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[Photo] Ms Lee Sa-Gang / Sagan Lee

She studied Film and Theatre at Chung-Ang University. Graduated MA in Filmmaking from London Film School and MA in Fine Art from Saint Martins College of Art. She directed a short film named Mermaid Island.

[scan] Korea Star Precious Book vol.1 <2004.8.1>


Jim in Taiwan 2002.3

Press Conference in Taiwan 2004.3.6

Fan Meetingin in Taiwan 2004.3.7
in Hong Kong 2004.3.21

Old & New 2001. autumn

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[Photo] megane ichiba 眼鏡市場 - New branch

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Friday, June 22, 2007

[Old Photos] Lotte DFS 2004/2005

[Scan & Capture] Korea Master Brand Award

Moris posted this on the Talkbox of BYJ's official home.
Translated by Joanne on Quilt.

['2007 Korean Master(Representative) Brand Grand Award']
Yongjoon-nim's words on winning award.

How are you. I am BYJ. Thank you for selecting me for the Special Award in '2007 Korean Master(Representative) Brand Grand Award'.
I will put an effort so that I can show you better appearance in the future. I wish from bottom of my heart that the '2007 Korean Master(Representative) Brand Grand Award' will also continue to grow.

Following is the address of original copy.

[Korean Business Newspaper] 6/20/07 16:59

Hallyu stars BYJ & Lee Youngae, who brought on Hallyu hot wind in various Asian countries, were also selected. They are brands representing Korean popular culture.

Reported by Yoo Jaehyeok,
Copyright (c) Korean Business Newspaper

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