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[Photo] Megane Ichiba - New CM Capture 13.10.2007

[Photo]眼鏡市場渋谷店 New CM Capture
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[Trans & VOD] TWSSG Episode 9

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Repost from Quilt / translated by suehan

* I translated to help you understand the drama, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to use it as subtitles. It could violate the copy right and the sales of the drama. Please be careful.

[Episode 9]

* The leader of Hwacheon talked to Yeongaryo and said that Taeja was heading towards Daejaseong and the soldiers of the three tribes were confronting with the soldiers of the kingdom. Yeongaryo was wondering what Hwacheon, how he would benefit when his son became the King. The Leader of Hwachon answered, that he just is doing what he is supposed to do.

* Kakdan said that she would take the King and the disciple of Cheonjishindang to the Taesil and order the soldiers to guard them.

* Kakdan took the King to the Taesil and said to him that Taesil is room only for someone related by blood to the King and the person was delivering the words of God could go inside.

Soldier of Kakdan: Danjoo!

Kakdan: What?

Soldier of Kakdan: You’re bleeding.

King: I know you, an old friend of my son.

King: You cured me when my body was decomposed by poison.

King: You came here again to rescue me.

Kiha: Yes. That’s why I came here and I want to protect you by all means. I’ll take you to the outside of kingdom.

King: Do I go out? Do I go out from the kingdom?

Kiha: Taeja is waiting for you. We’re going to meet.

King: Did he say like that? Did he ask you to take me where he is at? Did he ask you to run away with us?

Kiha: Not, that. It was not his idea. They want not only Taeja but you as well. You can’t stay here, Imperial Majesty.

King: Do I have to run away to survive?

Kiha: I wish you do that. I hope you live comfortably away from this kingdom.

King: Go far and live comfortably?

Kiha: This kingdom, Kuknaeseong is not the kingdom for you to stay. It’s unclean here, Imperial Majesty. I’ll take both of you far away.

King: I wish I could do that too. I was happy when I saw both of you.
I want both of you to go far away and live peacefully somewhere else.

Kiha: Not much time left. We have to leave the kingdom before dawn.

King: Look at this. It’s the sword of King Choomo. It has been hundreds of years, but the blade of the sword is still shining. Isn’t this amazing?

Kiha: The soldiers outside are not the regular soldiers. Please hurry.

King: Can you see that vase?

King: King Yuri had brought it here from Booyeo. Madam Yuhwa made it herself. Can you bring it here?

King: I’m sorry. My son was born when the star of King Jyooshin enlightened, we can’t prevent him from becoming the King.

Kiha: Why are you doing this, Imperial Majesty?

King: My son, Damdeok can’t run away. He can’t do that, so you have stay far away from him. I’m sorry.

Kakdan: Excuse me.

King: Give this sword to my son.

Kakdan: Excuse me?

King: King Choomo’s sword….. to Taeja.

King: Tell him to become the King if he wants avenge my death. Make sure you tell him that.

Kakdan: Imperial Majesty, Imperial Majesty.

Kakdan: Who asked you to do this? Tell me.
Okay. Don’t tell me whom. I’ll ask your soul after you die!

Leader of Hwacheon: Let’s go.

Kiha: It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me.

Leader of Hwacheon: You have completed very difficult work.

Kiha: It wasn’t me.

* Kakdan said that she had to go to Taeja to deliver what the King told her.

* Hyeongo told Suzinee to stay away from them because the people of Geomool Village were not supposed to involve politics.

* Suzinee and Hyeongo were taking Kakdan to Daejaseong where Taeja was.

Damdeok: I’m Taeja, Damdeok. I’m pursued by the enemies. Open the gate!

Shoedooroo: Did you hear him? Open the gate!

Castellan: Down below, Did you say you’re Taeja?

Damdeok: Open the gate first, and then you can confirm it.

Castellan: Put down all your weapons.

Castellan: Then tell your people to put down their weapons as well.

Damdeok: Did you hear me? I’m the prince of this country?

Castellan: I’m a castellan; please tell them to throw the weapons far away.

Dalgoo: What’s going on here? Isn’t this castle on our side? What are they doing?

Shoedooroo: We’re the soldiers of Kokuryo. Don’t you know that we take our weapons even when we go into a coffin? What is your nationality?

Jakeundol: Taeja.

Follower of Hwacheon: I’m Joodo from Guearoo Jo’s family. The signed proclamation between Cheonjishindang and the four leaders of the tribes was delivered to everyone today. It says that whoever finds you, should take your weapon away and bring you to Shindang in Kuknaeseong. The castellan of Daejaseong is just obeying the order. Do you now understand?

Shoedooroo: They’re lining up not so far from here.

Damdeok: All you get down from your horse!

Damdeok: Use your horse as a shield.

Damdeok: The King gave me this arrow when I was thirteen.

Damdeok: Are you still fearful of me? Open the gate!

Follower of Hwacheon: Please don’t try deceiving us anymore. I don’t believe that just your men and you came here today. Did you bring all those soldiers behind you? Are you going to deceive the castellan, and to take over the castle?

Castellan: First defense line of Daejaseong, Ready!

Hogae: It’s saying that my father is the wisest person of Kokuryo, and he has already occupied Daejaseong. A wise person is supposed to be the King rather than a man predicted by an astronomer, isn’t it?

Hogae’s soldier: The defense line of Daejaseong already were ready to fire. What do you want to do? Do you want to wait until they come out?

Hogae: No. I started this because I don’t want to wait any longer.

Castellan: Did they hit him?

Follower of Hwacheon: Don’t fall for that, castellan.

Black armies: Taeja.. Taeja..

Castellan: What’s going on?

Follower of Hwacheon: I was saying..

Castellan: Didn’t you say that they’re on same side.

* Suzinee and Hyeongo are taking injured Kakdan to Daejaseong where Damdeok is.

* General Ko saw the messenger and ordered his soldiers to stop him.

Damdeok: Let’s end it here.

Hogae: What is it that you want to end?

Damdeok: Just kill me and go back.

Hogae: It seems like it is already too late.

Shoedooroo: What are you doing? Why are you talking to a rebel?

Hogae: They saw my face. I don’t think they will remain silent, so I have to make take care of it.

Damdeok:; Hogae of the Yeons.

Hogae: Talk. I’m listening. You, Damdeok, killed my mother.

Damdeok: Do it then. Avenge your mother.

Damdeok: If you’re a soldier of Kokuryo, fight on your own. Why don’t you fight one to one.

Shoedooroo: Taeja.

Damdeok: Stay there. Did you forget that you offered your life to me?

Hogae: It’s my fight. Stay away from us!

Shoedooroo: Taeja.

* Suzinee and Hyeongo are watching the fight between Damdeok and Hogae. Kakdan is driving the cart by herself, Suzinee got on it, but Hyeongo left behind.

Kakdan: A rebel, Hogae, stop it!

Suzinee: Stop it!

Suzinee: Can you tell them to stop it? This arrow has poison on it. I tremble when I’m scared.

Damdeok: Why are you here? What about the kingdom?

Kakdan: I, Kakdan delivered the last words of the King.

Damdeok: Last words?

Kakdan: It’s a sword of King Choomo. He told me to give this sword to you and deliver his last words.

Damdeok: I asked you about what the last words are.

Kakdan: He said right before he passed away that you should be the King of Jyooshin.

Damdeok: Did you say my father has died? Who? My father?

Kakdan: He was pursued by the enemies all night long and went into Taesil. He was with the disciple of Shindang.

Kakdan: The disciple killed him.

Damdeok: The disciple did it?

Kakdan: The King trusted her, but she killed him. Her name was Kiha.

Damdeok: It can’t be true.

Kakdan: I clearly saw her killing the King with this sword.

Damdeok: Who asked you tell the lie?

Kakdan: I delivered that you should be the King. Did you hear me?

Kakdan: If so, I’ve done my mission.

Damdeok: Kakdan!

[The symbol of Hyeonmoo will wake up when the King of Jyooshin is as angry as his heart burns. Time will stop. But there is still someone awake. He is the King of Jyooshin.]

Hyeongo: I’m Hyeongo, the 72nd leader of Geomool Village. Hyeonmoo is the first of four symbols, who has the responsibility to find the King. I had the symbol of Hyeonmoo for two thousands years. The four symbols are Hyeonmoo, Joojak (Red Bird), Cheongryong (Blue Dragon), and Baekho (White Tiger),

Hyeongo: I found you, the King of Jyooshin, and I greet you in the name of the Geomool village that has Hyeonmoo..

* General Ko and his soldiers are heading to Daejaseong.

* General Ko arrived at Daejaseong and are wondering about Taeja’s whereabouts.

Dalgoo: He is gone. He was gone when we woke up. He disappeared like the wind.

Castellan: It has happened in a blink of an eye. It was dazzling, so I just closed and opened my eyes once. He has lined up these dead bodies and wrote down these words. You should have seen the light. Please tell me that the light wasn’t of the Heaven. I should have opened the gate for the King of Jyooshin.

Follower of Hwacheon: Can’t you read these words from the ancient times? Loyal vassal died after they saved the King of Jyooshin. Am I correct?

* Joomoochi is teasing Bason that she can eat even after she was suffering all night because she saw the men who had killed her father.

* Bason persuades Dalbee to eat to survive even though her husband got killed.

* Jojoodo (Follower of Hwacheon) is telling to Yeongaryo and the leader of Hwacheon about what he saw at Daejaseong. Yeongaryo is treatening him to be remained in silent.

* Two men are talking about the rumor and believe that Taeja is the one who killed the sons of tribes and even his father.

Hyeongo: We’re here. We’ had a symbol and waited for the King since Hwanwoong had sealed the symbols two thousands years ago.

Hyeongo: Salute the King.

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촬영 소식(10월13일) 관리자님 글
Sat Oct 13, 2007
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Filming of Jeju begins on Monday and is going to continue for at least more than one week.
Please enjoy your weekend. 관리자님 글
2007-10-13 16:33
Source:byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's translation machine


The filming crew/team arrived at Jeju today at around 14:30.

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[Captures] Brokore Announcement - TWSSG Votive Picture

[BROKORE]태왕사신기 공식 사진집-BROKORE특전 제일탄!「太王四神記絵馬」

Only available on Brokore / Order by Nov 7, 2007

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[VOD] MBC TWSSG Episode 10 Preview

[스크랩] [VOD]MBC 太王四神記 予告예고 10

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[Info] Rating for MBC TWSSG Episode 9 (11/10)


2. 특별기획드라마<태왕사신기> MBC 28.2
(全國~2. 太王四神記 MBC 28.2%)
Nationwide MBC TWSSG 28.2%

1. 특별기획드라마<태왕사신기> MBC 29.3
(首爾地區~1. 太王四神記 MBC 29.3%)
Seoul Area MBC TWSSG 29.3%

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[Info] 'TWSSG' OST will be issued! (DVD is added!)

Vivarijuni posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home. / Translated by Joanne on Quilt

[Information] 'TWSSG' OST will be issued! (DVD is added!)
Scheduled to be sold from October 17!

The most talked about and the most expected drama, and meeting with the best music 'TWSSG OST'

*This is a speicial edition, which is 3-folded high class digipack in DVD size and which has large sized booklet including 16 pages of major scenes in the drama including "BYJ"!!

Since its broadcasting began, inquiries about when OST service start are flooding in radio programs and internet music sites. Along with luxurious casting of BYJ, Moon Sori, Park Sangwon, Choi Minsoo, etc., never heard of before and after level of production cost known as 43 billion won, brilliant CG that offered cause for dispute from early on, there are continuous inquiries, asking whose on the earth works are the majestic musics that are used in the drama. Grand sound that we have not be able to feel fron previous Korean dramas, and various arrangement is worth creating lots of curiosity about whose musics are those.

Music by Hisaishi Jo, Song by Dongbangsinki

Hisaishi Jo, great master in Japanese cinematic music, is in charge of music for the 'TWSSG'. Hisaishi Jo is a great master in cinematic music, who has been in charge of Miyazaki Hayao's animations like 'Moving Castle of Howl' , 'Lost Sen and Chihiro' 'Mononoke Hime', etc. and cinema musics in 'Summer in Kikkujiro'. 'Hanabi', etc. He is a figure who is already very famous among music fans. Although this is the first time when musics by Hisaishi Jo are used in Korean drama, there is dominating reactions from music fans that he is worth of his name after all.

Thousand Year Love Song, a song by Dongbangsinki

In addition to that, the 'Thousand Year Love Song(千年戀歌)', ending title in the 'TWSSG' is composed by Hisaishi Jo and added with song by Dongbangsinki. No wonder it is attracting interests from TV viewers as distinguished Hallyu stars of BYJ and Dongbangsinki and great master of Hisaishi Jo have met.

The 'TWSSG' music will get as hot reaction as the drama gets, won't it?


1. Opening
2. Holy Temple
3. Damdeok's theme (Main theme)
4. Suzini's theme (Lonliness)
5. Kiha's theme (Fateful encounter)
6. Fate
7. Hwacheonhwoi
8. Gods' war
9. Damdeok's theme (intrepidity)
10. Keomeul Villiage
11. Attack by Red Army
12. Solidarity
13. Victory
14. Permission
15. The time flies
16. Hopeless love
17. First Love
18. Suzini's Love (Piano Solo)
19. Thousand Year Love Song / Dongbangsinki

[DVD : Drama Music Video]

1. Thousand Year Love Song / Dongbangsinki
2. Damdeok's Theme


*Kyobo Book Warehouse*

* Interpark *

* YES 24 *

* Lee's Music *

[Trans] TWSSG Episode 8

Repost from Quilt, translated by suehan

[Episode 8]

Hogae: I heard that you’re not feeling well, are you all right? I was waiting for you. I was waiting for you all night long because I didn’t know when you were coming back. And I heard that you were brought here due to your bad condition. Are you okay now?

Kiha: I need a favor from you.

Hoage: Tell me. You, the owner of the Joojak, can ask me anything you want. Actually, I thought you might not come back again. I heard that you and Taeja (Damdeok) were friends since you were young. That’s right.

Kiha: He is not my friend. He is a greenae (lover) to me. I’ll miss him even when I die. It has been a while. Please find someone who can agree with Joojak better than me.

Hogae: Does that mean whoever can be the owner who can has this heart?

Kiha: I don’t think it’s me. Joojak or Jyooshin, either one is useless to me. It’s not dear to me. For these reasons, I don’t think the owner would be me.

Hogae: Then, Were you just saying words without any true meaning when you called me a King?

Kiha: Because I want to save him. I’ll do anything to save him. Please be a King, a King of Kokuryo, and a King of Jyooshin. Please send me to him. I’ll let him not meet you even though he is alive and hear about him.

Kiha: Sharyang, I need a favor from you.

Mandeuk: Ah, It hurts me.

Bason: Is this your bedroom? Do you want to destroy everything? Out!! Go out!

Soldier: Oh my god.

Bason: Hit me. Hit me. I’ll peel your back and crimp on it. Hit me. Hit me. Hit me.

* Saryang came to the blacksmith shop and wanted to hire the people. Joomoochi didn’t like to do it, but he changed his mind after Saryang said that the job is saving the innocent people who supposed to be killed at noon. Bason asked him whether the jail was in the Yeon’s.

Saryang: I asked them to destroy the jail within one hour and took Taeja (Damdeok) to a refugee camp to the Jeolroboo.

Kiha: Thanks. I won’t forget what you did for me today.

* Mandeuk looked around and reported the situation to Joomoochi. Joomoochi talked to him and said not to kill anyone, just to make them unconscious.

Hyeongo: Where is everyone?

Bason: Who is this man? You’re the master, who actually doesn’t do anything.

Hyeongo: Where is everyone? The mercenaries were crowded here.

Bason: Why do you, the useless master look for them?

Hyeongo: I need them. I brought money to hire them.

Candy salesman: Leader, I’ll do such thing from now on.

Hyeongo: Ah.

Candy Salesman: The highest person in this country will be in danger soon. That’s why a master.

Heongo: Where are you?

Bason: I did it. Because the master doesn’t do anything.

Hyeong: What were you saying?

Bason: They’re somewhere near your disciple. We’re going to meet Suzinee soon somewhere?

Hyeongo: You didn’t have money.

Bason: I was going to do that.

Byeongo: Did you pay it?

Bason: Jeolroboo sent someone with money. A bag of money.

Candy Salesman: Jeolroboo?

Bason: I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone.

Hyeongo: It’s a trap.

Candy salesman: Leader.

Bason: A trap?

Hwacheon Leader: Did you do it because it’s for Joojak?

* Saryang came to the jail and killed jalors before Joomoochi arrived.

Joomoochi: Hurry, get out.

Saryang: They’re escaping. Jeolrooboo is here.

Joomoochi: Let’s go. What am I doing this work for, so little money? I’m not gaining in this life.

Soldiers: You, Jeolroboo people, how dare you cross the wall!

Joomoochi: Would you have opened the wall if I had told you to do? Anyhow, I don’t want to kill you, move! Didn’t I say to you not to kill them?

Mandeuk: Yes?

Joomoochi: That order has withdrawn.

Suzinee: You, jerk caused a fire in front of me?

Joomoochi: Run! Mandeuk, I’ll see you outside.

Bason: Oh! Suzinee

Joomoochi: What are you doing? Get on! We don’t have time. Let’s go, Mandeuk.

* Hwacheon Leader found out that Kiha asked Saryang for help Taeja (Damdeok),
scolded her for that, and told her that Damdeok wouldn’t see the rising sun tomorrow.

Candy Salesman: The security is tight. East, West, South gates have been closed due to three tribes. Gaema armies are crowded in the alleys.

Hyeongo: What about North gate?

Candy Salesman: The guards of North gate were doubled, and Gaema Army will join them soon.
Joomoochi: Sis Bason is passing the Gate now.

Shoedooroo: Is he in the refugee camp in the west-north?

Joomoochi: It’s over the Daetimaroo, it takes less than one hour. You take Taeja (Damdeok) to Jeolroboo. That’s the end of my work. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Shoedooroo: Take a nap. Don’t talk while you sleep.

Candy Salesman: It’s strange. I think someone organized well to spread the rumor. Master! Speaking of escape, there are strange rumors that Heukgae brought the solders to destroy the jail. Such rumor is spreading in Kuknaesung.

Hyeongo: Is that right?

Candy Salesman: What do you think? Who is spreading such rumor?

Hyeongo: I have no idea. You should have told me about that before, why are you telling me now? Suzinee! Can you guess who did it? Where did she go?

Joomoochi: Where are you going?

Suzinee: None of your business.

Joomoochi: Becaue I and my followers would be in trouble if you get caught.

Suzinee: There is no one to catch me in this earth unless I get caught by the Gaema Armies.

Joomoochi: Are you on your way to meet Taeja?

Suzinee: I thought that you used the black thingyee (head) to eat, but you use it to think too.

Joomoochi: Anyhow, It might be dangerous if you go there alone. Stop over there!

Suzinee: I really don’t know what to do with him…

*The leaders of Soonro and Soroo tribes were talking about the kidnapping of their sons, and have gotten angry, they wanted to go the King to save them.

* Yeongareo has talked to them and said the King has done it, and can’t consider such person the King any more.

* General Ko said to the King that the gates of East, West, and South were opened, and several hundreds of soldiers were wounded. He urged the King to order the Gaema Army into battle. The King said that he doesn’t want the son of Kokuryo to get hurt.

Yeongaryo: Was it the outside of the West of Kuknaeseong? I stopped by there about 10 years ago. I remembered that the flowers of peach tree blossomed fully.
I’ll give you the a hundred lee (* lee is the measurement of the distance) of the field and mountains. Also I’ll give you enough servants as well. If you promise me, you will only stay there with Damdeok, you can spend a long time with him.

Can’t you do it? The soldiers of three tribes are surrounding the kingdom. I can’t control them once they get into the kingdom.

King Kokukyang: Minister Yeon! Do you know why I have stayed as King? I just want make Damdeok the King.

Yeongaryo: That’s why you used Cheonjishindang, to lie? You lied that Damdeok was born when the star of Jyooshin was shining.

King Kokukyang: Why do you think it’s a lie?

Yeongryo: I humbly can say to you this. I can understand since you are a father like me. But King Choomoseong has built this country and sixteen kings took care of Kokuryo. The people of Kokuryo have been waiting for the King of Jyooshin. Don’t be against the intention of Heaven (God). Don’t be greedy. I’m afraid that they might hurt you.

King Kokukyang: I’m not afraid of going to heaven. I’m afraid that my mission might not be accomplished. I’ll make Damdeok a King. That’s my role.

General Ko: Did you summon me?

King Kokuryang: You better leave the kingdom.

General Ko: Pardon me?

King Kokuyang: Please go with the security and look for Taeja (Damdeok).

General Ko: I already hired hounds to look for him.

King Kokukyang: Please go now. Take as many Guard Armies as you can. Just leave some here, so not to raise suspicion.

General Ko: I don’t understand, Imperial Majesty. May I ask for the reason?

King Kokukyang: You are the general of the army that guards and protects the King of Kokuryo, not me.

General Ko: Yes, Imperial Majesty.

King Kokukyang: It has been two thousand years since Jyooshin has been built and destroyed. Still, I don’t know whether Damdeok is the King or not, please protect Damdeok, if he is the King. Kill my son if he isn’t the King.

General Ko: Imperial Majesty.

King Kokukyang: The people will be miserable when there are two kings in this country.
Direct the soldiers as well as you can and protect your kingdom.

General Ko: I am at your command.

SangdangJoo! Armies 2 and 3 protect the King.

Kakdak: Yes.

General Ko: Did you understand what I said? You have armies 2 and 3.

* Bason passed the gate after she paid money to the guard. She remembered the guys wearing red clothes when her father had died and she talked to Joomoochi about them.

* The soldiers from Hwacheon were looking for Taeja and asked the woman who was holding her baby whether she saw him.

Jeokhwan: Are you the owner of Joojak? I heard that the owner of Joojak worships Hogae.

Hogae: Go to Taeja and tell him, “leave and don’t come back, because I can’t save him twice.”

Kiha: You have to be angry with me. I lied to you.

Damdeok: Kiha, don’t suffer because of me.

* Shoedooroo and his younger brother saw Taeja waiting with someone and was concerned that they had to move before the sun rises. They heard the horses’ steps.

Shoedooroo: It’s the horses’ steps.
In this secluded area.. They looked like tracers.

Dalgoo: Let’s fight with them. I’ll torture them.

Shoedooroo: There are a lot of them, at least 50.

Damdeok: There is only one way out. If we move together, we will be surrounded right away. Do you know the Horimolgi plan in Kyukkoo?

Jakeundol: One runs to the side with the ball, and the other waits at the net of the opponent.

Damdeok: I’ll catch the ball.

Shoedooroo: It’s too dangerous. How about the Hutggwi plan? We have a better chance with this plan.

Jakeundol: By running in different directions we could fake out the opponents by making it look like all of us have the ball..

Dalgoo: He knows that at least.

Shoedooroo: If you go to Jeolroboo, you will arrive tomorrow night.

Damdeok: I’m not going to go Jeokroboo.

Shoedooroo: Taeja!

Damdeok: I will go to Kuknaeseong.

Shoedooroo: Are you saying you are willing to die?

Damdeok: I have something to do. Go to Jeolroboo before you get in danger.

Shoedooroo: Taeja!

Dalgoo: Bro, let’s go to Jeolroboo. Actually, we have been in danger because of him.

Jakeundol: That’s right, so let’s go!

Dalgoo: It was our Kyukku game. Why was he involved? Why did he care whether we won or lost the game? Now we don’t have to see him again. When I think about the jail because of him, ahhhh

Suzinee: You’re such a loser. You, Jeolroboo don’t have any faith. Do you remember the incident you were attacked at Gaekjan? Yeonhegae did. Taeja played for you because you were bleeding after you were hit by the knife. What did you just say? You don’t need to see him any more? If I meet you again, I’m not a human being anymore.

* The follower of Yeongaryo talked to the leader of the Gwanro tribe about his sons’ whereabouts and lied by saying he was kidnapped by the King as he was in the small house of the kingdom. He got angry and summoned his soldiers to go to rescue his son.

Shoedooroo: It’s a trap, Taeja. Let’s leave.

The leader of Gwanro tribe: Oh, God.

Dalgoo: You misunderstood. We didn’t do this. We just got here.

The leader of the Gwanro tribe demanded silence. I’ll kill you, Taeja for revenge for killing my son. Attack him!

Shoedooroo: Taeja, please.

Candy Salesman: Suzinee, it’s me.

Shoedooroo: If they go to Kuknadseong, then they might cause the big problem. Even the King will get in danger.

Damdeok: Can you come back to Kuknaeseong with the soldiers of Jeolroboo tonight?

Shoedooroo: I need at least two days.

Damdeok: I’ll go to Kuknaeseong. An elite unit, prepared to conquer the North, is there.

Shoedooroo: I got it. Let’s go.

Damdeok: Suzinee.

Suzinee: Yes.

Damdeok: Can you go to Kuknaeseong? Let me know the news of Kuknaeseong, please.

Candy Salesman: They were rescued, but where are they going now? Where are you going?

Suzinee: I have important things to do, so I have to go to Kuknaeseong. Please let my master know. I’ll leave first.

* Leader of Hwacheon talked to Hogae that Damdeok was lucky enough to escape twice and he would create the chance for Hogae to kill Damdeok. He said that he would make Hogae the king of Kokuryo. He also said that it had been seventeen years since he had lost the chance to get all four symbols. He is wondering of Yeongaryo’s whereabout.

Kakdan: The leaders of the three tribes put the corpse of their son in front of Kuknaeseong and confronted the security.

* Kakdan and the other soldiers talked about the shortage of soldiers to protect the King.

* The leaders of the tribes demanded to see Damdeok for the sake of their sons.

* Damdeok is heading to the Daejaseong, but the soldiers of Daejaseong closed the gate.

Jakeundol: What’s going on here?

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