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TWSSG Episode 16

* Habook plain, Camp of Hogae Army

Kiha tells Hogae to find the symbol of Baekho, and to take all the land in between.
She also tells Hogae to come back to Gooknaesung with the symbol, and become the king of Jyooshin.

* Kwan Mi Sung, Baekje

Bason is encouraging the workers of the blacksmith.
Dalbee comes and tells her that the people of Baekje are pouring in the fortress to flee from the expected battle.

* One of Baekje's Fort

People who opened the gate of the forts for Koguryo army were surprised on the news that Koguryo army will return home. They came to ask that Koguryo should protect them from the returning Baekje army and that Koguryo is now responsible for their safety.
Heukgae tells them his son Dalgoo is the person in charge and runs away.

* A leader of Sheewoo tribe and a Koguryo officer.

The Baekje army will arrive here in two days. It is said that they are over 10 thousands. We have no choice but to stay in this fortress and defend.
The Sheewoo tribal leader asks why aren't the reinforcements coming even their King is here.

* Court Office

Peddler reports that the worker of Bason's blacksmith were captured by Hwacheon and managed to run away, and that Bason was the daughter of a famous blacksmith who lived in Heuksoo Malgal village.

Geomul: It was the village that the symbol of Baekho appeared on the day the star appeared.

Peddler: Bason's father was a famous blacksmith, and her family had kept the symbol of Baekho for generations. Her brother ran north with the symbol.

GenK: Why didn't she tell it to the king?
She followed him all the way here, and why didn't she inform him to go to Georan?
She could have met her brother and found the symbol of Baekho. Why?

* Damdeok, recalling the dialogue with Bason

Bason: The oracle declared that the one who brings the symbols would be the real king. Did she say so?

DD: Yes, she did.

Bason: Then why? Don't you have to go find the symbols?
I don't understand. Why are you going to Kwan Mi Sung to help Hogae?

DD: There is something more important.

Bason: What is it?

DD: The soldiers who left with Hogae are all my soldiers. I am in charge to make them return safe and sound.

Bason: What if you know where the symbol is? Will you still go to Kwan Mi Sung?

DD: Bason. You worked as a blacksmith in Gooknaesung for over a decade, right?

Bason: It's been 17 years.

DD: You must have friends among the soldiers.

Bason: I think most of them would know me, and I know most of them.

DD: There must be soldiers you know among the ones who left with Hogae.

Bason: Yes, there are plenty.

DD: You must know their parents, children, and wives.

Bason: Of course.

DD: Those soldiers could all die.
Let me ask you a question. What will you do if you are in my position?

Hyn: What did she answer?

DD: She answered that she would go to Kwan Mi Sung first. She said that there is something to tell me after that.

Hyn: Bason came to tell you about the symbol that night, to ask you to go to Georan and find her brother Booldol and the symbol of Baekho.

Hyn: Where is the young man?

Peddler: He is waiting outside.

Hyn: Bring him in. I have things to ask him.

Peddler: Where is he?
He disappeared.

* Blacksmith

The young man appears at the blacksmith and tells Bason that her brother has come to meet her.
Bason and Dalbee runs out to find her brother.
The young man tells Bason that he is sorry and then disappears.
Strange men kidnap Bason and Dalbee.

DD: Send the Royal Guardians. We must find them before they leave the fort.

* Kwan Mi Sung

Joomoochi: I heard that no one could find them.

DD: Soldiers searched all the wagons and carriages, but couldn't find them.

Joomoochi: Let me go. I will bring just 100 Sheewoo men with me and rescue Bason and the quartermaster.

DD: Go with General Heukgae.
There are tribes who used to trade with Jeolnoboo.
I expect that Heukgae could prevent unnecessary conflict.

Heukgae: Your majesty, I will go after them, and once she is likely to fall in Hogae's hand, I will kill her to keep the secret of Baekho's symbol.

DD: She is the one who saves my soldiers. You should not harm her.

Heukgae: Yes, sir.

Heukgae and Joomoochi tried to go out of the fort with their men, but failed because there were so many people who were rushing in the fortress.

* Office

DD: Beekje's army arrived at Hogang Sung, you said.

Hyn: They were near Hanseong when Hogae attacked Baekje. After Hogae headed to Georan, they started to move toward here.

DD: How many are they?

Hyn: They are tens of thousands.

DD: How long will it take them to arrive here? t

Hyn: It would take less than two days if they hurry.
The soldiers are in commotion, and people are worried, too.

* Joomoochi and his man

A Shiwoo man is telling Joomoochi that it is not appropriate to go out to find Bason because a large number of enemy are approaching.

* Office

GenK: The vanguard of Baekje has arrived at Hogangsung.

DD: How many ?

GenK: They are about 5 thousand.
The main troops are coming from three directions. I think they will sum up to 30 thousand.

Officer: I think we can stand for about a month if we stay here inside Kwan Mi Sung.

Heukgae: What a plan! Is this what you deliberately devised?

Officer: We have only three thousand soldiers. Among them, several hundreds are wounded. It is you who disobeyed the king's order and brought us into this.

Heukgae: What? We captured this fort. What do you think about that?

Officer: Do you think you made it possible? It was the king ...

DD: Baekje's Army will not come.
Baekje's Army will not come to Kwan Mi Sung.
The King of Baekje, Jinsa, took the throne that was supposed to be his nephew Ashin's.
Except for Hanseong, Ashin has more supporters in Baekje.
They are now competing fiercely to seize power.
Their military force is about the same, and that balance could be broken if one side loses thousands of their soldiers.
Who's army is out there at Hogang Sung?

GenK: It is prince Ashin's.

DD: Then Jinsa Wang will not send reinforcements.

GenK: But they lost KwanMi Sung, which has vital strategic importance to Baekje.

DD: Yes, they did, but the pain of the people are not seen to those whose eyes are covered with greediness.
Jinsang wants Ashin to lose his army in a battle with me.
Then he could become a more powerful king.
He won't send any reinforcements, and if there is no reinforcements, Ashin will go back to Hanseong, too.

GenK: On the other hand, if Ashin knows that we have only three thousand soldiers, he would think that it is worth attacking Kwan Mi Sung.
More people might support him if he wins the king of Koguryo.

DD: I've already arranged that with what I'd learned from you a long time ago.
They don't know how many we are. I just added a little more.

* Outside Kwan Mi Sung

Dalgoo is giving instructions to Baekje soldiers - dressed as commoners - who opened the gate for Koguryo.
He told them to tell other Baekje soldiers that: there are over 10 thousand soldiers in Kwan Mi Sung; 20 thousand Koguryo soldiers are on their way here; and another 20 thousand are now attacking Georan.
That will make Baekje army return without fighting, which will be good for both side.


DD: Tell the people and soldiers.
There will be no battle. They will be able to return to their homeland soon.

* Bason and Dalbee

* Blacksmith

As Bason is absent, the work at the blacksmith is entirely stopped.

* Joomoochi and Damdeok

Joomoochi: I thought I would go without telling you again, but I didn't feel good to leave like that.
I'm going to rescue Bason. I was supposed to leave earlier, but there were too many refugees coming in through the gate.
I will bring 100 men with me. Bye.

DD: I don't know yet.
I don't know whether Baekje troops will go back as I've guessed, or will attack Kwan Mi Sung.

Joomloochi: Didn't you speak as if you are sure of that!

DD: Because I am the king.

Joomoochi: What?

DD: I can't fight like a monster - like the castellan of Kwan Mi Sung did.
However, I am the king.
As I am the king, I cannot tell them that I couldn't find out the way that we could win.

Joomoochi: But no one knows whether we will win or not.
We have our soldiers, and there are soldiers of Kwan Mi Sung, so...

DD: I've sent them away.

Joomoochi: What did you do?

DD: They were soldiers of Baekje till this morning.
Would they want to fight against Baekje with us?
I sent them to other forts and ordered them to protect people there.

Joomoochi: Do you mean you let them go?
With all their weapons and armors?
They could help Baekje with that.

DD: Their castellan, their general, and their family are here.

Joomoochi: Do you mean you are holding them as hostages?

DD: As a king, I have to deceive people and threaten people. I must be good at that. On top of that, I must ask you, as my friend, to stay with me, so that you can die with me.

Joomoochi: The difficult part is to live together, not to die together.
By the way, any news about him?

DD: About whom?

Joomoochi: The castellan. I must have a match with him once more.

* Suzini, walking in the forest

Szn: Now I guess I know.
You received order from Mr. Gushigi, didn't you?
'Follow her and watch her if she makes trouble'
Didn't he tell you so?
I'm going over there to take a bath.
Follow me if you want to watch me. You must come close!
What's the use of watching me? It would only make you thirstier.
Am I wrong?
Watch my clothes so that no one could take it away.

Szn: Does it make sense?
The king, not just an ordinary king, but the king of great Koguryo, alone, - don't think about Master and Joomoochi who were of no help.
He came to rescue me alone!
Does that make sense?

I can't say thank him directly... because he would say that it was not what he intended to do. hmmm....
'Oi, oi! Do you think I'm crazy? Why should I rescue you?
I went there to meet the castellan to take over Kwan Mi Sung.'

Maybe I am crazy.
Bason-unni and Dalbee unni are kidnapped,
and I can't stop thinking of him again... and again... and again... ah.,

Let's go. The king must not be asleep yet.
I must help him wear his armor.
It's not easy. One should help him put on the armor like this.
One should tie it up like this. One should turn him around like this..
It's not easy. Not anyone can do it.

* Kwan Mi Sung, at night

Everyone in the fort are all armed and waiting for the possible attack.
Hyongo is trying to draw out the power of Hyonmoo from his crane.
He is imagining of water pouring out from the crane so that it could sweep away the enemy. There is still no sign of movement of the enemy.

* The sun has risen at last.
Boorum-sae has arrived. Dalgoo returned, too.

Dalgoo: They left!
They are moving toward south. I saw with my own eyes. They were riding ships to return to Eastern Baekje.

Heukgae: Your majesty, did you hear?
Kwan Mi Sung is now ours!

Soldiers: Baekje is retreating!!!

* Hwacheon, the Priest and Kiha

The Priest asked Kiha to come to Hwacheon's secret house.
Kiha now has power to expel powerful people from their posts, and to arrest people that she thinks is not good for the shrine.
Kiha told the Priest to send messages to her instead of calling her to come.
Kiha also told him that she would follow his suggestions only if she thinks it is compatible with her will.
The Priest tells Kiha that Damdeok has found the symbol of Cheongryong and captured Kwan Mi Sung, and that it is important to pIace Hogae's people at powerful positions.

* Kwan Mi Sung, Baekje

Hyongo gives instructions to his people about the plan to move to Georan territory.
The scholar-like Geomul person came and teld Hyongo that the king decided to go to Gooknaesung instead of Georan.

* Cheoro's room

DD: Do you still don't know where he is? I want to meet him before I leave this pIace.

Gageun: I am sorrry.
I've tried my best to find him, but I have no idea where he is.

DD: You said that your lord has lived with that bark all around him for most of his life.

Gageun: Yes, he did.

DD: If I were him, I wouldn't want to come back, either.
If he comes back, tell him that I am waiting for him.
I don't want to tie him up again in any form. Tell him to visit me at any time he wants.

Szn: Can't he fight well now? I mean your lord of the tree.
He was very strong with the symbol in him, like a monster.
Can't he fight like that any more?

Gageun: Even before he was stabbed with the symbol, he was good at spearmanship.
He won't have the power of Cheongryong any more, but he would be still better than other soldiers. Not like a monster, though.

Szn: Tell him that I will wait for him. I will wait for the day to have a match with him...his spear and my archery. The loser will have to buy a drink... till we get drunk as an owl.

Gageun: Taewang is going to Gooknaesung.

Cheoro: I am going, too.

Gageun: Did you make your mind to serve him as your lord?

Cheoro: I want to watch him from close distance before I decide whether he is my lord or not.

* Office, Hyongo runs in.

Hyongo: Your majesty.

DD: You will get exhausted if you run in this hot weather.

Hyn: You shouldn't go to Gooknaesung now.
The symbol of Baekho is in Georan.
We must go there and find Bason and her brother...

DD: Why didn't you tell me?

Hyn: I am telling you now. We should go find Bason and her brother before Hogae finds them out.

DD: I heard that she became the oracle.
It is she who sent Hogae to Georan and put Yon's followers at influential positions, isn't it?

Hyn: I was going to tell you, but...

DD: Were you going to hide it from me?

Hyn: No, how on earth can I do so?

DD: I am going to Gooknaesung.

Hyn: Are you going there to meet that woman? Are you giving up the symbol of Baekho?

* Damddeok, recalling what the previous oracle told him.

Oracle: Can you see this life line here?
According to this, I must live a long life.
I must tell you... if a new oracle takes my position before the end of this year, be careful of that new oracle. She will become your enemy.

DD: I already have a symbol here. Take it and study how we can use it.

* Gooknaesung, Koguryo

Chojoodo brings the news that Damdeok and his army will arrive within three days, and that Damdeok found the symbol of Cheongryong.
Yon Garyo is surprised, but the Priest of Hwacheon tells Yon that certain conditions should be met before the symbols wake up.
To Yon Garyo who doesn't trust him much, the Priest starts to explain.

First, the symbol, the guard of the symbol, and the king should be at the same pIace.
Second, as the power of the symbols are ceiled by Hwanwoong, certain emotions are needed to release their powers.

The symbol of Joojak needs passion.
Joojak's passion for the King of Jyooshin is needed to wake up the symbol.
Hyonmoo needs anger. The deep anger of the King of Jyooshin will wake it up.
Cheongryong needs cold mercy, and Baekho needs pure courage.
That is what is written on the secret record.
They agree that they will never let Damdeok come inside Gooknaesung.


* PaIace

Tribal leaders are confused. They ask Yon Garyo why should they stop the king from returning to his own paIace. Kiha appears and tells them that it was ordered by the heaven.

'The heaven is concerned because the king's army has shed too much blood. The king should come to the shrine alone and unarmed, and pay for the blood that was shed by his army. Only after that his soldiers will be allowed to enter Gooknaesung.

* Yon Garyo and the Priest

The Priest suggests Yon Garyo to send messengers to fortresses between the border and Gooknaesung to open the way to Bookwi army (a country that was located at northern side of China) so that they can come to Gooknaesung to attack the King's army.

Yon Garyo is surprised with the Priest's plan because Bookwi was Koguryo's enemy. He asks if Hwacheon was the spy of Bookwi.
The Priest tells Yon Garyo that Bookwi is just one of the countries that the Hwacheon has controlled behind the scene.
The Priest claimed that Hwacheon suppressed the power of countries that is likely to become too strong while helping weak countries - to prevent a single country that could threat Jyooshin for the past two thousand years.

Now 15 thousand of Bookwi soldiers are after Damdeok's army.
The Priest and Kiha convince Yon to get rid of Damdeok and wait for Hogae who will bring the symbol of Baekho.

* Boosan(富山), Georan territory.

Hogae asks Bason where her brother is hiding.
He brought all the blacksmiths in that area in front of Bason.
While pointing each man, Hogae asks Bason if there is her brother among them.
He kills them one by one until Bason tells him about her brother.

Dalbee cries out, asking why Hogae has changed so much.

Bason tells Hogae where her brother is hiding.
It will take two or three days for Hogae and his soldiers to reach there.
Hogae decides to go there with only several thousands of soldiers.

* Yon Garyo's house

Yon Garyo tries to convince other tribal leaders to stop Damdeok from coming into Gooknaesung.
Most of their private soldiers are sent to help Hogae and only a few left with them.
They are afraid because they disobeyed Damdeok's order and didn't send Hogae's army to Kwan Mi Sung, and also because they tried to kill Damdeok when Damdeok was a prince.

Yon Garyo asks them to open the way to Bookwi army to attack the king's army.
Tribal leaders get angry and tries to attack Yon Garyo.
Yon Garyo steps back.
"Is this what you want? I am a servant of Koguryo, too. Jyooshin has no meaning to me if Koguryo doesn't exist."