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[Photo] 久石 譲 Ochestra Concert 7.8.07

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[trans] TWSSG shooting site diary / 4th week July 2007

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Japanese to English: tomato99 (Quilt)
site diary : 4th week July 2007

Annyon-haseyo! Time flies so fast, a week has passed already.
Did you have a happy week? We had a really busy week. This is because “TWSSG” team changed its accommodation.
It was a hectic week, as we needed some time to get settled down at new hotel.
Everyone’s response to new hotel is very well. Director and all staff seem to be very pleased! It was really good to change the accommodation!!
Chanma (raining season) is over, and damp heat is starting for real, temperature at Jejudo is rising every day.
Now, it is a must to have sunscreen and insect bite reliever at the shooting site.
During daytime, we have to battle with midsummer sun, and at night, we have to battle with flying mosquitos!
Especially, we had many night shootings this week. There was a shooting of Damdeok’s troops going on a battle.
The scene was troops traveling on a cargo ship, we have created the inside of cargo ship at the shooting set. The cargo ship was set to carry horses together, so at night, the set was filled with smell of horses.
It would gather more mosquitos, actors and staff would be putting on medicine all over their arms and legs.
This day’s shooting was using armors made of iron, more than 20 extras had to wear heavy armor and keep standing at their position.
It may look light, but costume staff was all sweating dressing the heavy armor to every actor.
Of course, with no exception this was the same for Bae Yong Joon ssi.
He was shooting with heavy armor covering whole body, he was actually struggling with it.
During that shooting, actor playing the role of Dalbi gave out ice creams, it helped relieve our thirst and cooled us down on a summer night.
Being exposed to night wind, and eating ice cream in the moonlight, can you feel getting cooler? Please spend a cool summer with icy cold ice cream---.
Till we meet again next week!!

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