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[Trans] TWSSG Episode 11

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[I translated to help you understand the drama, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to use it as subtitles. It could violate the copy right and the sales of the drama. Please be careful.]

TWSSG Episode 11

* Shrine
Tribal leaders gathered at the shrine to make judgment about the recent event.
The prince and Julnoboo kidnapped the sons of the tribal leaders and threatened the king to abdicate the Throne in favor of Damdeok.
The king announced abdication, but the tribal leaders opposed the king's will.
The kidnapped sons were murdered, and prince Damdeok was found with them.
A leader of the royal guards assassinated the king, stole the sacred Choomoo sword, and gave it to the prince.


Damdeok: Yes, You are right.
I did receive this sacred Choomoo sword.
Her name was Kakdan. Please honor her.
She guarded the king until she died. She risked her life to obey the King's order.
She was loyal and brave.
Damdeok, the one who became crown prince by the will of the heaven and my ancestors, is here to follow the call from the heaven.

Yon: Stop.
Criminal Damdeok and his followers should hand over all their armors.
Kneel down in front of the king's body and wait for the punishment of the heaven.

Hogae: I will keep the sword.
I, Hogae, is a descendant of the heaven. I will keep the sword.

Damdeok: I have a question. Did you do all this by yourself?

H: Why did you come back? You shouldn't have come.

Damdeok: Is it you who planned all this?
Did you deceive the tribal leaders, kill my father, and accuse me of all this?

H: You cannot leave this placce alive.
Did you come even if you know that?

Yon: What is the shrine for? How come the oracle is doing nothing even the criminal came on his own feet?

Damdeok: I felt like applauding at you for what you did if this is your work.
I could admit that you deserve to rule this country.
Such a smart and courageous man would deserve it.

H: Is that why you came here, to hand over this country to me? It's too late.
You should have run away if you wanted to live - instead of coming here with this sword.

Damdeok: I have a question to the oracle.

Oracle: The guardian of the heaven's word is listening.

Damdeok: I've heard that this meeting is held to find out the criminal who assassinated the king.

Oracle: Yes, it is.

Damdeok: There was one more person at the Taeshil at the moment the king was killed.

Oracle: Yes, there was. A guardian who witnessed the murder came to the shrine and told me.
That guardian was killed soon after that.

Damdeok: Did the guardian tell you who else was there?

Oracle: Yes, she did.
The guardian told me that this woman who claims herself as Joojak was there.

Damdeok: Would you ask her why did she kill my father?

Oracle: She claims herself as the guardian of Joojak.
The guardians are sent by the heaven, and I have to obey the heaven's will.
I am not allowed to ask her any questions, your highness.

H: Wait a moment.
Even if you are spoiled by being raised in the palacce, you are a man of Koguryo.
How can you accuse a weak woman of your crime?
Don't you have any pride?

Damdeok: Which one are you?
Are you a weak woman, or the guardian of Joojak?

K: I will answer... if you ask directly to me.

* Hogae requests the oracle to judge the prince with the Gauri sword.
Yon Garyo argues that the oracle must conduct the Gauri test when four tribal leaders request for the test. The tribal leaders and other attendants ask for the test.

Oracle: The Gauri test is a test to ask the judgement of the heaven by stabbing the suspect's heart with a sword
If one is guilty, one shall die. If one is not guilty, one shall not die.
However, only the king or the royal family can conduct the test.

H: I will do that.
I will conduct the test with this sacred Choomoo sword, would it be sufficient?

* People ask for the test.

Sz: Are you all mad?
Can any one of you survive if your hearts are stabbed with that knife?
Master, let's leave this placce with the prince. They are all mad!

Damdeok: There are people who think I am the king of Jyooshin.

Oracle: And I am one of them.

Damdeok: But I'm not sure of that.

Oracle: Your Highness.

Damdeok: I myself want to ask the heaven.

Oracle: Nobody has ever survived the test.

Damdeok: I want to know whether Heaven really exists, whether the heaven knows who I am.

Oracle: Did you come here in dispair? Did you come hear to die after your father?

Damdeok: How come the oracle doesn't have faith?
If Jyooshin is Heaven's kingdom, a king of that kingdom cannot die with heaven's sword.

Damdeok: I, Damdeok, will receive the Gawoori test.


Damdeok: Did you do this to my father, too?

K: I thought that you would trust me.

Damdeok: Did my father also die like this, because he trusted you?

K: I won't let you go alone. I will go with you.


Oracle: The heaven has given it's answer.
Prince Damdeok is not guilty. The heaven has answered with it's sacred Gawoori sword.


* Notice of the shrine
The symbol of Hyonmoo and Joojak has awaken, but the guards of the two symbols nominated different men as their kings.
The one who finds the remaining two symbols, the one who is admitted by the guardians of the symbols shall also be admitted as our king.
Until then, prince Damdeok will rule Koguryo temporarily as the king.

* Recall
King S: Is this child the one?

OJJ: Yes, his name is Damdeok.

King S: Child.

Damdeok: Yes, your majesty.

King S: Your father and I deeply trust in you.
Become the king of Jyooshin and rebuild the kingdom of Jyooshin.
Don't forget this.

Damdeok: Do you mean me?

King S: Find out the four symbols and find out its guardians.
Make them protect you and lead your way. Promise me.

Damdeok: Yes, I promise.


Damdeok: From the beginning, I was asked to become the king of Jyooshin, not Koguryo.

Sz: You must become a king of Koguryo before you become the king of Jyooshin.

Damdeok: Do you know what it is like to become a king?

Sz: To become a king... isn't it good?
No one can treat me badly, not even the master! haha..


King K: My son, first of all, I think you must survive.
You are still young, and I don't have power strong enough to protect you.
So don't stand out. .....

Damdeok: What do you mean?

King K: Don't let anyone notice that you are outstanding.
Don't reveal that you are faster and braver than others.
Don't reveal that you are wiser and nicer than others.
Make everybody think you are idle, and then forget about you.

King K: My role is to prepare you to become king. That is the reason I live.
It became clearer when I became king, I don't fit in this title at all.

Damdeok: I will become a king that worths its title. Please protect me father.


Damdeok: Geomulchon.

H: Yes, sir.

Damdeok: You told me that your group have been waiting for the king for a long time.

H: We've been waiting for over a thousand years.

Damdeok: Then you must know a lot about king.

H: Yes, sir.

Damdeok: Teach me. How can I become a good king?

H: Do you mean a good king, not an ordinary king?

Damdeok: I am ready to learn.


* Blacksmith

Peddler tells Bason that the prince survived the Gawoori test, and the sacred Choomoo sword has broken into dust.
Bason doesn't pay attention to the fact that the prince has been stabbed into his heart and survived. She is panicked by the fact that Choomoo sword has broken into dust.


* Yon's house

Yon Garyo claims that Damdeok has made a trick again by using a fake Choomoo sword.
All tribal leaders are listening to him, but Jeok Hwan, the leader of Gaema Army warns the leaders to behave themselves because Damdeok is proved innocent and is the new king of Koguryo.


* Hwacheon

Priest: Now I understand why you gave your heart to him.
Long time ago, our shaman, gave her heart to him, too, and she lost everything.
Do not resist.
I am going to erase your emotion towards him. You won't feel pain any more...

Saryang: What was that?

Priest:: Something is there inside Kiha-nim.


* Blacksmith

Dalbee asks Joomoochi to teach her how to fight.
Joomoochi tells her to learn how to walk properly beforehand.
Young noble men come to Joomoochi and ask him to help them fight for the Yons.
They offered a good payment worth more than Joomoochi's annual income.
Joomoochi refuses.


* Palacce, briefing room.

Hyongo informs Damdeok of news inside and outside Koguryo.
- People think that Damdeok deceived the leaders again.
- Over ten thousand men volunteered to fight for the Yons.
- Jinsungwang, the king of Baekjae who had stolen the throne from his nephew Ashin is losing power. Western part of Baekje is trying to make Ashin the king.

- The Royal Guards decided not to take part until General Kho returns.
- The Gaema Army is likely to be on the Yons' side.
Jeokhwan, the leader of Gaema Army is from Gyeruboo(a tribe that belongs to Yon).

* Hyonko finds out that the newly transformed handle of Choomoo sword is identical to the drawing on the ancient scroll titled "Heavenly Bow".


Secretary: Your Majesty. He came back. He came back at last.

Gen K: Your servant Kho Woo Choong has no regret even if he dies, as he sees the king safe and sound.

Damdeok: Welcome back. I've been waiting for you.

GenK: There is some one who came with me.

Heukgae: I am Heukgae, the leader of Julnoboo.

Damdeok: I am Damdeok, who made your son die.

Heukgae: I've heard that my son has died to save your life.

Damdeok: Yes, he did.

Heukgae: I've heard that you are now a temporary king of Koguryo, and you are competing with Hogae to become the king of Jyooshin.
Yons' house is full of soldiers who are volunteering to fight, while you are here in this room, reading papers with that stinking monks.

Damdeok: As of yesterday, the number of Yon's soldiers reached 19 thousand.
I have less than 8 thousand, including Royal Guards, Gaema Army, and Central Army.

Heukgae: Are you considering of becoming the king of Jyooshin anyway?

Damdeok: Yes, I am. That is the way to pay back the deaths of your son and other Julno soldiers.

Damdeok: Are you OK now? I...

Dalgoo: You don't have to say a word. Jakeundol and Soedooroo must know everything.


* Notice of Yon
A tournament will be held.
The winner and other seven strongest men will become leaders of Hogae's army.


* Yon's house

The priest is here with Kiha because Kiha is unconscious for several days.
She is refusing to wake up. The priest is here to see if Hogae could wake her up.


* Blacksmith

A household of the Yons came to ask Bason to work for them. Bason refuses that offer.

Bason: Sir, are you looking for something? I'll bring someone else to help you....

Hyongo: How have you been?

Bason: Oh?

Hyongo: This is the one (that I've told you).

Bason: Who is he?

GenK: You are in front of the king. Lower your head.

Bason: What? King?

Damdeok: I've heard that you are the best blacksmith in Gooknaesung.
Won't you stand up?
It is me who came to ask you a favor.
I think I will have to start a war in near future.
Can you help me to make my soldiers get less wounded?
Hyongo told me that you would know about that.

Bason: So, you mean you want a better thing to protect your soldiers, not a better weapon?

Damdeok: Can you help me?


* Bason introduces her collection of armors

First one is made of leather. It is good for archers to move their arms freely, but arrow can penetrate it.

Second one is made of steel. Arrow cannot penetrate it, but soldiers who wears that armor need help to ride horses.

The third one is used in western world.
The soldiers need two servants to help them ride horses.
They cannot use swords. They can only use spears.
If one falls down from the horse, they cannot even stand up easily... like a turtle.

Damdeok: Is this made of steel? It looks very light.

Bason: Um... I made it.

Bason: Now, this is an armor that I've made.
This armor weighs less than half of the ones used by the Gaema Army.
I will show you how strong this is.
Shoot me.


* Kiha's room in Yon's house

Hogae: When will you wake up?
Open your eyes and look at me.
I am planning to start a long journey to become your king.
I want you to stay with me and watch me.
I think I could do really well if you are with me.

* Kiha, morning sickness


* Blacksmith

Joomoochi: Bason, I'm back.

Hyn: It's him. He is the strongest soldier in Koguryo.
But people don't know their real strength. Horse riding is bred in their bones.
Some even say that they are born on the horses.
If they have good horses, they can easily run 500 Rhee(1 Rhee is about 0.4km) within a night. .

Damdeok: Are you Joomoochi?
I am Damdeok. I became a king of Koguryo several days ago.

GenK: Don't you know how to honor your lord?

Damdeok: This warrior is a leader of a Malgal clan.
You cannot force him to obey.

Joomoochi: We don't work in three conditions.
We do not assassinate. We do no attack women, children, and old people. We do not work for a person we don't like.

Damdeok: What about me?

Joomoochi: I don't like you.

Damdeok: It's not good.... I don't have much time.
Shall I wait till you like me?


GenK: The leaders are asking for the assembly of J-meeting [Jegahweyi, 제가회의, a meeting of representatives of every tribes that belong to Koguryo, I guess. It must be something like a senate.] to approve the advance of Hogae's Army.

Damdeok: It's not the time yet. We don't know how Hooyon and Sunbi(?) will respond.
Most of all, we don't know whether Shilla will support us.

Hyn: We should warn them about that, but it won't be easy.

GenK: What about not approving the J-meeting?

Hyn: That is not possible. J-meeting is originally a meeting organized by the tribes, not the king.

* Dalbee comes to Joomoochi and says goodbye.
She says she is leaving to help the king.
Dalbee's change of attitude made Joomoochi to give Damdeok a chance.


Joomoochi: King, are you good at fighting?

Damdeok: Do you mean you want to fight with me?

Joomoochi: I cant serve you as a client as I don't like you.
I can't serve you as a vassal because I don't belong to you.
If you win me with your force, I could help you for about a year.

Damdeok: I heard that you can pull out the horn of a bull with bare hand, and you are the best ax fighter.... I don't think I can win.

Joomoochi: Will you fight instead?

Damdeok: If genderal Kho wins, you will obey him, not me.

Joomoochi: All right then.

Damdeok: Thirty blows. I will defend thirty blows of your ax.
Accept me if I don't die till then.

Joomoochi: I don't think you will stand a couple of blows.

Damdeok: Then ten blows.

Joomoochi: OK, ten.

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제주 용준님 촬영 소식(10월20일) 관리자님 글
Sat OCT 20, 2007 8:54 am
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8:54 am

Good morning
At 8:22am, Yong Joon in black cap, black coloured black charcoal sunglasses, he's in a jacket such as a thin red parka of red training suit went for filming
He waved to around 70 families cheerfully and departed
It is said that there are 4~5 students from the neighboring junior high which became the fan after watching television.
Please have a good day today.

[VOD} Achasan峨嵯山 "BYJ Rock" becomes a topic

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[Captures] TWSSG Puzzle - Brokore

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[News] Star Ranking - 'TWSSG' BYJ in first place for 2 weeks

polaris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home / tranlsated by Joanne on Quilt

[Star Ranking] 'TWSSG' BYJ in first place for 2 weeks
[Sports Chosun]

'Yon-sama' BYJ is enjoying unshakable popularity.

BYJ, main character in 'TWSSG'(MBC) is keeping the first place for 2 weeks in Star Ranking 'Male Talent' section which Sports Chosun polls every week.

BYJ is showing off popularity fittingly to 'Grand King' by receiving support from 24.6% as total of 2619 netizens participated in the voting.

It is gathering interest if BYJ, capturing women's hearts with tender charisma in the 'TWSG', will be able to write 'mythology' one more time in his outing to a drama in a long time.


Oh Kwangrok in the 'TWSSG' is in the 3rd place (17.3%) with unique voice and acting......Omit......


Reported by Kim Sora,
Copyright (c) Sports Chosun

[Info] Brokore Announcement 19.10.07 - TWSSG CD

CD that contained Damdeok's voice of some popular TWSSG lines

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2007-10-19 21:26


Good evening!
When it is night time, the wind is slightly cold.
Today, the filming team started early in the morning, filming was performed in the main set,
but there wasn't the filming of Yong Joon today.
I think that he'll be filming again tomorrow.
I think that the filming in Jeju may get longer than expectation.
Everyone, pls enjoy your weekend.

[Capture] BYJ JOB Newsletter - 19.10.07

[스크랩] [BYJ通信]BYJ通信 臨時号外 (2007年10月19日発行号)
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[동영상] 태왕사신기 ost 천년연가 天年戀歌(동방신기)

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