almost at the same time in Korea and in Japan. The shooting is still continuing until the end of November when the last inning (December 5) in Korea approaches.

On November 16, the news that Bae Yongjoon had been wounded in the cervical vertebrae and the shoulder ligament during the shootings was broadcast, which surprised his fans a lot. Nevertheless, he continues to concentrate on the shooting of the last finish by his willpower while suppressing the pain in medication and by tapings in order to meet the last-minute schedule.

This is a drama where he stars for the first time in five years since ‘Winter Love Song” and in two years since the film “April Snow”. It is soon to be broadcast in Japan.

The characters he plays are two, Son of God, Hwan Woong(桓雄),and Damdeok (the 19th Kwang Ge Do Wang 広開土王 as a model) who later becomes King of Koguryo. The drama, by associating the myth of foundation of Chosun country with the story of a historic hero who enlarged his power over the northeastern Asia, depicts the growth of a young king who overcomes a number of hardships while interweaving the fatal love unfolding over space and time.

The director is Kim Jonghak(56), who made the drama “Sandglass” (1995), which still is called a monumental achievement in Korean dramas. He is a charisma director who has led Korean drama world by making this drama which handled the Kwangeju case (光州事件) as well as by creating large-scale masterpieces of social contents. The script is written by Son Jina(48), who also wrote ‘Sandglass’ and has long been in combination with Director Kim.

The co-stars are great leading actors such as Moon Sori and Che Minsoo, and Jo Hisaishi in Japan is taking charge of music.

From December this year, 10 movie theaters all over Japan will show this drama, paralleled with TV broadcasting. You can see, after all, that Bae Yongjoon’s popularity is unusually special.

**Production cost amounts to ten movies.

Recently history dramas have been in boom in Korea. Among them, big hit works such as ‘’Choomong(朱蒙)” which pictures the founder of Koguryo were produced. However, what makes “TWSSG” differ from those conventional works is that it was produced from the start with overseas markets in mind, and in a genre called ‘history fantasy’ with full use of CG pictures. The production side declares ‘we are going to deliver this drama to 90 countries in the world.’

The production cost is about 50 billion won (about 6.4 billion yen), a record-breaking amount in Korean drama history. Actually, it is an amount of money which can finance 10 Korean movies. They created huge shooting sets costing 3.1 billion yen and the shooting period was over 1 year and 8 months. From the start this drama was created with theater screenings in mind, aiming at audiovisual effects by using latest digital technology. It has turned out to be a special-scaled work to the extent that we cannot say whether it is a drama or a movie.

However, the shootings cannot be said to have been going well. Due to delay of the script and for pursuit of completeness, the broadcast has been postponed four times and was behind the original schedule for more than one year. At one time they could not see the prospects which made the people concerned worry a lot.

Once the broadcast started, however, their worries instantly vanished. The audience ratings in Korea exceeded 30%, which proved a peak form, far separating the counterpart program on a different channel.

“I couldn’t stop shedding tears when the broadcast of the first episode was over.”
said Mr. Kim Weejoon (41), president of SSD, a producing company of this drama. This is the first challenge of his producing a drama.

The broadcast in 14 countries in Asia was already decided, and 150,000 copies of preview DVD were sold in Japan. The prior sales were thus brisk, and with this great deal of fanfare, the domestic failure could never be possible. Because it can be a work which prides itself as a peak of Korean wave, the reputation in Korea may have a great influence upon the future of Korean waves.

“Before broadcasting, I was quite sure of splendor of the pictures, but was a bit anxious about whether the story itself is difficult to understand.”
But, in spite of such worry of President Kim, the reaction on the internet was more extraordinary than the audience ratings.

“Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” was abbreviated to be nicknamed ‘Tae Sa Gi”, and more than 120,000 messages were posted on this drama bulletin board. The drama manias are now rapidly increasing. And in Japan as well, fans became livelier early enough, and the board of Bae Yongjoon’s official site was full of topics of ‘Tae Sa Gi’.

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