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[ We want to help people understand what is spoken in TWSSG. However, we don't want our work to be used to harm YJ and his work by being used as subtitle. We just hope you to enjoy and help yourself. - gaulsan and suehan - ]

TWSSG Episode 24

* riverside

DD: Is this yours? Did the wheel break down?
I guess we can go back if we fix this.

Suzini: Please let me go... Please think as if you didn't see me at all. Please.

DD: No, I won't let you go again.

Suzini: I can't stay near you. So... please let me think that I've seen someone that looked very similar to you.

DD: Do as you want. If you don't come with me, I will go with you.

Suzini: You are the king. You should stay at the paIace.

DD: From now on, the pIace where you are is my paIace.

DD: Now you will have to stay here for a while.
I will go and come back with my paIace and my men.

DD: Don't leave. Stay with me whatever you do, even if you are going to become the black Joojak. I will stop you. So you don't have to go.


* A village house

GenK: Twenty thousand soldiers rode on battleships, sailed through the East sea, and arrived at the southern part of Shilla.
The other thirty thousand soldiers are going south by land, cleaning up the armies of Kaya and Japan.

DD: They must be fast, like sweeping the enemy away with a broom.

GenK: Don't worry, sir. General Heukgae is in the lead.

Joomoochi: Where is she? I heard that you found her!!


* Back yard of the house

Child: Auntie~!

Hyn: Hey you boy!

Suzini: Thank you for bringing this firewood.

Child: Yeay!!!

Hyn: Suzini.

Suzini: Is it OK to carry this so carelessly?

Hyn: This is not the real one.
I am not good at fighting, not good at horse riding, not good at the power to control water, either. How can I manage to keep the symbol?
I wasn't even able to keep my disciple.
So... the real symbol is in Geomul village.

Suzini: The Geomul villagers, are they all getting off easily?

Hyn: Of course.

Suzini: Oh, do you mean they have no problem without me?

Hyn: I wished you not to be found.

Suzini: I know.

Hyn: ... so that you could live long.

Hyn: I have a question that I can't help asking you.

Suzini: What is it?

Hyn: That child, whose child is he?

Suzini: He is the son of my sister.

Hyn: What? Your sister?

Suzini: Yes, my elder sister.

Joomoochi: Who is this? Such a woman-looking person? Suzini!!!

Suzini: Yes.

Joomoochi: Wow~~! Suzini.

* Inside village

Dalgoo: 15 thousands of the enemy are moving towards north.

GenK: 15 thousands is a half of their men. Isn't it strange that they are moving north, while we are here in the south?

DD: They want us to chase after them.

GenK: To where?

DD: We will come to know if we go after them, but I am not going.
I have an information that they are the bait.

DD: Dalgoo.

Dalgoo: Yes, your majesty.

DD: Go to Georan.

Dalgoo: To Georan?

DD: Meet Atirah and deliver my secret message to him.

Dalgoo: Yes, your majesty!

DD: There is someone using the Hooyeon's army as a bait. I think they are not doing this just to win several forts.

GenK: Fifty thousands of our soldiers are heading for Shilla now. Shall I call them back?

DD: No, it's too late.
Moreover, Baekje will move if we draw them back.
Call all the other armies we have. Except for small numbers to guard the forts, bring all of them.

* backyard

Joomoochi: Dalbee is pregnant now, and she walks like this.

Suzini: You're kidding!

Joomoochi: Oh, I will become a father of two children next month!

Child: Excuse me. Are you all right?

Suzini: Poor Dalbi.

Hyn: Poor indeed.

Joomoochi: What? Don't you know how much I love Dalbee?
She is pretty, she gives me food, and she's smart.

* river side

* memory of Gamdong

Priest: Did she appear after eight years?

Gamdong: Yes.

Priest: With that child?

Gamdong: Yes.

Priest: You said they are sisters?

* Damdeok's room

DD: This is Baekje, Shilla, and Koguryo.
Where is Gooknaesung?
Great! You are a fast learner!

DD: He said his name is 'Ajik'.

Suzini: Yes, 'Ajik'.

Child: My name is 'Ajik' because I can't have my real name, yet.
[ The meaning of 'Ajik(아직)' is 'yet, so far' ]

DD: How can that happen?

Child: I mean it!

Suzini: Here is some warm water to wash your face.

DD: You said he is your sister's son, right?

Suzini: ..Yes.

DD: Sister.... did you meet her while you were hiding away?
Shouldn't I ask you?

DD: I guess you are a naughty boy.

Child: No, I behave very well.

DD: You're lying. Look at this dirt on your face.

DD: Does your auntie still drink much wine?

Child: No, she doesn't know how to drink wine. Not even a drop.

DD: Did you stop drinking because you were worried if you would fall deep asleep, so that I could catch you?

DD: Now, it's done. Where do you sleep?

Child: I sleep with my auntie.

DD: That's not good. There are lots of people who want to meet your auntie.
Open this. This is an armor that Bason made for you.
I carried it with me all the time.

Suzini: Ajik, will you go ahead? I will go right after you.

Child: Yes.

DD: I didn't believe that you were dead, As I didn't agree such thing.

Suzini: I have something to tell you when the proper time comes.

DD: I'm afraid I can't wait any more.

Suzini: Can you promise me? That you won't hesitate when the time comes.

DD: I promise. But I will do it my way. I will not follow the way that the heaven has arranged it, but I will do it in the way that I could agree.

soldier: Your majesty, the enemy are leaving ShinSung, and...

Joomoochi: That rascals are killing civilians to show their way.
What shall I do? How should I kill them?

DD: Bring the child and follow me. It will be safer to follow me.

* Geomul Village

The Hwacheons are attacking Geomul village.
( The Priest was able to attack them earlier, but he was waiting till he finds the child first.)
The disciples who are good at magic are gone to help the king.
The villagers tries to hide the symbols, but...


*Abullansa, Hogae's office

Ilsoo asks Hogae whether they should keep killing the captured civilians.

Hogae: That woman is going to end everything.
She is going to kill the King of Jyooshin, achieve the heaven's power, and then give up everything.

Then she will never concern about this world again. She has nothing left to care for. Then she will say good bye to me.
Doesn't she know? I never wanted the power of heaven.
What is the use of having such power? For whom shall I use that power?

* Plain

GenK: They are showing us to follow the bodies. This will lead to their bait.

Joomoochi: They are only 15 thousands. Even if we are only seven thousands, we can easily get rid of them. They're Hooyeon army! They are not good at fighting.

DD: Teacher, isn't there any news?

DD: Isn't there any news about Bookwi?

Hyn: Bookwi, ... The army of Bookwi is....

DD: What's wrong?

Hyn: Geomul village has been attacked. They've taken away the symbols of Baekho and Cheongryong.
As the leader of Geomul village, I am awfully sorry to Geomul villagers, and to your majesty. I beg your pardon.

DD: What happened to the villagers?

Hyn: I don't know. No one survived that we don't have any information.
No, it must be the Hwacheons. This is the message that they are sending you to come to Abullansa.
They have all the symbols, and all they need is the king.
They want you to open the Shindansoo with your own will, or....

DD: They will take my heart and open it.

Hyn: Yes.


* Conference room

Dalgoo: The Khan of Georan has sent 10 thousand soldiers.

DD: Welcome brothers.

GenK: Now we have 12 thousands of Georan soldiers, 7 thousands of Taewang soldiers, and 12 thousands of backup forces from this area.

Joomoochi: Malgal has also sent 5 thousands. Is there any space for them?

GenK: That makes 43 thousands. On the other hand, the enemy counts 100 thousands, your majesty.

Hyn: Your majesty, please don't go.
Even though they have four symbols, they cannot open the seal without the blood of the King of Jyooshin. If you go with this number of soldiers, it is as if you are going to give your heart to them.


* Suzini's room

Suzini: What are you doing here?

Cheoro: Guarding.

* Other pIace of the fortress

soldier: Look! Here's our captain!
Where have you been?
You are prettier than you were.
He used to cry whenever he thought about you.

* Suzini's room

The deaf woman is folding the child's cloths.
She found Gamdong carrying the child, but she could not stop him.

Child: Hi,

Gamdong: She wants you to come.

Child: Auntie?

Gamdong:: Let's go.


Soldier: The child is not here.

Suzini: No.

Soldier: The secretary brought the child with him. He told me that you've sent him.

Suzini: He is in danger.

Cheoro: He will be somewhere around here.

Suzini: It must be the Hwacheons. Let me go!!

DD: Hwacheon? What are you talking about?

Suzini: I must find the child.

DD: Why do you think that the Hwacheons took him?

Suzini: He is... He is...

DD: Go and look for the child.
Why are you so worried?

GenK: Your majesty.

DD: This is a letter they sent to me.
It says something about the son of the King of Jyooshin.
Look... They wrote that they took the son of the King of Jyooshin. That want me to come if I want to save the child.
The king of Jyooshin is me, I think, and what's this?

Suzini: That's why I couldn't tell you. That's why I was hiding all the while.

DD: I am asking what are they talking about?

Suzini: The child, Ajik, is your son, and also my sisters.

* Office

DD: You mean he is my child, and she is your sister?

Suzini: I wished if it were not true.

DD: So you protected the child.... for the past years... by yourself?
What should I do? What can I tell you?

GenK: We've searched the fortress, but he is not found.

Cheoro: I think they already took him out of the fort.

Hyondong: This is the signal to prepare for a battle.
The king might have decided to move.

DD: I am going to Abullansa, now.

Hyn: Your majesty.

DD: We don't have time. We should start before we make the plan.

Hyn: Why did you change your mind? You said that you will wait till they come.

1. DD: My son has been kidnapped. He carries the blood of the heaven, and they can open the seal with his blood.


Heukgae: I came with some of my fastest men.
I couldn't stay in Shilla while my king is preparing for a holy war here.
What is this signal? Are we going right now?


Hyondong: Taewang's army are around 40 thousand, while the enemy was 100 thousand. Even though we were smaller in number, the morale of the army was very high.
This is the holy war.
The king of Jyooshin is going regain the power of heaven.


* Abullansa

Kiha: We are almost there.
Go and take the heart of Damdeok. I will help you.

Hogae: If I take his heart and release the power of the heaven....

Kiha: Take it. Take the power before the priest takes it.

Hogae: You are telling me to take the power of heaven.
I've already thought that you would tell me so.
So, are you agoing to die with him?
Just the same as you stabbed him with the Gauri sword?
How can I make you live?

Kiha: The one with the power of heaven doesn't die, and doesn't get older.
So would you wait for me?
In my next life, I will meet you again. I promise.

Kiha: Good bye. I will be waiting for you.

* The field near Abullansa

Heukgae: Your majesty, we are ready. We are waiting for your order.

Hyn: No, we have one thing left, don't we?

DD: They are many and we are few, but I am sure that we will win.
Why? We don't know how to loose.
I will stand in the frontline.
Follow me to the last moment.

soldiers: Yes, sir!!

DD: My army, my brothers. Do you see me?

Soldiers, shouting in reply.

Hyn: It is the time at last.

Heukgae: Are you ready?


* Megalith(large stone)

Priest: The power of heaven is sealed inside that megalith.
It will belong to us Hojoks at long last.

- Kiha recollection -
Kiha: Do you rememger?
DD: I've already forgotten that pIace and that night.
My love has come to an end.


* Battle field

- General Heukgae dies.

* Abullansa

Priest: Don't let anybody come in.
Don't let anybody bother us.

* Megalith

Priest: We can't wake any longer. Damdeok's army is now coming through our last defense line.

Kiha: Who is he? Whose child is he?
I am asking.

Priest: We have waited for two thousand years.

Priest: Be wide awake, the shaman of fire.
Yon Hogae cannot bring the heart of the King.
That child also has the heavenly blood.

Kiha: Heavenly.... blood?

Priest: He received the heavenly blood from his father and the blood of earth from his mother.

Kiha: Heavenly blood.
It can't be. ... Do you mean.... this child is?
설마....설마.. 이 아이가...?

Priest: I can't kill that child.
The life of human is so short, and this is the moment that we have waited for two thousand years. We can't wait any more.
The child must feel happy if he knows that his blood could be changed into the power of heaven.
Now, Kiha, take his heart.

Kiha: Are you telling me to take my son's heart?

Priest: If I were him, I will be happy.... to sacrifice myself.

Suzini: Don't kill him! He is.... your child, sister.

Kiha: ... Sister...

Suzini: Please don't harm him.


* Battle field

- General Kho dies of Hogae's spear.

DD: General Kho.

GenK: Your majesty.

- Hogae, dies of his own spear that Damdeok threw to him.

* Megalith

Suzini: Unni, Stop!! What are you doing?

Voice of Kiha's mother: Kiha, this is your sister, and you are her elder sister.

- Blood dripping from the child's hand.

Kiha: No, No!!!

- Kiha, busts into anger and becomes the black Joojak.


DD: Kiha, please stop.
If you can't stop by yourself, I will have to stop you.

Suzini: Please stop her, before it is too late.

DD: Now I realize what I should do.
I didn't trust you. Kiha, I am sorry. It was my fault.

- Damdeok breaks the handle of the sacred bow, and the four symbols starts to disappear.

DD: Everybody make mistakes.
I must tell the heaven that this is the nature of human being.
They regret when they make mistakes, and they learn when there is things they don't know.

The heaven is asking us, whether we can stand by ourselves, or do we want them to rule over us.
The mission of the King was to answer to this question.
That was the mission.

This is my answer.
I trust people.
I also believe that the Jyooshin country will win someday.
If I cannot finish that work, I believe someone will manage to work it out.
Now I returned the power of heaven back to where it belonged.
So you are safe now.

* Narration

Choomo-Wang, the founder of Koguryo, has built this country.
His father was God(천제, 天帝), and his mother was the daughter of Habaek.

The 17th King of Koguryo was respected for expanding the territory of this country and for making his people live in peace, and he was called, 광개토경평안호태왕(廣開土境平安好太王 - The great king who opened up the large land, brought peace, and who was respected by people.) .
His generosity reached to the heaven, and his power reached to four seas.
People could live in peace, being able to work at their home town.

The country became wealthy, the people were happy, and crops gave good harvest.
Some say that Taewang has got rid of the heavenly power, and some say that he has released it free, but nobody knows which is true.
We have one thing certain, the word that the Taewang has left for us.

"It is the heaven, not human, that is waiting, so look around, there is the heaven."


Yongrak 14, Attacked Hooyeon, achieved the hegemony of international commercial power.

Yongrak 17, Hooyeon falls and Bookyeon founded.

Yongrak 18, Greets the king of Bookyon, Kho Woon, as brother.

Yongrak 20, Makes a round to Eastern Booyoh, and brings 64 forts and 1400 villages under his influence.

Yongrak 23, October, Kwang Gae To Dae Wang dies.

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