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[BOF Notice] Regarding 'TWSSG'

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[BOF Notice] Regarding 'TWSSG'

How are you, dear families.

Recently, against our intention, we gave our dear families much trouble with drama 'TWSSG'.First, we give our hearts of both apology and appeciation to our dear families, who have been agonizing and worried along with us in entire process until now.

The filming of the drama 'TWSSG' plans to be resumed in the middle of this month using a script that is touched up. Also, we make clear it again that 'rumor about discord between production company and actor', which has been reported by some media, is groundless.All the while, actors including BYJ, has been progressing post-production works, such as post-production recording for the parts that have been filmed already and shooting for posters, etc.

We are very much aware of expectation and support our dear families have been sending to us for a long time. Although Mr. BYJ and his management company have done all their bests, we feel nothing but sorry because we ended up giving you much worries after all. As much as you are giving us much expectation, we will put all our bests in order to reward you with drama with much more degree of completion.

We would like to ask you unchanging support and encouragement for the 'TWSSG' so that Mr. BYJ can meet dear families again in a better appearance.

Thank you.

[Photo] TWSSG Director PD Kim at 2pm Press Con 08.06.07

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#1 TWSSG will be ready to broadcast in September, KJH says.
Yonhap News, Seoul
Reporter: Kook Ki Heon

Director Kim Jong Hak said that he will make TWSSG available till early September at a press meeting held on June 8th. Kim said, "We found our way.

We changed the plot and are working on the scenario. The shooting will start in mid-June, and TWSSG will be ready to broadcast by early September."He also said, "I've never done such a difficult and hard project." He also admitted that there were some mistake in the process of combining fantasy and history.

Following is the Q&A of the press meeting.
Q: Why is it getting so late?
A: It would have been already finished if the drama was only about a historical figure. I expected it to be hard, but didn't know it would be this hard. There was a mistake in combining fantasy and history. While I tried to catch the life of King Kwang-gaeto, I lost the aspect of fantasy. I put too many things in the story, and it didn't work well. I could keep making the drama like that by mixing history and fantasy, but I felt as if I was struck on my head when I thought of what our initial goal was. BYJ said that this drama was the last pride of Hallyu, and if this drama fails, it doesn't only mean the failure of YJ and me, but it could mean the failure of Hallyu. He also said that we should show the viewers a well-made drama no matter how much it will take, even working without sleeping for days. I agreed with him. I am not desiring more, I am just thinking of our initial aspiration.

Q: Can you give us the accurate date that will be broadcasted?
A: I made a contract with NHK, but the date is not settled. I cannot give you the date. We are working on the new scenario, and aiming at a new goal. As we made a decision on which way to go, we will re-start shooting in mid-June. TWSSG will be prepared to broadcast by early September. Please wait for the drama. You will understand once you see it.

Q: Will it be broadcasted abroad before it is broadcasted in Korea?
A: Basically, it should be broadcasted in Korea first. In reality, subtitle must be prepared, and most of all, I think domestic broadcasting is the norm that we should keep.

Q: Where did you spend most of the production cost?
A: Many of the part went to the studio set. You will know once you see the drama.

Q: Are you planning to show us the computer graphics before the broadcast?
A: No, I don't have such plan. Please wait and see. The scenes are not shocking, but it is confidential. The CG of the scene that was taken in March was finished several days ago. Some CG scene need six to twelve months to make. We are not good at waiting. I also thought that it could be made earlier if I press the CG team, but I was wrong.

Q: Why did the shooting stop?
A: It is not only because of CG. It is a combination of scenario, art, and so on. I agonized on why should we revive King Kwang-gaeto in 21st century, and decided to check things out rather than to go easy.

Q: How is the teamwork?
A: We often exchange informations. The actors have other schedules, but basically they are proud of this drama. They often sacrifice for this drama. We are trying together to make good result.

Q: Did you read the statement of the labor union of MBC?
A: Yes, I did. I have nothing to reply. I am sorry for the delay, and will try to solve things out.

Q: Is there any preview of the drama?
A: Yes, there is. I will give the first four part before June 14th. Please wait till the drama is finished. ---------------------------

#2 KJH, realign the plot of TWSSG after hearing BYJ's advice
Reporter: Kim Sung Han

Director Kim JH said that he stopped shooting the drama after hearing BYJ's advice.
On 8th at 2 o'clock, Director Kim had a press meeting at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. He apologized for the delay, and started his word with "I realized something while I talked with BYJ." "BYJ asked me, 'who is King Kwang-gaeto? Why is he so outstanding among thousands of kings in our history? How could he rule such a large territory?'""BYJ also said, 'if this drama goes like this, it would be a failure to both of us. I don't care about the failure of myself, but it could be a major failure of Hallyu. I think Hallyu should not stop like this.'" Kim said that he felt as if he was struck on his head when BYJ advised, and fully agreed with BYJ. He eventually decided to stop shooting and rewrite the scenario, and the broadcast was postponed inevitably. Kim said, "I reconsidered on how should I combine history and fantasy. Maybe I tried to show too much. I will make TWSSG available by early September, and do my best to make good-quality drama."
The press meeting was so heated as if it were a Congressional hearing. Kim apologized to the viewers repeatedly.Among 24 parts of TWSSG, shooting of 16 parts are finished. The new scenario is under work from May, and shooting will restart from mid-June.

#3 Title: Kim said, "BYJ was an acter from the beginning to the end"

Source :
Reporter: Ko Hong Ju

Director Kim JH officially expressed his position about the delay of TWSSG.
At a press meeting held at Imperial Palace Hotel at 2pm on 8th, director KJH started the interview with his apology. "I think my ambition was too big. I apologize for not keeping the promise with the viewers. I was so greedy about the drama that I wanted a better story, to make a mistake." On a question asking whether the delay was because of BYJ, Kim answered "I definitely don't agree with that point." Kim also said, "BYJ was an actor throughout the project. He is a very well organized person, and showed such a sincere effort to act his character that people were moved." "He never worked in means of business, nor to make up his image as a Hallyu star. I am also the head of KJH Production, but we never talked about profit.""It is true that BYJ feels pressure by the fact that he is representing Hallyu, which seems to be fading."

About the delay, Kim said, "In May, the TWSSG staffs decided to suspend the shooting schedule. It was inevitable to rewrite the scenario. There was some mistake in combining the fantasy and history." Kim continued, "BYJ once asked me, 'what kind of person King Kwang-gaeto really was?' I couldn't answer. I was losing the focus I aimed when I started this project. If we don't enjoy making the drama, viewers won't enjoy it either. Even if it was very late, I decided to rearrange the schedule.""Shooting of new scenes are stopped, but the afterward process of previous scenes are under work as scheduled. BYJ and other actors are faithfully cooperating. Every staffs are doing their best. I am sorry to disappoint you by not keeping the schedule." Kim apologized repeatedly.

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