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[VOD]TWSSG 2007.11.17 Japan TV - joe Hisaishi Interview

[VOD]태왕사신기2007.11.17Japan TV -joe Hisaishi Interview^^*

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[Trans] 17th of Nov 13:59 Latest from kob

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[Trans] 17th of Nov 13:59 Latest from KOB


Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl (blog?)
Korean to Chinese : wonchun

Today YJ nim does not have to film.
But starting from tomorrow, they will film his parts.
According to the overseas families YJ found it strenuous to even hold up a sword yesterday, hence the filming was stopped half way.
What will it be like tomorrow?

In addition, most of the scenes in episode 22 and 23 will be filmed centering on YJ. I believe that his treatment will definitely be postponed.

No matter what, because YJ nim is a sensible person, I trust he will have a true sense of proprietary and be able to handle both filming and treatment appropriately.

Let us think on the bright side…

Wonchun posted the following on 2007-11-16 22:05
[Express post from the filming site] Diary 16th of Nov

Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl
Korean to Chinese: wonchun

I am an actor (extra) from Jeju who is currently working in the Hotel of Korean Air (?).

Today we just completed the last part of TWSSG.

BYJ, LJA(Lee Ji Ah), MSR (Moon So Ri), YTY(Yoon Tae Young), LBL(Chero), WKR(Wo Kuang-rok) were there as well.

We were in the same scenes as BYJ, BYJ nearly had no NGs (retakes). His lines were performed perfectly. It appears that he has a thorough understanding of and has fully digested his character (the king).

BYJ is truly a Hallyu star. Many Japanese and Korean fans were patiently waiting at the filming site with their cameras. When he appears, everyone waves to greet him, and loudly cheers with ‘I love you!’, ‘Wishing you the best of health’, ‘Please take care of your body!’, ‘He is so handsome’.

BYJ also waves back to greet his fans. In my opinion, words simply can’t describe his cordiality and politeness towards his fans. All the fans stretched out to shake hands with him. We had to call up security guards. Without them to maintain order, filming could not proceed promptly.

Today us, the extras were filming with 거믈촌黑水村,…. Omit.

Filming finished at 7:30pm. Filming in Jeju has finally come to an end. I don’t know when they will be back again.

If there is more in Jeju, I will let everyone know. Thank you very much.

[VODs] Various News Report on YJ's Injury

[Vod]배용준 - 20071117 mezamashi(めざましどようび)

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[Vod]배용준 - 20071116 anchor スーパーニュースエンタメアンカ 

My Precious! by meron(thanks!)

[Vod]배용준 - 20071117 NTV Zoom In ズームイン!!サタデ #1

My Precious! by meron(thanks!)

[Vod]배용준 - 20071117 NTV Zoom In ズームイン!!サタデ #2

My Precious! by mihoro(thanks!)

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[Info & Audio] Brokore Announcement 17.11.07 - Audio Trial

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[Trans] YJ at gimpo airport 16.11.07

Dear all, I've decided to repost this trans from bb's blog. Howvere, I've decided to only post one of them, as the others were really to sad to read..... sorry...

I believe in him and respect his decision. Although I'm worried sick but I believe he wouldn't want us to be sad too. YJ, we support and our wishes are with you!!

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original in korean: 버터 / KOB
translated into chinese: wonchun / baidu
translated into english: bb / bb's blog

news from the airport 2 hours ago

two hours ago, posted from gimpo airport...

yong joon boarded the 9:25pm flight from jeju. he arrived in seoul at 10:20pm.

including me, there were five korean family, and ten from overseas families, we're all waiting at the airport.

10:35pm, yong joon came out.

he didn't have much colour on his face, and he looked really tired.

fan: your family are all very worried about you.
YJ: kwan-chan-nayo (it's okay / i'm okay)

fan: we're all worried sick (for you)
YJ: is that so? it'll be okay.

another fan: can't you stop filming?
YJ: only 10 days more, it's alright (i can do it).

for now, i can only recall these.

but from what i can see, i think he doesn't want the family to be worried about him, so he's holding back and not showing (any pain or discomfort).

it's as though yong joon's right shoulder is fixated on his body, can't move at all. SP shin looked even more tensed than ordinary times. yong joon also had lethargy written all over him.

the family maintained an appropriate distance with yong joon, and of course, did not shake hands.

he seemed to be walking okay.

oh ya, he was wearing an black outfit today, and wearing sunglasses. he was wearing jeans.

looking at his expression and the way he was walking... yong joon appeared to be in much pain. but we deduced that he hasn't gotten to a stage he's ready to give up filming yet.

we can only hope that he be more careful. what else can we do?

let us pray (for him) then!

BYJ Updates on 16/11/07 by lcktour

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Please don't take it to a Official site.
Please see only cafe. 관리자님 글
Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:56
source:byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's trans machine


Good morning
YJ arrived at the first set ground (main set) at past 8:40
He's wearing a navy blue hat, a black training suit and thin sunglasses.
He passed by in front of everyone of the family slowly
He waved his hand cheerfully. Today, there's some cloud over the sky, and it is a chilly weather.
Please enjoy your day today.


I was informed abt the current filming scene
The scene where Yong Joon riding on horseback
The scene was taken many takes


Since morning, the 3 scenes that have been filming were horseback riding, main shrine/hall and in the house of YeonGaryo.
Yong Joon entered into the make up bus for a break at 14:25.
Today, Jeju is cold. It is visited by a lot of Korean tourists.


Good evening.
Yong Joon returned from Jeju to Seoul. At 21:17, while he went for boarding, he waved hand to the families. He's in black knit hat, sunglasses, a black trench coat and jeans.

22時35分 ヨンジュンさんが金浦空港に 到着して
Land Rover に乗り帰って行きました。

Yong Joon arrived at Kimpo Airport at 22:35 and ride on LandRover and returned.
Around ten families met you at an airport
Everyone is very worried about YJ
And give words of encouragment
We are anxious about the condition of the injury,
but Yong Joon should be able to take a rest slowly today.
As for the all of you thank you. Good night.

[Captures] JOB New Photo

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[VOD] NHK news watch9 2007.11.16

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[Trans] Mr Sohn (IMX) message on JOB

(Trans.) From JOB No.78690 Posting from Mr. Sohn of IMX

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Myonne: For replying JOB members'great worry, Mr. Sohn gave his words on JOB Free Board.

From JOB Free Board No.78690; posting from Mr. Sohn of IMX

Title: To BYJ family
Contributor: sohn
Date: 2007/11/16 22:16:14


I understand all of your opinions that Yongjoon should take first priority to treatment and can well feel your worry, and I myself am worried about him as well.

I talked with him on the phone this afternoon and he said that he will undergo an operation after completing the drama shooting first. He seems to be in a plaster cast for a while after the operation. So, I think I cannot say it is a light injury.

However, Bae Yongjoon, whom you all support and encourage, is professional. I think that it is he himself that should finally decide on health care along with his own condition. Also, no one can force him into the shooting. If his condition should become really impossible, he would stop himself.

It was his own decision to bear pains and to continue shooting. Therefore, I would like you to understand and appreciate his thought and feeling.

[Trans] TWSSG episode 18

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[ We want to help people understand what is spoken in TWSSG. However, we don't want our work to be used to harm YJ and his work by being used as subtitle. We just hope you to enjoy and help yourself. - gaulsan and suehan - ]

TWSSG, Episode 18

* Gooknaegoong, Koguryo

Damdeok is meeting with the envoy of Shilla.

Shilla: Shilla has been suffering from pirates coming from Japan.
Shilla can not defend all of them, but once they put their feet on our land, we can attack and clear them up once in a while.
Now we have information that the pirates are making a base in Kaya.
Then they will invade our country much more easily.

DD: It must be Baekje that pressured Kaya to allow the Japanese build their base in Kaya.

Shilla: Baekje did that because Shilla is in good connection with Koguryo.

DD: I know. As a matter of fact, that was one of the reason why Eastern Baekje couldn't send more reinforcements when I was attacking Kwan Mi Sung.

Shilla: You already knew that, your Majesty!


* Office

Hyonjang (the scholar-like Geomul villager) is worried of the king, who was not able to eat or sleep well recently.

Hyongo and the secretary doesn't pay attention fo Hyonjang. They are trying to choose a good-looking box to keep the symbol of Cheongryong in.

Hyn: Would you have a look? Which box would make the symbol look better?

Heukgae: Yes! That's it!

Hyn: Which one?


* Court

All of a sudden, Heukgae asks Suzini that what does she thinks about him becoming her father.

Heukgae: What if I become your father? I am Heukgae, the leader of Jeolno Tribe.
I don't have a daughter. What do you think of me as your father?


* Office

DD: What did you say?

Heukgae: I always kept it in my mind since that day.
I remember what the previous king has said to me.
'I am asking you to give your daughter as a king's wife,' he said.
I promised him that a woman from my family will become your wife.

DD: Huh,

Heukgae: You will be the king who rule a very large country.
You might need to leave this paIace for a long time.
Some evil people might try to take over your power when you are absent.
That's why we need a strong queen.
The one who will never give up whatever trick they play; the one who will be on your side till the end of this world, to the end of her life. We need such woman as the mother of this country.

DD: Listen, Gochooga.

Heukgae: Your majesty, I would like to ask you to see my daughter.
I've never seen a girl with such a strong mind.
She is loyal to you... just like me.
Morever, she is so strong that she can fight with men with her fingers.

DD: I've heard that your daughter is already married.

Heukgae: Oh, um... as a matter of fact, I will have a new daughter tonight.

DD: What?


* Somewhere in the paIace

People are already drinking liquor.
Hyongo is looking for Heukgae.
Heukgae appears.

Heukgae: Oh, I'm sorry that I did the work in the wrong order.
I was in such a hurry.
I must have told you first, have thanked you for raising her, have asked for your permission,and...


Suzini shows Joomoochi her new dress and asks how she looks.

Suzini: Uncle (the peddler) told me that there is a huge wine cellar in Jeolnoboo.
He said that there are hundreds of barrels, didn't you say so?

[ They are waiting the king to come to start the party. ]


Hyongo asks Heukgae if he knows who's daughter Suzini really is.


* Shrine

Saryang tells Kiha that the Priest has moved to another pIace to hide, and waiting for Kiha to come.

DD: There, there, and there!
Kiha: I don't know how far I will go, so kill me if you want to stop me.
DD: There was something left in my heart. That's why I came here to meet you.
Now, I made my mind. Everything is over.


* Party

Suzini: What did you say?

Dalgoo: Don't tell me that you didn't know it.

Suzini: What is he talking about?

Peddler: Nothing difficult to understand. It is just as you heard.

Suzini: So, Heukgae-nim is trying to make me his daughter to make me what?

Dalgoo: The queen, the wife of the king, the mother of this country.
People won't accept an orphan to become queen, so he is going to make you his daughter, and then...

Suzini: Oh, ... Stop joking!
How can you do this to your king? Is it funny?
You're playing around with your own king.
Dalgoo: Didn't father give you any word?
Did he just ask you to be his daughter, and did you just say yes?


Hyongo tells Heukgae about Suzini's family.

She was born to the 'Hae' family of Baekje, and the light of Joojack appeared when the star of Jyooshin shined.
When Geomuls went there, every households were killed, and the symbol of Joojak was lost. They found Suzini in that house, and the mark of Joojak appeared briefly on Suzini.
At the end of Hwan Woong period, Joojak burned this world.

Suzini: What?


Suzini: You said the women with the Hwacheon is the Joojak.

Hyongo: I wished it were true. I wished you not to be the Joojak.
I danced in joy when she claimed that she was the Joojak.
On the other hand, do you remember that you could control fire when you were young?

Suzini: Is that why you didn't allow me to play with fire?

Hyongo: Yes.

Suzini: What happens if I am the Joojak's guard?

Hyongo: I must kill you before it is too late. That's why I am keeping my eyes on you.

Suzini: I don't think I am the guard of Joojak, not before the ‘주Joo' stands for 'liquor'(酒, pronounced 'joo').

Hyongo: Even if there is very little chance that you are the Joojak's guard, I can't let you become the king's wife..
Hwanwoong's wife burnt this world after giving birth to a child. Her power was so strong that nobody could stop her.

Suzini: What happened then?

Hyongo: Hwanwoong had to kill the woman he loved by himself.

Suzini: Hehe.... Nothing to worry, then.
The king never loved me, and will never love me in the future.


DD: Come here.
I can smell the liquor.
Who else can drink in this pIace except for you?

Suzini: I'm sorry. I won't drink here again.

DD: I heard that you chose not to become his daughter.
Didn't you hear that Jeolnoboo has the largest wine cellar in this country?

Suzini: I don't care of the size any more. As I grew up, I tend do choose by quality.

DD: Did you hate it that much? To the extent that you chose not to enjoy the wine cellar of Jeolnoboo?
You told me that we should share our drinks.
You have a habit of drinking so much at night, and I have a habit of not being able to sleep at night.
It might be good to spend nights together like this.

Suzini: When was the last time you slept?

DD: Don't you like it?

Suzini: May I ask you something?

DD: You are going to ask me anyway.

Suzini: When Gochooga told you that he will adopt me as his daughter, you must have been awfully embarrassed.

Suzini: Can't you tell me that you weren't? even as a lie?
'Frankly speaking, if you become his daughter, I would be very...'

DD: thankful?

Suzini: You don't have to be thankful, but.... just...

DD: May I tell you frankly?

Suzini: You are going to tell me anyway.

DD: I would feel sorry for you.
I will also feel sorry that I lost my best friend.
Do you know that I am really sorry already?

Suzini: Do you know the meaning of my name?
It is the name of falcon that is tamed. She used to fly in the sky, so she won't live long if she is tied up. Funny, isn't it?

DD: This tastes good.


* Damdeok and Yon Garyo

Yon: The vassals are waiting for you for days.
Please show your mercy by sentencing who should die and who should be kicked out.

DD: Are they waiting for me to be killed or to be kicked out?

Yon: Yes, your majesty. I am also waiting for that.
I gave my hand to the enemy, and I lost the medal of the tribal leader.
I am going to kill myself to wash the shame and go to heaven.

DD: Is it so difficult for you to accept me as your king instead of your son?

Yon: I already felt that my son might not be the one when the symbol of Hyonmoo awoke at Daeja Sung.
This time, I saw with my own eyes the symbol of Cheongryong awaking.
I thought deeply while waiting for you at the paIace, and made a decision.
Even though the heaven has chosen you, as a father, with the love I've raised him for 18 years, I chose Hogae.
Like heaven made its choice, I made mine.
If this is arrogance and disrespect, I will pay for my sin.

DD: Let's go.


* Conference Room, PaIace

DD: I would like to ask you a question.
What kind of king do you want?
Don't you mind what kind of person he is as long as he has the symbols that is told in the legend?

Two thousand years ago, there was no boundary for Jyooshin.
Do you want that land? Is that why you need the king of Jyooshin?


DD: How shall I give you that land? Tell me.
If we kill all the men, women, children, and animals, the land could become ours.
Then their sons and grandsons will seek their revenge upon us.
Then we will have to kill, be killed, and kill again and again!!
Do you want a land like that?


Heukgae: Forgive me for being so dull that I can't understand.
Do you mean we should not fight at all?
Should we just stay as small Koguryo?
Don't fight back even if your neighbor country invades. Is this what you are saying?

DD: If you have given me some more time, I could brought dozens of Baekje forts without war.
If you haven't sent 40 thousands of Koguryo soldiers to the battle field without any plan, if you have given me some more time...

I could have divided Baekje into two countries.
I already made Shilla to stand on our side.
The tribes in the prairies including Yooyeon....

Patriarch of Jeolnojok.

Heukgae: Yes, your majesty.

DD: Why are they invading the border of Koguryo from time to time?

Heukgae: They need agricultural products.

DD: What do they have?

Heukgae: They have good horses and livestock.

DD: Yon Daega.

Yon: Yes, your majesty.

DD: What do the Georans have?

Yon: They have a large salt mine in Beeryo area.

DD: Who needs that salt?

Yon: Sookshin would need it.

DD: What can we provide them?

Yon: They would need iron from us.

DD: What would happen if we could provide what each of them need?
If we stand in the center and make all of us live in peace for at least a century?
Can't you understand?
Do you just want to fight and win? While spreading seeds for revenge?
Don't you understand what I want?


* Forrest

Hyongo and Hyonjang brought the symbol of Cheongryong to give it back to Cheoro.

Cheoro says, "There was one thing good to have it inside me.
I dreamed the same dream, hundreds and thousands times.
I always watched the world from the sky.
I watched people far away.... and there she was.
As I met her now, I don't need it any more.

I won't go away. I will always be around the king of Jyooshin.
I will feel him if he needs me.


* Office

Joomoochi: We're here, your majesty.
We are about to leave now.

DD: How long do you think it will take?

Joomoochi: We are the Sheewoo. Wherever Hogae army might be, we will find them within several days.

DD: By the way, do you really have to go with them?

Joomloochi: Maybe you are feeling anxious to stay here without me.

DD: I am anxious, because you might make trouble.

Shiwoo soldiers: Hahaha

DD: Did your men learn what they should do when they arrive there?

Joomoochi: Are you ready?

SHiwoo soldiers: Yes, sir!

Joomoochi: They're ready.

DD: Rescue my blacksmith and your woman.

Joomoochi: My what?

DD: Don't make trouble.

Joomoochi: Oh, you really...

DD: We will meet soon in Georan's territory. Be careful.

Joomoochi: Yes, sir. Let's go.


* Camp of Hogae's main army, near Georan Yomsoo territory.

Hogae's staff officer seems to be very nervous. He doesn't like the fact that Sheewoo guarded the king's messenger to their camp.

The messenger told the message of the king to the staff officer.

"The king has sent his last warning to Hogae and his army.
Come back with your army immediately.
If you do not follow this order, the king will consider you as rebels."


Joomoochi is angry that Hogae brought Bason and Dalbi with him.


* Georan, Kitai village

Hogae's soldiers are killing villagers to threaten the village chief to speak where the blacksmith is.
The chief asks Hogae why is he killing so many people.
Hogae says that if the chief doesn't give him the information, they will have to attack other villages.
The chief tells him the name of the blacksmith.


* In a cave

Saryang delivers Kiha's message that she will stay at the shrine.
The Priest says that they should never let Kiha tell Damdeok about the baby.
He orders Saryang to stay with Kiha when she starts labor.
If the baby is a girl, take her to Hwacheon to make her the next leader of Hwacheon, and if the baby is a boy, kill him, take his heart, and bring it in the box (that the Priest gave Saryang) that the blood shall not dry up.


* Office

Heukgae asks Damdeok why doesn't he kill Kiha.
It is impossible because the Oracle is bound only by the law of the heaven.
Heukgae says that he would assassinate her then.

DD: I told you. I won't kill er.

Heukgae: Why?

DD: Can't you obey my order unless I tell you the reason?

Hyongo: Is it because the woman who controlled the fire caught the love of the Hwanwoong?

DD: Are you asking me whether I still love her?

Hyongo: Isn't it true?

DD: She killed my father and the oracle, and threatened Koguryo. Are you asking me that I still love such woman?


* Secret room of the paIace

* MarketpIace

The performance is praising Damdeok and his army.

Peddler saw a messenger running on a horse.
The messenger, who seems like coming from afar, is heading Yon's house.


* Office, Damdeok and Yon

Secretary: Yon Garyo has come to meet you. I asked him to wait outside.
He seems to be very upset. What about not meeting him?

DD: My friend likes wine very much.
She told me that this was the best wine in my wine cellar.

Yon: I heard that you've sent your message to Hogae's army.

DD: Yes, I did.

Yon: You ordered them to come back immediately.

DD: Yes.

Yon: He is now winning victory after victory.
It is not easy to stop in such circumstance.

DD: I also think so.

Yon: I heard that, you would define his army as rebels if they don't come. I must have received a wrong information, haven't I?

DD: Your information if correct.

Yon: Your Majesty!

DD: Yes, I expect Hogae to disobey my order and become a rebel.

Yon: Are you going to kill him?

DD: I will go to Georan as soon as everything is prepared.
I am planning to bring small number of soldiers with me, and make friends with people there while I go through Georan.

Yon: Did you say that you are going to make friends? At the pIace where Hogae fighted gory battles?

DD: Isn't it possible?
I am going to tell them that I am after the rebels and ask them to help me.
I think they will feel glad that I came.
What do you think about it?


* Suzini and Cheoro

Suzini: Do you know what? There is a thing that even the king cannot do.
What shall I do? Shall I go and do it secretly?
No, he might get angry and never meet me again.

I don't remember, but I had a father and a mother.
Father. Mother.

Listen. I drank liquor from I was seven years old, but I never got drunken.
I realized since then, that there is nothing done if you just keep thinking.
Let's do it and think after that, huh?


* Shrine

The Priest is not recovered, yet. Kiha and Saryang is discussing about the symbol of Cheongryong.

17 years ago, when the symbol of Cheongryong was stabbed into the child's heart, it exploded vigorously.
Everyone thought that the child died, and the symbol disappeared.
But the symbol appeared at Kwan Mi Sung, and the person who threw the spear at Yon'w house was the castellan of Kwan Mi Sung.
Kiha wants to meet him.

Then, a disciple comes in and tells Kiha that Suzini came to meet her.

* Shrine

Suzni and Cheoro refused to put their weapons down.
As Kiha wanted to meet them, she lets them in with their weapons.


Suzini: I have a question about your symbol.
Did you steal it from the "Hae" family of Baekje?

Kiha: "Hae" family of Baekje?

Suzini: The house where the light of Joojak appeared when the star shined.
Someone killed all the family and stole the symbol.
It was you Hwacheons, wasn't it?

Kiha: Saryang.
Was that what happened? Is the symbol of Joojak from the "Hae" family of Baekje?

Saryang: Yes, it is.

Kiha: So, was that so important for you?

Suzini: It is important, because I am the daughter of that family.
So, it must be your group who killed my parents and set fire on my house.

Kiha: Parents... House....

Suzini: You also killed the king and the oracle, and now you are standing here as the oracle of Koguryo.

Kiha: The oracle is not bound by the rules of human.

Suzini: I know. Even the king said he cannot punish you.
I'm sorry that I don't care that you are the oracle.
I just want the price for the death of my parents.

[NEWS] 'TWSSG' BYJ, inured spine…last broadcasting is on December 5

Reposted from Quilt, translated by Joanne

Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
'TWSSG' BYJ, inured spine…last broadcasting is on December 5
[DIP Communication]11/16/07 10:54:34

'Is BYJ a King of Jyusin in his real life?"

It was belatedly known that BYJ, appearing in MBC drama 'TWSSG', had
sustained serious injuries on cervical spine and ligament in shoulder
following an injury in his finger.

However, BYJ is devoting himself entirely in acting tolerating pain with
pain killers only in order to meet last moment filming schedule.
The accident occurred while filminf a scene of fighting against
Hwacheonhwoi entering Yeon Garyeo's mansion after Damdeok and his crew
found red jade, that was aired in 17th episode.

Because of mishandling of wire control, an opposite actor who were hanging
in the air fell on BYJ's neck.

BYJ, feeling severe pain to the extent he was not able to lift his head,
was transported to a hospital, and got a diagnoses of 'expulsion of
interspinal plate (?disc) in cervical spine' and 'contusion on a ligament'
in shoulder.
Although the hospital recommended immediate admission to the hospital and
surgery, BYj could not help but to return to filming site due to drama

Although he is in condition of having a difficulty in holding up a prop
sword at this time, he is working on filming barely tolerating pain with
administration of analgegics several times a day and taping therapy only.
BYJ's agency BOF told, "We are very much anxious about the situation where
he cannot receive proper treatment despite grave injury," and "as soon as
the filming cranks up, we will pour all effort in Mr. BYJ's treatment and
recovery with hospitalization and surgery as the utmost priority."

Drama 'TWSSG' has its last airing ahead of it on coming December 5 and is
currently filming going back and forth filming sites in entire nation.

Reported by Kim Jeongtae,
Copyright (c) DIPCommunication,


Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
BYJ , seriously injured on spine...forcing himself into filming 'TWG'
getting shot of pain killer despite advice for surgery



Hallyu star BYJ sustained such a serious injury on his spine that it needs
surgery while filming MBC blockbuster drama 'TWSSG'.

However, BYJ, without informing this to its producing crew, is forcing
himself filming of the 'TWSSG' where he is appearing as main character,
Damdeok, while getting pain killer shots.

According to BYJ's agency, BOF, BYJ suffered an accident of colliding with
a stuntman who was coming down from above, while filming in 'TWSSG' set in
Jeju Island in early November.

Although BYJ continued filming without showing any particular signs right
after the accident, he complained of pain since then, so that he underwent
examination in a hospital.

A BOF staff told, "BYJ got a diagnosis from the hospital that spinal nerve
were damaged, " and "A doctor told that situation was for him to be
admitted to the hospital immediately and have a surgery, and he would know
how much never damage he sustained only after direct visualization of the
injured area."

Followiing that, this staff added, "Because he cannot continue filming of
the 'TWSSG' if he is operated on, he is in a condition of filming getting
injection of pain killers, " and "He is filming without informing news of
his injury because that would make production crew and other cast worry."

BYJ also sustained serious injury of severing a ligament in index finger in
hir right hand as he was hit by a sword from opposite actor while he was
filming the 'TWSSG' on past October 24.

Reported by Kim Eungoo,
Copyright ⓒ Edaily SPN

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