Thursday, August 16, 2007

[BYJ updates] 15.8.2007 by taosisinki (As of 20:58)

jeju 용준님 촬영 소식(8월15일) 관리자님 글
2007-08-15 20:58:31

今晩は! 今日は韓国も休みでした。
とても暑かったです。 済州も今日,明日で夏休みのお客が減って行くと思います。
今日も彼の撮影分はありませんでした。 お休みなさい!

Korea was holiday today, too. It was very hot. It is expected that visitors to Jeju for summer vacation will reduce on tomorrow and today. The filming team departed today at about 9:00. It is about 5:00 that photography was over. A very hot place, and doing their best everyday!
I am worried about the health of all the photography staff. There wasn't his filming today either. Good night!

Source: byjgallery by miemi (English translated using xiaoyi's translator machine ^.^)

(*) Have been struggling whether to post the updates.... and I' finally decided to post it anyway, just wanna share....

[Photo] Jeju Park BOF ~ Moving on 22.8 & 24.8.2007

PARK JEJUがリニューアルと共に今度、場所を変えることになり、皆様にいち早くご報告致します。

1)新PARK JEJUの住所 (New Park BOF Jeju Add): 濟州島 濟州市 涯月邑 光令里97 

2)電話番号 (Telephone Contact)  : 82-64-712-4999

3)移転による休館日(Closed & Moving): 8月22(水)~8月24(金)

そして25日から新しい所で通常通り営業いたします。これからもよろっぴく^^です。New Park BOF Jeju will start business on 25th.

[Photo] Love everything and every part of him.....

Source: bb's blog (thanks) / other original sources