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[Trans] MBC TWSSG Part 7

Dear all, the following is translated by gaulsan (KOB / Quilt). Thanks gaulsan!


Hi sisters,
Here is the translation of part 7 of TWSSG.

* I translated to help you understand the drama, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to use it as subtitles. It could violate the copy right and the sales of the drama. Please be careful.
* From Part 4, I summarized the scenes in a couple of parts where YJ doesn't appear.
* I put one more 'c' in words that has 'lac(c)e' - because this board forbids that word. I don't know why.
* Words between '[' and ']' are mine, which I added for your understanding.
* I will not translate the reviews and previews.

* Below is the list of abbreviated names.
King K : Kogukyang Wang (King Kogukyang)
Dmdk : Damdeok
Hogae : Yon Hogae
Mr.Yon : Yon Karyo, father of Hogae.
Hyn : Hyon-go
Szni : Sujini
Kiha : Kiha
Hch : the senior priest of the Hwacheons
Kdn : Kakdan
GenK : General Kho, the guard of young Damdeok.
JH: Jeok Hwan, the leader of Gaema Corps


TWSSG Part 7

* Yon Garyo introduces Kiha to the tribal leaders.
Kiha shows the power of Joojak to them and declares that Hogae is the King.

* Geomul Village
Hyongo at Geomul village summons all the Geomul villagers.

When Soojini saw the Burum-sae, the messenger of Geomul village, she tries to break the jail, but fails.

* Geomul villagers gathered
- The fact that the symbol of Joojak has awaken, and declared Hogae as the king was discussed.
- Geomul villagers are confused, because they thought that Soojini was the guide of Joojak.
- They came to know that the Hwacheons were with the Yons, and there was another Joojak.
- Everyone who were kidnapped and were stigmatized by the Hwacheons becomes very violent and the person with the stigma cannot escape from the control of the Hwacheons
- Hyongo thinks that Kiha has the stigma of the Hwacheons.

* Kiha, tries but fails to remove her stigma.

* Taeshil

Kdn: Your highness, it's time to wake up.

Dmdk: I was just having a good dream.

Kdn: You have to leave here now. Your secretary is waiting for you.

Dmdk: Do you mean that the confinement is over?

Kdn: There will be a coronation held at noon.

Dmdk: What?

Kdn: It is your coronation. I will lead your way.

Dmdk: What are you doing? Why are you doing this, your majesty!?

King K: I confined you to make you behave well. How come your manner became worse?

Dmdk: What is the coronation about? To make me a king?
Don't do this. Let's make the king of Jyooshin become king.
Who knows if Hogae could really build the land of Jyooshin?
Let's make that happen, father.

King K: This belonged to your mother.
At the night that the star of Jyooshin appeared, she hid into the mountains alone.
She gave birth to you when the star was shining brightest.
That night was extraordinarily cold. She hid into the mountains in that cold weather when she was about to start labor.
After three days, she passed away in a hut in the mountains. On her request, I told people that the day she died was your birthday.

Dmdk: Why?

King K: Because I believe that you are the king of Jyooshin, and I had to protect you with all my might.
The priests from the shrine told me that there are people who want to kill you; to be careful and not to be noticed; and that it was the order from the heaven.

Dmdk: Mother hid into the mountain in such a cold night, to hide me.

King K: Yes.

Dmdk: She died there, to protect me.

King K: I am going to make you become king, the one whom your mother protected with her life, and today is the day.
Change your clothes and come to the shrine on time.

Dmdk: Father, there will be people who don't agree with my coronation, and there must be people who want to punish them. Then this country will be divided. Do you want that happen? Do you want me to become king over their blood?

* Kiha wakes up. She is confused.

Hogae: This is Hogae. I came to talk with you.

* The tribal leaders are at the palacce, refusing to attend the coronation.

Dmdk: Did the king inform it to the aristocratic class?

Kdn: Yes sir, messengers were sent last night.

Dmdk: Can you check how many of them are attending the coronation?

Kdn: Check who is coming?

Dmdk: A new king cannot be approved by the heaven unless all five tribes support the new king. Check it out right now.

Kdn: Yes, sir.

* Oracle went to the palacce to ask the leaders to come and attend the coronation.
Chojoodo claims that the king should release the kidnapped sons beforehand.
Yon Garyo heads to the shrine to convey the message to the king.

* Hogae came to discuss about the kidnap that his father and the Priest did.
Kiha thought that Hogae was involved, too.

Hogae: Is that what you think?
How can you recognize me as a king while you think like that?
Can Joojak serve the one she is scornful of?

Kiha: Did... I recognize you as a king?

Hogae: Don't do this. Don't look at me like this.
I am the one that was raised as a king. You shouldn't look at me like this.

Kiha: If I was wrong, thinking that you were involved, can you do me a favor?
Please let me out. Somebody is in danger.

Hogae: Can you tell me who it is?

Kiha: If I cannot protect him, I can't live.

Dmdk: The sons of the tribal leaders were kidnapped?

Kdn: Yes, sir.

Dmdk: People would think that the king ordered it.
What about the tribal leaders?

Kdn: They are demonstrating at the palacce.

Dmdk: Aren't they going to attend the coronation?

Kdn: They want their sons back first.

Sodliers: Stop!

Kiha: I have to meet the prince. It's urgent. I am Kiha, a priest.

* Hogae goes to the Hwacheons' residence.
Hogae disagrees with the way the Priest and his father are doing.
The Priest says, only the king and the prince will die, and other Koguryo people will be safe.

Dmdk: You mean that Yon Garyo kidnapped the sons of the tribal leaders, right?

Kiha: Yes, sir.

Dmdk: If the king insists on my coronation, Yon will kill them.

Kiha: Yes, he is very likely to do so.

Dmdk: Then a civil war will break out right away.

Dmdk: How many soldiers are protecting the king right now?

Kdn: All Guardian Armies except the third squad are at the shrine.

Dmdk: I am not going to the shrine.

Soldier: Your Highness!

Dmdk: Leader of the Third squad.

Kdn: Yes, your highness.

Dmdk: Go and send my message.
I am going out of this city. I will come back after everything is settled down.
Please ask the king not to put himself in danger.

Dmdk: You said your name is Kakdan. I have to ask a favor of you.

Kdn: Kakdan of the third squad, waits for your order.

Dmdk: Protect my father, the king.

Kdn: I am already ordered to protect you.

Dmdk: Instead of me, protect him as if you are his son.
I am asking you because I think you as my brother.

Dmdk: You said that you know where the kidnapped sons are?

* Jeok Hwan, the leader of Gaema Corps comes to guard the shrine.
The king orders Jeok Hwan to bring the tribal leaders to the shrine, but JeokHwan refuses - claiming that the army cannot forcefully manipulate the will of the heaven and the tribes.
The king asks Jeok Hwan to protect the prince instead.

* Yon tells the king that Jeolnoboo kidnapped the sons, and will hold the players of the black army as hostages.

JH: Jeok Hwan, the leader of the Gaema Corps came to guide you.

Dmdk: There is a placce to go together.

[ Jeok Hwan thinks of the light that Kiha as Joojak made the other night. He happened to see the scene at Yon's house. ]

* The news that the three tribes summoned thousands of their private soldiers to Gooknaesung arrived. The private soldiers will arrive in several hoursl. King ordered to close the gates of the capital.

Kiha: There is a small temple over there in that mountain. There are the sons of the tribal leaders. There must be at least a dozen of guards keeping them.

Dmdk: We should be careful or the sons could be injured.
We have to decide whether we should make a sudden attack or not.
I think we should reconnoiter first. Give me two soldiers.

JH: Your highness, there will be neither reconnoiter, nor a sudden attack.

Dmdk: What do you mean?

JH: I am a descendant of the Jeok-family that have served Koguryo from its begin ing. I have been thinking deeply about what is the best way for Koguryo and what is the way to rebuild the Country of Jyooshin. I am ready to sacrifice my life for this country. Are you the same with me?

Dmdk: Are you telling me that my death would help this country?

JH: Your highness, can you kill yourself for the sake of this country, the Great Koguryo?

* Kakdan delivered the message of Damdeok, and the king decided to stop the coronation.
The leader of Jeolnoboo asks the king's permission to bring his army to the palacce, but the King orders Jeolnoboo to return to their territory and wait there to help Damdeok.

Kiha: Something's wrong. There must be some misunderstanding.
Bring the one that is behind you.

JH: Aren't you the owner of the symbol of Joojak?
I heard that Joojak is serving Hogae-nim. Am I wrong?
Does Hogae-nim know that you are here?

Kiha: I won't answer to a traitor.

Dmdk: You are right. There will be nothing to worry if I die.
There will be peace in Gooknaesung again.

Kiha: Your highness...

Dmdk: And the one who was born under the star of Jyooshin could become king.

JH: Yes, sir.

Dmdk: Did the one who will be the king of Jyooshin want all this?
To kidnap the sons of tribal leaders and accuse the king for the crime;
to stir up conflict between the king and the tribal leaders; t
o bring armies of the tribes to threaten the king;
and to demand the death of the crown prince?
Did Hogae of the Yons, who claims to be born under the star of Jyooshin want this?
All I want is this. Can you tell me?

Hogae: May I answer to your question instead?


* The Oracle announces that the coronation is postponed.
The tribal leaders ask the oracle to release their sons.
Yon Garyo says that the king should release the sons if the king wants to sit on the throne again.
Hogae: There is something that you don't know, your highness.
The one that was born under the star of Jyooshin wasn't me alone.
You were also born in that night, under that star.
The point is, there must not be two of us, there must not be two kings in Koguryo.

Kiha: I made him faint with my skill. I promise. I will be back tomorrow, before sunrise. And then....

Hogae: Tell him to go afar and never return to Gooknaesung.
I don't think I can save his life twice.

Kiha: What about the king?

Hogae: The king will be safe as far as the prince is absent.
Oh, I should tell you one more thing.
I have nothing to do with this dirty plot.
I will become a king openly and squarely. Don't you think that it is required to make you obey me from the bottom of your heart?
Before sunrise. I will wait.

* Yon Garyo burst into anger when he hears that Hogae released Damdeok.
Hogae blames his father for the kidnap, and says that he will become a king in his own way. Garyo and the Priest says that many young men will die and Hogae is responsible for that.

* A refugee camp in the outer area of Koguryo.

Kiha: Good evening. This is not a good placce to stay, but I had no choice.
Please bear one night, and I will find a better placce to stay.

Dmdk: Are they people of Koguryo?

Kiha: Yes, I think they are migrants from various placces.

Dmdk: I heard that there was a severe famine three years ago.
The king opened up his private warehouse to give relief to the people.
Is the famine still so serious?

Kiha: There are migrants at any time in every country.
Some loss their land due to the drought, some loss their homeland because of war.
It happens always.

Dmdk: The child was dead. The boy that the woman was holding.
He died a long time ago.

Kiha: I brought something to eat.

Dmdk: Kiha.

Kiha: I heard that Jeolnoboo protected the king to the last moment.

Dmdk: Can you tell me?

Kiha: I've sent people to Gooknaesung to get some news. They will come soon.

Dmdk: What can I do?

Dmdk: The tribal leaders are against my father.
They want to kill me to make someone else a king.
The soldiers who are supposed to guard me wants me to kill myself.
The woman I have trusted is a servant of someone else.

Kiha: You must be angry at me.

Dmdk: You look so pale...

Kiha: You should rage at me. I deceived you. I...

Dmdk: Is it your own will?
I am asking if it is your own will.
Now that Joojak is your destiny that the heaven has chosen for you, don't hurt yourself because of me.

Kiha: I remember. It was at the library.
I remember how fast my heart beat when you first spoke to me


The refugee comes with information about Gooknaesung that the Jeolnoboo tribe returned to their territory, and the king is alone.

* Kiha runs back to Kooknaesung to gather people who would help Damdeok and the king, but was stopped by the Hwacheons.
The Priest warns Kiha that it is Kiha's fault if anything happens to the person she loves.

* The peddler and Hyongo going back to Gooknaesung to rescue Sujini.
They come to a conclusion that there are two Joojaks, that were Kajin and Saeoh.

In the letter Kiha left, she wrote that she will be back with the king and people who would help them. She also wrote that she would choose to stay with Damdeok in this life, even if she shall get punished for disobeying her fate as Joojak.

[VOD] KBS Bae Yong Joon Photo Documentary

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[NEWS] BYJ visited PD Kim in the hospital in Chuseok holidays.

Reposted from Quilt (orginal posted and translated by suehan)

BYJ visited PD Kim in the hospital in Chuseok holidays.

Bae Yong Joon visited PD Kim Jong Hak of TWSSG, as he was hospitalized due to an automobile accident, during the Chuseok holidays. He wished him a quick recovery. .

An officer of the MBC Fantasy Drama ‘TWSSG’, is broadcasted on Wednesdays and Thursdays, talked to STARNEWS over the phone in the morning of the 28th. He said that “Bae Yong Yoon including Yoon Tae Young and casts of ‘TWSSG’ visited PD Kim Jong Hak in Chuseok holidays and wished him a quick recovery.”

He also said that “PD Kim Jong Hak, was spending the Chuseok holidays in the hospital, as he appreciated the casts’ visit.

According to the officer, PD Kim is almost recovered, his plan is to go home around next week and return to the filming sites.

An officer from the production department said that “PD Kim Jong Hak watched all ‘TWSSG’ episodes in the hospital, and is planning to return to the filming sites soon.”

PD Kim was involved in an automobile accident with a 25 ton cargo-truck near Boryong City with driver Mr. Park and three other passengers in his Chevoret Van on the 18th during the night when they were heading from the Naju filming site in Jeonnam to the Taean filming site in Choongnam on the West Beach Highway.

The van he was in burned from the accident, but it’s known that all the passengers including PD Kim escaped from the car safely and didn’t receive any severe injuries. But PD Kim went to the Hospital of Han Yang University on the 19th during the early morning and was recommended to get an intestinal operation from the hospital staff for precautionary purposes. He had a surgery right away and is now hospitalized.

[Photo] TWSSG Official Website Gallery 28.9

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BYJ Updates on 29/9/2007 (by lcktour / taiousisinki) 관리자님 글
Sat Sep 29, 2007 12:28pm

Source: byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's trans;ator machine


At 11:55, in white T-shirt, Yong Joon of Damdeok's hair style waved hand to family, and it was going for filming.
He leaned forward after having got into the car and waved hand.
Today's Yong Joon doesn't wear sunglasses
He has eyes that are always more than well-defined (Or can see his eyes clearly?)and really wonderful

용준님 촬영 소식(9월29일) 관리자님 글
2007-09-29 10:30am

Source :byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's translator machine

先程、ヨンジュンさんはご自分の愛車Land Roverに乗って
ファイト! ヨンジュンさん!!
ファイト! キム監督、ユン監督!!
ファイト! 俳優&スタッフ皆さん!!
ファイト! 家族皆さん!

Good morning.
Yong Joon ride on his favorite car LandRover some time ago and arrived at Naju set ground/ filming site.
In addition, the start of a critical day.
Fight! Yong Joon!!
Fight! Director Kim, director Yoon!!
Fight! Actor & all of the staff!!
Fight! Family all of you!

[Captures] TWSSG Hoamepage - Sept Week 2 Diary / byjgallery by pola

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[Capture] 27/9 MBC TWSSG Ep 7 - Damdeok and Kiha 4

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[Captures] 27/9 MBC TWSSG Ep 7 - Damdeok #3

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BYJ Updates on 28/9/2007 by taiousisinki

용준님 촬영 소식(9월28일) 관리자님 글
2007-09-28 12:46 pm

source :byjgallery miemi / translated by xiaoyi's translator machine


今日は、莞島 セット場です。
先程、ヨンジュンさんが セット場に着いたといいます。
自分の愛車Land Roverに乗って、車からは、降りなかったが
ブラック色の Adidas トレーニングウェア&ブラックの帽子姿でした。

Todays's filming is performed according to the schedule as usual.
Today is at Wando set / filming site.
Some time ago, it is said that Yong Joon arrived at set ground.
He ride on his own favorite car LandRover and didn't get off the car, but opened the window and said hello to families. Usual brown-colored sunglasses
He was wearing black-colored Adidas training suit & black hat.
Today's filming is said to be planned from about 15:00.

[Scan] AERA

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