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Away from Nov 21 - Nov 30th

Dear all,

Thank you everyone who drops by my blog, and I hope you all had a great time here.

Just to let you all know that I will not be able to update my blog from Nov 21 - Nov 30th, as my hubby and I will be bringing the kids for vacation. Due to security reason, I wouldn't be able to bring along my laptop and therefore, I wouldn't be able to visit the other Bae sites too....for 10 days.... aaarrrrggghhhs!!!

And I'm going to miss 4 episodes of TWSSG too.... sigh... But, luckily I'll be able to catch the final episode when I get back.

As for this mean time, please do check out the other sisters' blog or sites which I've linked on the right panel of my blog. And if you are interested of my previous postings, please also check on the right panel under the title "Archive".

Hope there's good news of YJ when I come back. Do take care, everyone! And I still can be contacted via my email.

And...Happy Thanksgiving to our sisters in US too!!

Love, xiaoyi

[Photo] MBC TWSSG Official Site - 20.00.07

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BYJ Updates on 20 Nov 2007 by taiousisinki & lcktour

source: lcktour
Today there's no filming for YJ.
But it's on other casts such as Choi Min Soo, Moon SoRi, Yoon Tae Young.

source: taiousisinki

Filming is really at the final stage
I think it may continue until end of Nov
Recently, i think there's many YJ's turn
As for the filming, it is now performed at the center of Danyang
but thinks that クリ, Anmyeongdo Island, Naju are possible now.

source: byjgallery by style / posoku's blog / translated by xiaoyi's trans machine

[VOD] MBC TWSSG Episode 20 Preview


source: byjfamily.net / IMBC

[Vod]The Image - Secrethysteric & Sequence

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[VOD] E Ji Ah CM

[Vod]이지아 애니타임 새 CF - 몰랐어?


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[SCAN] joseijishin11.20

[SCAN]태왕사신기-담덕「사랑의 투쟁」카운트다운! ! joseijishin11.20

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[VOD]BYJ-TWSSG JapanTV Spot CM NO.5 & 6

source: Quilt by makishi

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[Updated] BYJ Updates 19.11.07 by lcktour

*공식에는 가져가지 마세요.팬 카페에서만 봐주세요.
Please don't take it to a Official site.
Please see only cafe.

용준님 촬영 소식(11월19일)
www.lcktour.com 관리자님 글
Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:37
source:byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's trans machine

本日、朝6時50分ヨンジュンさんがLand Rover で、現場に到着
7時50分 タムトク 姿になったヨンジュンさんが家族皆さんを見渡し

Yesterday at about 17:27, YJ finished filming and got into the make up bus
He returned while waving his hand to everyone of the family smilingly at 18:10.
Today, at 6:50 morning, YJ arrived in Land Rover at the spot (same as yesterday)
he waved his hand energetically, and went into the make up bus.
Yong Joon change into the figure of Damdeok at 7:50, he looked around to everyone of the family and waved his hand with a smile and went into filming.
Filming is currently ongoing
Today is a wide blue sky and the weather is good for filming.

17:25 撮影を終えた鎧のタムトクはSPの車から家族に約30秒間
17:40 makeup busから出て来たのは

At 17:25, Damdeok in armor completed filming and he waved his left hand to the family for about 30 seconds, and said hello beside the SP car.
At 17:40 what came out from the make up car
It was the Yong Joon that beyond/after 1700 years.

[VOD] MBC TWSSG Episode 20 & 21 Preview (10 mins length)

source: cafe.daum.net/byjfan by 싸우는여자 / mncast.com

[SCAN] Josei Seven / Korean Drama Now - TWSSG (2006/02/18)

source: Joon's family by rosiebaba(2006/02/18)

[Photo] TWSSG Filming Location

「太王四神記」チェジュ撮影現場photo by zezeさま
source: posoku's blog / byjgallery

[Photo] Phillip Lee = TWSSG "Cheoro"

source: posoku's blog

[Info] Origami Cranes to support YJ - gosireh shim씨 blog 11.19

「태왕사신기」의 촬영도 종반에 들어가, 전투 씬등이 과격한 촬영이 계속 되고 있습니다.
상처를 누르고 촬영을 계속하고 있는 배용준씨께 하루라도 빠른 회복을 바라고

가족의 마음을 보내는 千羽鶴를 보냅니다.
아래와 같은 기간중에 꼭 가족 여러분 응원의 기분을 학에 담아서 전해 주세요.

기간: 11월 21일~29일(9일간)
※고시레로 준비하는 종이접기에서 혼자님 1羽 부탁드립니다.
※고시레로 식사를 하시는 분 뿐만 아니라 참가하실 수 있습니다.

옛부터 학은 천년 거북이는 만년도 산다고 믿을 수 있어 왔습니다.
千羽를 종이접기의 학을 끈으로 통한 것을 의미합니다. 자주 일본에서는

千羽의 작은 종이의 학을 접어서, 병이 빨리 낫도록 라고 마음을 담아 빕니다.

『태왕사신기』の 撮影も終盤に入り、戦闘シーンなどの過激な撮影が続いております。


※高矢禮で用意する折り紙にておひとり様 1羽 お願い致します。

TWSSG filming had come to the final stage, and
the extreme filming such as fight scenes continues.
The family thoughts will be sent to YJ via a string of a origami cranes
During the following period, the feeling of the family's support will be expressed via the origami cranes

Gosireh will be preparing the origami papers.

(The English translation is a rough reference for everyone)
source: http://jp.cyworld.com/gosireh / byjgallery by miemi

[vod] TWSSG NHK BS Information 2007/11/18


source:My Precious! by mihoro / byjgallery by pola


source: byjgallery by makishi

[Photo] Group Photo with YJ, Cheoro & Hyeongo

source: posoku's blog

[Updated] BYJ Updates on 18/11/07 by lcktour

source: lcktour / translated by xiaoyi's trans machine
Nov 18, 2007 at 11:48am


Good morning.
At about 10:55, Yong Joon in Land Rover entered into the set ground.
Now he's in the makeup bus.
The filming location is three hours from Seoul.
The weather is good, but is cold today.
We are worry about an injury of Yong Joon, but the filming is possible this month.
Because Yong Joon does his best,
all of us together will support you till the end!!!

source: lcktour / byjgallery by miemi / translated by xiaoyi's trans machine

12時50分 メイクバスから降りたヨンジュンさんは
格好いいタムトクの姿で 現れました。

Yong Joon who got off the makeup bus at 12:50
and appeared as the figure of cool Damdeok.
He waved his hand greatly/widely in front of the family
and appeared to be in cheerful mood
Filming begins now

ヨンジュンさんは撮影が午後 6時 30分頃終わって

As for Yong Joon, filming was over at about 6:30 p.m.
and seems to have returned.

[Captures] The unfortunate scenes that caused injuries

Source: brokore

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[Trans] TWSSG Episode 19

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Reposted from Quilt and translated by suehan
[ I want to help people understand what is spoken in TWSSG. However, I don't want my work to be used to harm YJ and his work by being used as subtitle. I just hope you to enjoy and help yourself. - gaulsan and suehan - ]


* The Shrine

Suzni and Cheoro refused to put their weapons down.
As Kiha wanted to meet them, she lets them in with their weapons.


Suzini: I have a question about your symbol.
Did you steal it from the "Hae" family of Baekje?

Kiha: "Hae" family of Baekje?

Suzini: The house where the light of Joojak appeared when the star shined.
Someone killed the whole family and stole the symbol.
It was you Hwacheons, wasn't it?

Kiha: Saryang.
Was that what happened? Is the symbol of Joojak from the "Hae" family of Baekje?

Saryang: Yes, it was.

Kiha: So, why is that that so important for you?

Suzini: It is important, because I am the daughter of that family.
So, it must be your group who killed my parents and set the fire in my house.

Kiha: Parents... House....

Suzini: You killed the king and the oracle, and now you are standing here as the oracle of Koguryo.

Kiha: The oracle is not bound by the rules of human.

Suzini: I know. Even the king said he cannot punish you.
I'm sorry that I don't care whether you are the oracle or not.
I just want the price for the death of my parents.


* The Shrine

Suzinee asked Kiha to put out the fire on Choero’s clothes. Kiha said that she can make a fire, but couldn’t put out one.

Suzinee attacked Kiha with the powerful fire and Kiha asked him for the protection of Suzinee.


* Kiha remembers the death of her parents and the fact that she was kidnapped by Hwacheon

Kiha: Saryang! Saryang!

Saryang: Yes.

Kiha: Is she my sister?


* Main PaIace

Damdeok: Did you have to catch up with your family?

General: Yes, your majesty!

Damdeok: General, Joongeui! I heard that your wife is pregnant.

General Joong: She delivered a baby once I came back. It’s a girl.

Everybody laughed.

Damdeok: Officer Wooseok, did your son’s second birthday pass?

General Woo: Yes, your majesty. I have a son.

Damdeok: How about you two families tie the knot?

General Woo: His daughter is just like him. It’s a bit much, your majesty.

General Joong: What did you say?

Heukgae: You two look similar. What are you guys complaining about?

Everybody laughed.

General Joong: When are we leaving to Georan, your majesty?

Damdeok: As soon as possible.

Heukgae: We need to recruit and train them as well.

General Woo: Even Hogae’s army has to go quickly because Georan might attack us if we don’t get moving.

Heaukgae: That’s what I said. Hogae’s army killed so many Georans and now they seek for vengeance. I think all the soldiers have prepared the horses.

Damdeok: I don’t think we need more soldiers. But I’m thinking about taking hundreds of carriers to carry the supplies. Generals! Please make sure to inform the soldiers that our goal for the trip to Georan is to avoid the war, not to join in it. So, please emphasize that whoever, regardless of their position, attacks the enemies and cause unnecessary battle will be beheaded at the moment it is revealed.

Heukgae: Then, are we just going to move the military supplies for Hagae’s army, your majesty?

Damdeok: No. I want to bring the presents to our future brothers. We don’t have time to recruit and train them. If we recruit more, then the old and women might have to hunt and farm for themselves. If we collect the materials from the nobles and business men, then the materials will become scarce and will reach exorbitant prices. We have to go and bring materials quickly. We don’t have much time.

Secretary: It’s a gamble.
The King is collecting the materials for this trip. Please write down the maximum amounts of materials you can give.

The secretary says that they won’t be paid, but the business and trading rights of salt will be given by proportion later on.

The big salt land is located at the northwest side of Georan and the rights to obtain and sell the salt will be given.


* Yeon’s house

Jojoodo talks about the King’s suggestion to ask Yeon to give out materials because the King’s suggestion involves major business rights and interests.

Yeon Garyeo doesn’t pay attention to Jojoodo and prepares the message to Hogae.

Yeon Garyeo: His mom said before she died, “be careful to the one who has the wisdom of the snake.” I didn’t know what she meant at that time even if she was expiring. Kokuryo is just a small country for him. The land he wants to have is endless and he will do anything to get it. He will use the four thousands of our soldiers for bait, not just my son. I really didn’t know about him and underestimated him. I have to let my son know about this because I don’t want my son to fall into this trick.


* The conference room of paIace

General Ko: May I ask you to leave this room? You have continued the meetings for several days. You have to leave here first, so the generals can rest.

Heukgae: Who is he?

Damdeok: You did good work. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Heaukgae: Is this blood?

Damdeok: Are you bleeding?

Heukgae: No.

Dalgoo: It’s blood.


* Geomool Village

The doctor diagnoses and says that the fire got entered his internal body and it seems he is hopeless.

Suzinee tells Hyeongo about the happenings at the shrine.

Suzinee: I couldn’t control myself. I was angry against my will so I blocked the fire, hit the man, and attacked to kill. The owner of Joojak loses consciousness, is it right? Then, am I the owner of Joojak? It drives me crazy. Really. Can it be cancelled? How about I just say that I don’t want to be the owner? The record says that the owner of Joojak lost consciousness and attempted to kill the King of Jyooshin, doesn’t it?

Suzinee asks him that she wants to meet Damdeok for last time.

Suzinee: I’ll meet him just once, is that okay? I can’t let you kill me. You’ll cry for your entire life after you kill me. You fed me, changed my diapers and raised me. I learned everything that I know from you. I can’t betray you. Master, I don’t think I can pay you back. Please help me.


* Cave

Kiha recovered her memory and goes to the cave to kill the priest.

Kiha: The light of Jyoojak lit above the house on the beach in Baekje. Did you kill the family of the house and set the fire to find the symbol of Jyoojak? Have you been using a 5 year old girl as your servant after she was found at the house with a lack of memory? Are you the one who killed my parents? Now you are going to make me kill my sister?

The priest tells her about his true colors.

Priest: I’m the priest of the fire tribe who stole the power of fire and has lived eternally. I’m also a poor man who recovered from being aged due to the power of the red jade. I already stole the power of fire two thousand years ago. The one who lives thanks to the fire, can’t kill someone by the fire. Do you know how long I have lived? I even wanted to die. I stabbed my heart because of the painful long years I have been through. I just hid and stole the piece of fire, but I became like this. Please remember Kajin, Kiha. You were the disciple who kept the fire.


* Damdeok

He goes to the main building of the paIace, but he doesn’t find Suzinee.


* Geomool

Hyeonjang: Did you really use the power of fire?

Master: We can’t confirm everything, but we can’t wait. The records say just totake the symbol of Joojak’s birht, and kill the owner for peace of the world. Did you hear it? Who is willing to help her last moment? Hyeonjang? Hyeongam?

Suzinee: I’ll do it myself. I have been doing all the dirty work of Geomool Village until now. I’m really worryed about you. How can you live without me? I need a favor. Please help the castellan of Kwanmi Fort who got hurt to help me. I’m not comfortable to leave him that way.

Master: It’s said that the owner of Joojak is the mother of earth and can’t resist not helping the starving people and the ones in pain. Okay, we’ll do our best.

Suzinee: Candy salesman!


* Kuknaeseong

Suzinee: Can I help you?

Damdeok: Who are you?

Suzinee: What?

Damdeok: What are you wearing?

Damdeok: Hahaha, where are you going?

Damdeok: Why don’t you do it properly this time? Don’t forget to tie a hole like last time. Where did you go? It bothered me that you weren’t around. Did something happen at the Geomool Village? I saw your masters leave quickly

Damdeok: Tell me.

Suzinee: What?

Damdeok: It’s strange because you’re so quiet. Are you in trouble?

Suzinee: Please stay like this for a while; I want to think about something.

Damdeok: Are you crying? How dare you hold the King from behind?

Damdeok: Let me see your face.

Suzinee: I’m still drunk. It’s said that this bottle can make a drinker cry, really it happens. I came here to return this to you. You let me borrow this sometime ago, and you didn’t ask me to return it to you, so I have kept it for a while. I had a hard time not damaging it when I was fighting. It’s perfect, right?
I wanted to hear, “You’re so pretty.” That’s why I wore this dress today. I want to be remembered this way. It’s embarrassing, really. I’m leaving.

Damdeok: What do you want me to remember? Get to the point.

Suzinee: How can I talk right if I am drunk?

Dadmeok: You’re beautiful. Whatever you wear, you’re beautiful. Is it okay now?

Suzine: You can’t change your mind later on, okay?

Damdeok: I can’t repeat it.

Suzinee: I’m leaving. Let me go, let me go.

Damdeok: Get sober soon, and don’t be late. The training will be starting. All the archers are waiting for you.

Suzinee: Yes.

Suzinee: The scent of your back is fantastic. Did you know that?


* Hyeongo and Suzinee


* Hogae Army’s headquarters near at Yeomsoo in Georan

Siwoo tribes talk about the situation of Kuknaeseong.
They spread rumors; all the nobles are on the King’s side now. The King ordered Hogae to return to Kokuryeo and if not, he will treat him as the treason. The King will behead the treason and turn their families to servants. They are spreading the rumors by the King’s order.

Joomoochi is still looking for Bason and Dalbee and it’s unsuccessful.


* The village of blacksmith at Kitai in Georan.

* Booldol: he has the symbol of the White Tiger.

Bason: Are they doing that because of this, father?

Bason lied and said that her brother isn’t among the ones who were arrested, but Hogae’s soldier asked the child and found Booldol.

Hogae: I came here to find the symbol of the White Tiger and I heard that you have it.
I spent so many days and sacrificed so many things to get here. Can you give it to me?

Booldol: Are you the owner? I heard that only one owner can take it.

Bason; Booldol! It’s me, Bason.

Booldol: I know. I recognized you right away. How have you been? Did you marry?
Do you have any children?

Bason: Where is it? Just give it to him.

Booldol: Did you bring them in here?

Bason: They will kill you.

Booldol: Did you bring him because he is the owner? Or, is he the King of Jyooshin?

Bason: Give it to him, Booldol.

Booldol: Only real owners will recognize it. Father said that I can’t give it to him until then.

Bason: I’ll find it. I can find it. Please wait for me. Please.

Hogae: Do you think I’m not the owner? Don’t you have any feelings?

Booldol: Are you on the same side of the people who killed my father? Those guys tried to take the symbol forcecfully. My father gave up his life to keep it. I’m his son.

Bason: Booldol! Booldol!

* The symbol of the White Tiger

* The symbol of the Blue Dragon

* Camp at the King’s army

Officer: Go inside! Who is going to fight?


Damdeok: Do you think the symbol will work?

Hyeongo: I didn’t have any confidence until I tried it. I thought that the symbol might treat him if it had chosed him as its owner. I just look forward to it. What a relief! I’m so thankful.

Damdeok: How is the progress? We’ll leave tomorrow and I hope the castellan of Kwanmi Fort can go with us.

Hyeongo: Yes.. The materials were collected about one and a half time more than what we’re expecting because the expectations of salt was very high.

Damdeok: Is she around?

Hyeongo: She?

Damdeok: Suzinee. I haven’t seen her for a while.

Hyeongo: Suzinee?

Damdeok: Is she avoiding me?

Hyeongo: It might take a while.

Damdeok: Take a while?

Hyeongo: I sent her far away for an errand. Please understand the situation because it’s a very important matter of Geomool Village. She went far away. It might take a while too see her again,

Damdeok: How can I make you tell me what you’re hiding from me?

Hyeongo: Suzinee went to leave this world. She decided with braveness and happiness. Please understand her, your majesty.


* Geolmool Village

Damdeok: Where is Suzinee?

Hyeonjang: She isn’t here, your majesty.

Damdeok: Are you talking nonsense?

Hyeongjang: It was the will of the previous head of Geomool and it’s the duty of Geolmool Village, your majesty.

Damdeok: What? You can’t let her live because she might be the owner of Joojak?

Hyeongo: Not just Joojak. It’s the black Joojak.

Damdeok: Why didn’t you kill the owner of Joojak?

Hyeongo: Because we couldn’t find the prove whether or not she was the owner of the Black Joojak.

Hyeonjang: She will first use the power of fire, and will not be able to control the power. The image of Joojak will then be revealed on her body.

Damdeok: So, she lost her consciousnee and used the power of fire. That’s why you, raised her as a child, to kill her?

Hyeongo: She already showed the sign of Joojak. I saw it when she was a child.

Damdeok: Where is she?

Hyeonjang: We don’t know.

Damdeok: Why don’t you know her whereabouts?

Hyeonjang: She left alone. We didn’t ask her where she was headed.

General Ko: You have to send the armies tomorrow, your majesty.
You said that we have to hurry for this country and the people. It seems that Joomoochi and his soldiers already arrived there and are undergoing the plans. You ordered that plan yourself. You repeated numourous times that it has to be on time.
Hyeongo: It can’t be failed because of a girl.

Cheoro: I’ll go.

Damdeok; Go to the bar and casino downtown first. I believe she wanders there. She can’t survive without this world. Maybe she is drunk somewhere.

Cheoro: I can find her wherever she is.

Damdeok: I have a question for you. I got your Kwanmi Fort, and is it okay to think that I have you as well?

Cheoro: You as the King of Jyooshin aren’t supposed to ask those kinds of question?

Damdeok: This plaque represents me. You will be protected anywhere in Kokuryo. Please be sure to find and bring her.


* Headquarters of Hogae’s army at Yeomsoo in Georan

General O: I’m glad you came back safely. I have a lot to report to you.

[Captures] JOB Gallery

source: byjgallery by pola

〔PHOTO〕太王四神記 Official Jewelry -Nieve-

source: byjgallery by arayo