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[Photo & VOD] Old&New 2002.10.11 Autographing Session / The Making of CM

[Photo]2002.10.11 Old&New 마산사인회 fan 직찍사진들

Source: YouTube by ginnie23

[Trans] TWSSG Episode 13

Episode 13 Part 1

You can find more of episodes 13 from here:

Repost from Quilt (translated by suehan) / VOD by kyokasyo

[ * I translated to help you understand the drama, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to use it as subtitles. It could violate the copy right and the sales of the drama. Please be careful.]


* Hogae and his army

Messenger delivers the order of the king.
The king is sending the Gaema army, and orders not to start battle unless they arrive.

The adjutant generals are angry that the order is not reasonable from their viewpoint. They think that they should attack as soon as possible before Baekje is fully prepared.

Messenger sends one more message from Yon Garyeo that Kiha is coming with the Gaema army as the guardian deity.

* The King’s chambers.

Heungae: It is the biggest warship of the Jeolo tribe. It can carry about 50 soldiers and we have about 30 of it. Compared to us, the warship of Baekje is the battleship type and it can carry hundreds of soldiers. That ship is mostly used for commerce. It’s not very useful for battle.

Damdeok: What about this?

Heukgae: Why is it here? You don’t need to look at this. It looks like a cargo ship and I can say that it is more advanced than a raft. It can carry lots of goods, but it’s slow. It just floats on the water rather than creating its own speed and it doesn’t move if the water doesn’t flow.

Damdeok: This is it. This is the one I want.

Heukgae: Excuse me? You said that you want a ship for battle. Are you sure you want this ship?

Damdeok: How many do you have?

Heukgae: Ah. This isn’t the ship for battle. If we use this when we face against the naval forces of Baekje, then..

Damdeok: How many soldiers and horses can this ship carry? We have to move 3,000 soldiers and 4,000 horses. Do you think it will be possible?

Hyeongo: There are about 4,000 soldiers and 5,300 horses. Unexpectedly, more people are joining as Joomoochi calls.

* The gathering of Siwoo tribe

Siiwoo tribes, who have hardship after they left their homes, are gathering as Joomoochi calls. Joomoochi says“Thank you for surviving and gathering,” and tells them to follow him.

* Blacksmith

Bason discuses the efficiency of the new weapons.
She says that she made them with the finest iron and with all her skill.
Only her arrow can penetrate her armor and shield.
[There was an explanation in the 12th episode were it indicates that Bason’s arrows can go one and a half further than any other arrows.]

Damdeok: How many do you have, now? We have to leave soon.

Bason: How soon do you need them? Because our time and high positions, time like yours are different from ours.

Damdeok: Don’t you have a date yet (to depart)?

Hyeongo: Not tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow, but the day after.

Damdeok: He said after three days.

Bason: I knew it! I knew you would suddenly show up at night, smack my head and demand the weapons. You drive me crazy!

Joomoochi: He is the King of Kokuryo. You, Siwoo tribes don’t you know how to greet him?

Siwoo tribe: Our young chief said that “the King of Kokuryo would recover our land”. We, Siwoo tribes fought against ten thousands of Baekje soldiers until the end. Don’t try to deceive us to make us the servants of Kokuryo. If you want to do so, please tell us now.

Joomoochi: Oh, lord.

Damdeok: Joomoochi.

Damdeok: I don’t think you’re the chief. Because they don’t believe you.

Joomoochi: Same with you. Right? Your nobles believe your words just like the dog down the street. hahaha..

Joomoochi: You shouldn’t have started it.

Damdeok: Do they usually wear that?

Joomoochi: Would you like to have it? Do you want me to tell them to kill one and make one for you?

Damdeok: Are they going to obey your order?

Suzinee: Aren’t we going to have a party? Let’s have some drinks and cook the meats.

Damdeok: General Ko!

General Ko: Yes, Imperial Majesty.

Damdeok: They look like they’re starving.

General Ko: All right, Imperial Majesty.


* Geomool Village

Hyeongo’s briefing.

Baekje is divided into East and West and Gwanmi Fort is located in the middle.
If we can have Gwanmi Fort, then we can have their workers and skills. It’s like we have all the sea because they have the biggest shipyard. All other countries want to have Gwanmi Fort, but it’s just a pie in the sky because it's an unreachable.
It’s impossible to attack at the same time no matter how many soldiers we bring along because there is only one path to Gwanmi Fort. And the castellan of Gwanmi has become more fearful.

He became the castellan when he turned 10 years old and always went to war by himself. He has never captured all his enemies and those who have approached him closely were killed. He becomes the killing ghost when the war begins.

Damdeok: I want to acquire the Gwanmi Fort.

Siwoo tribe: Chief! Then, is this the first combat we have to face? Are we fighting against the ghost?

Joomoochi: Why? Are you scared?

Damdeok: We can’t obtain Gwanmi Fort by ourselves. Hogae and his army went to the mainland of Baekje, but they will join us soon. Until then, we have to prepare the battle ground. That’s our first goal for now. Now, it’s ready.

* The shrine

not let other people know. Because we have to deceive our people first to deceive our opponents.

* Front yard of the palacce

Jo Joodo: Are you suddenly going to go hunting? What’s going on?

Damdeok: I’ll go hunting for a while. Please take care of the national affairs even if I come back a little late.

Yeon Garyeo: I don’t think it’s the right time, Imperial Majesty. Our central armies went to get Baekje now. How come you, Imperial Majesty..

Damdeok: That’s why I’m going to go hunting. It’s said that the hunters saw the white deer in the Youngsoo Mountain. I want to catch them and use them for an offering when we pray to God for the luck of the war. It’s said that the white deer shows the sign of the matter of congratulation of the country God sent, isn’t it? I’ll catch them alive, please look forward to it. You’re in Kuknaeseong, so I trust you. I’m leaving.

Yeon Garyeo: Imperial Majesty..


* Hyeongo’s briefing.

There are two ways to get to Gwanmi Fort.
By the land – We have to pass about 30 castles. More than 50,000 soldiers and 3 months are needed to defeat them.

Second – by the sea
A naval battle is not necessary. We’ll flow on the river secretly and land in front of Gwanmi Fort. There are ten castles from here to Gwanmi Fort.

Damdeok: We’ll occupy these ten castles within twenty days. I believe everyone has enough training for it.

General Ko: The security army’s training is perfect.

Joomoochi: We, Siwoo tribes, are ready since we started to walk.


* Yosoo River in Jeollo Tribe

Bason: Distributing new armors. She is lining up the soldiers by size.

Dalbee: She took the quartermaster position and is working hard.

Damdeok: Are you new quartermaster?

Dalbee: Yes. I’m Dalbee, quartermaster, Imperial Majesty.

Damdeok: I have a favor to ask of you. The winning or losing of this war is on your shoulder. So, please take care of your shoulder.

Joomoochi: Where are the ships that will secretly take us to the center of Baekje?

Soldiers: It’s coming~~!


* Yeon’s house

Damdeok’s secretary is coming to Yeon to deliver his order.
He says that Damdeok is heading to Baekje to cut back-ups for Hogae.
He doesn’t inform Yeon about the route and destination because it’s a secret.
Yeon Garyeo was surprised when he heard that Damdeok went for the war without discussion with the ministries.


* Hwacheon

Yeongaryeo blames the leader of Hwacheon about his insufficient information.
“Didn’t you say that you’re going to be our eyes, ears, and brain?”

Saryang reports that Damdeok moved to the West with the securities and Siwoo tribes.
Siwoo tribes have been known as the braves, but they got lost due to the frame-ups of Baekje, Malgal, and other tribes about 10 years ago.

The leader of Hwacheon doesn’t believe Damdeok’s message to go face the Baekje back-ups, because Damdeok is heading towards the Jeollo tribe’s side.
He guesses that the King went to the Jeollo tribe to make a friendship, not to fight against Baekje. He adds that Damdeok won’t be able to fight in the war with only a few thousand soldiers. He advises him to send the messages to all the leaders of the tribes and not to believe Damdeok’s message.

Yeongaryeo: The King, Damdeok.. I’ve seen him for long time. He is not an easy mark. I don’t know what he is hiding in his mind.


* Back-ups for Baekje Seokhyeon Frot were sent to the war.

* Hogae’s army.

* Damdeok’s army

General Ko: It’s said that 40,000 soldiers of Yeon are moving slowly than were expected. Thanks to that, it is said that Baekje is sending all the soldiers to the borders.

Geomool: It’s said that Baekje’s castles are nearby Yosoo river and are sending back-ups. Because they think that here won’t be attacked.

Heukgae: We’re passing around here. With this speed, I think we will be able to arrive at Baekje’s territory tonight. Where are we going to land?

Damdeok: We’ll keep going.

Heukgae: Here is the territory of Baekje.

Damdeok: You said that our ships can’t be used for the battle at all.
Then, who will notice the cargo-ships? We’ll keep going.
We’ll wait until tomorrow when the sea’s waves ebb and land.

Heukgae: Imperial Majesty, It’s right in front of Seukhyeon Fort in Baekje. Seokhyeon Fort is the biggest castle in the east of Gwanmi and the west of Yoha.

Damdeok: That’s why I want to occupy it first. If we attack the small castle first, then it makes the larger castles prepare for war. It causes havoc for us. The security army and Siwoo army will attack Seokhyeon Fort.

Heukgae: Do you just want me to stay in the ship? Do you want our Jeollo tribe not to fight against it?

Damdeok: Please just pretend to attack Gwanmi Fort.

Heukgae: Pretend? Pretend to fight, not fight against them?

Damdeok: Please pretend to make Gwanmi Fort so that they won’t send any more back-ups until we join you.

Heukgae: Oh, Do we fight after that?

Damdeok: Don’t fight. We shouldn’t disclose our small numbers. Just make back-ups of Baekje, the ones who went to the east, be surprised.

Joomoochi: Then, Do you mean our four thousand troops should fight against castles in Baekje, Gwanmi Fort and back-ups who come back?

Damdeok: No, we won’t. We’re going to run away when back-ups approach.
We have the best cavalrymen and the lightest armors. We don’t have any problems running away, do we?

Heukgae: Then, we lure them, and bring the back-ups who went to attack Hogae, run away like the scared dogs, and make Hogae’s army win. You mean the guy who killed the previous King and my son?

Damdeok: Just choose one of two. Who do you want to fight against? Baekje or Hogae?

Heukgae: Imperial Majesty, Everyone sees the world through his own eyes. Do you think Hegae understands your intention? Do you think he would kneel when bowing?

Damdeok: He doesn’t know that?

Heongo: My disciples of Geomool village will meet Hogae tomorrow.
I’ll try to make him show courtesy even if he doesn’t bow. Maybe he doesn’t know that.


* The camp of Hogae’s army at the border of Baekje

The disciple of Geomool comes to meet Hogae.
Hogae is very sensitive and is waiting for the patron saint of the Joojak and Gaema’s army.

Hyeongong (the disciple of Geomool village) delivers the King’s order.
Its contents are; “The person who has this document will convey my order.”

It can’t be written on paper and he conveys the King’s order verbally because it’s a secret. He says that Damdeok plans to attack Seokhyeon Fort in Baekje. He’ll pass Yoha, invade Baekje, and attack Gwanmi Fort.

Hogae has received information that Damdeok left Kuknaeseong for hunting and moved towards Jeollo’s tribe.

Hyeongong further says that Damdeok tries to stop the back-ups of West Baekje and attacks Baekje when most of Baekje returns.

Hogae doesn’t believe him. He orders his soldier to confine Hyeongong to make him confess the truth.


* Hwacheon

It’s a mess to prepare for Kiha’s departure.
The leader of Hwacheon says that he’ll stay because he has to watch the situation of Kuknaeseong. He says that Kiha’s power is getting stronger and her fire power alone can defeat about 40,000 soldiers.

“Who is the real King of Jyooshin?” Kiha asks. The leader says that Hwacheon needs the boy who has the blood, not the King. He says that Hwacheon needs only the blood and can have power if Hwacheon has the blood and the four symbols.

Kiha asks what he would do if there is another person who has the blood of Jyooshin. He answers that the King of Jyooshin brings chaos to Hwacheon, so he should be killed when he’s not worth keeping.


* Kuknaeseong

Gaema’s army and Kiha depart.

* In the forest

Kiha disappears and goes near the cliff of the mountain.

Saryang finds her and asks her to stay away from the cliff.

Kiha thinks Damdeok betrayed her because he didn’t ask her whether the rumor is true or not and he tried to kill her. She says that she never wanted to be an owner of Joojak nor a mother of the earth. She wanted only one thing, just him and she wondered whether it was a sin? She says that Hwacheon is the same as Damdeok. They try to take advantage of her, and will abandon her like him.

Saryang asks whether her baby will die as she dies.

Kiha: The baby will eventually be used just like me. I don’t want to see that happen.

Saryang: Use me, Kiha. Use this world, him, or Hwacheon. Do whatever you want and throw it all away if it doesn’t work. You can then protect your baby, do you understand?

Kiha: Does the baby want to be born? Does the baby want to enter this miserable world? I don’t like this world. How about you, baby?


* In the ship heading towards Yoha river
Damdeok is suffering from the nightmare.


* on the deck

Joomoochi looks for Dalbee. She gives a present, Bason’s good charcoal, to him.
Dalbee adjusts Joomoochi’s shoes and wishes him a safe return.
Joomoochi says that he’ll send the Siwoo tribes to protect the quartermaster team.


* on the deck of another ship

Suzinee : Are you O.K.? What kind of dream made that ruckus? Did you dream of him?

Damdeok: It’s strange..

Suzinee: What?

Damdeok: I cannot remember the image, or the voice. I heard something in my dream but I cannot remember what it was.

Suzinee: Ah~~(Yarn) Is tomorrow the first day of the war? I figure that I should have a good night’s sleep that will keep me in good condition for the morning. I might doze during the fight, well, I=d better go back to sleep.

Damdeok: Suznee

Suzinee: Yes.

* the room inside of ship

Suzinee: Do you want me to put your armor on you?

Damdeok: Don=t you know how to handle armor?

Suzinee: I will bring someone who knows actually knows.

Damdeok: Please try it by yourself. Are the disciples of Geomoo leaving first?

Suzinee: They will.

Damdeok: Keep staying. If you follow them, you will just cause troubles, why don=t you stick to me?

Suzinee: Am I a bedbug? Stick to you?

Damdeok: Why don’t you just say yes obediently for once? The person before you is the king.

Suzinee: O.K.

Damdeok gave a bottle of perfume to Suzinee.

Ssuzinee: What is it?

Damdeok: Be quite.

Suzinee: Okay.

Damdeok: My mother left it behind. Don’t ever lose it and bring it back? Don’t interfere into anything or wander about, bring it back safe and sound. Did you get it?

Suzinee: Okay.

* An operational meeting

Damdeok: Remember three things. First, we never fight against our enemies with spears or swords. Our weapon of choice for this war is fear. We will be the most fearful army under the heavens; people will recall us as the fearful Jyooshin Gaema Army.

Second, victory depends on speed. We must destroy three castles within 7 days, and take over 10 enemies’ castles within 20 days.

The final thing to remember is not to die. I don’t need anyone who risks his life, so survive and stay with me. That’s the order from your king.

* Sukhyeon Fort in Baekje

First, the disciples of the Geomool village have landed and have gained entrance inside the castle. They pretended as if they were monks from a foreign country.

* at the ocean in front of Seokhyun Fort in Baekje

* Seokhyeon Fort in Baekje

The castellan was perturbed by a sudden attack of Kokuryo, and sent a messenger for back-ups.

* the inside of the Seokhyeon Fort’s gate

The disciples of Geomool village opened the gate.

Soldier: The gate is opened.

Damdeok: The Siwoo Unit, breaks through the gate of the Seokhyeon Fort in record time. General Ko’s Army’s mission is to prevent the Siwoo Unit from stopping. Remember. Do not fight. It is simply enough to just leave Kokuryo’s flag. The first unit’s mission is to firmly plant fear into the minds of the soldiers.
Siwoo unit, don’t stop and run. Get far ahead of the messenger who left Seokhyeon Fort. You must arrive first at Okcheon Fort.

[Photo] Koma-Jinja Shrine 高麗神社

Koma-Jinja Shrine

In716, 1,799 people of Koguryo (or Koma), who had fled from the attack of Silla in Korean peninsula and had resided around Kanto area, were gathered to live around this area (Hidaka City, Saitama today), a new district made for them named Koma-gun. King Yakkwang of the royal family of Koguryo who lead people there was given a title of King from the Imperial Court of Japan, and became the head of the local government. Yakkwang spread the advanced technology of Koguryo and worked for development of Industry. Koma Shrine was built after Yakkwang's death to dedicate to the memory of him, a man of virtue.


Source: byjgallery by azuna

BYJ Updates on 27/10/07 by lcktour

안면도 용준님 촬영 소식(10월27일) 관리자님 글
Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:52
Source:byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's translator machine

本日のヨンジュンさんは、朝6:30 撮影現場に到着しました。

The weather of this place is warm comfortably today.
Today, Yong Joon arrived at the filming spot at 6:30 a.m.
He went to the filming spot from a making bus at 9:40.
The clothes were black top and bottom.

14:00 ヨンジュンさんは、お昼休憩を取りました。

Temperature rises from the early afternoon and is very comfortable.
It is very ideal day for filming.
Yong Joon took the taking a lunch break rest at 14:00.
Now, preparing the next filming scene.
Now, it is filming the five retainers/servants by the horizontal mountain path of the making bus.

[Captures] 25.10 MBC TWSSG Episode 13 - Various

Source: byjgallery by zeze / posoku's blog

[Captures] Brokore Announcement 26.10.07

Source: Brokore / Makishi's Toy Box

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[BOF/JOB Notice] Regarding BYJ's Injury

Japanese to English translation by tomato99 & posted in Quilt.

Title: regarding media news on BYJ’s injury (translation of BOF Notice)
Name: administrator
Date: 2007/10/26 17:55:00


Greetings, dear family.

Today, we understand that many of our family members are concerned
about Bae Yong Joon after reading the article that he has been hurt.
On 24th, Bae Yong Joon has cut the ligament in his finger with a sword during shooting of action scene.
The shooting was suspended and luckily he has received emergency treatment and headed right way to the hospital to receive the full treatment.

It may be difficult for a while, but he is currently joining the scheduled shooting.
We ask for your support for Bae Yong Joon so that he could do his best for the shooting till the end.
We will do our best with him, so that he will be able attend the shooting as scheduled.

We sincerely send our appreciation for your concern and support for the drama TWSSG.
It is change of the season, please do take care of yourselves.

BYJ Updates on Oct 26, 07 by taiousisinki & lcktour

나주 용준님 촬영 소식(10월26일) 관리자님 글
2007-10-26 11:57am
source:byjgallery miemi /translated by xiaoyi's translator machine


Today, filming is performed in Naju of the mainland from the morning.
Yong Joon arrived at the filming spot for the overall whole filming preparations before half past 11
Upon his arrival, the family who waited for him stand up,
and they heard abt his injury and asking him how was he doing.
He answered them that he's fine in Japanese
Such a cheerful smile.
It is a really tight schedule!
I hope the good work to be completed smoothly.
Tomorrow is at Anmyeongdo, is it a moving day after tomorrow? I think....

======================================================== 관리자님 글
Fri OCT 26, 2007 13:37pm
source:byjgallery miemi /translated by xiaoyi's translator machine



The weather of this place is warm and is comfortable.
Yong Joon got off a making bus today at 13:00 and got into a car and left for the filming spot.
As for the clothes, he's wearing black top and bottom, the hairstyle were ponytail. He said hello to all of the families from the car.

[Captures] 25.10 MBC TWSSG Episode 13 - P5

Source: byjgallery by zeze