Thursday, July 26, 2007

[VOD] TWSSG 6分鐘予告篇 ~ 6 min Preview


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[BOF Notice] We are requesting a favor from Family

Original in korean: KOB 2007/07/25
Translated into english: joanne / quilt

How are you, dear family.

BYJ, who is filming in Jeju Island at this time, has moved as housing contract has expired. In regard to this, we are to give you word requesting your favor as we are worried about dear family who visit new place.
Because the new place is small in size and dangerous to safety, he cannot meet dear family as he has done in the past.
We are very much worried about dear family who are waiting for Mr. BYJ in underground parking lot after he changed his place.
The underground parking lot has risk of accident as many cars come and go, and also is not a good environment for health, due to sultriness and polluted air. Because of appearance of dear family who are waiting for a long period of time, not only this management company but also Mr. BYJ are worried a lot.
Also, there was a request for cooperation from the Hotel regarding this.We are asking dear family much support from your hearts and cooperation.
Including BYJ, all actors and staff of the 'TWSSG' are working on its filming with all their bests to greet you with good work. We are asking unchanging support, and we wish you to be healhy always in sultry weather and rainy season.

Thank you.
Respectfully, BOF