Thursday, May 17, 2007

[SCAN]Movieweek 태왕사신기 스페셜 가이드북-칼든 큐트 담덕 일러스트

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[Photo] 배용준 - 일본 사이트 사진모음 (Japan Site)

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[INFO] The Jump - Comic Martial Arts

YJ's comment on the "JUMP"

original in japanese: josei jishin 2007/05/29 p.53

translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog


Yonsama made this comment about the Korean performance art, JUMP.

“In recent years, within the Japanese Korean cultural exchange the fields of entertainment, drama, music and films have been developing but recently theater has been drawing attention.I have deep ties to this project and I am one of its supporters.”

This is a comical performance as unfolded by a family of “martial arts experts".

Two years ago after audiences at the London theater festival were caught up in the whirl of laughter and excitement that this production generated, Yonsama’s production company decided to invest in this production. JUMP has performed more than 1,500 times in Korea and will open in Japan starting May 18.“I believe that it is a work that everyone in Japan will enjoy,” he said of this project which has no spoken dialogue and which should draw the attention of all concerned family!

JUMP will play at the Shinjuku Theater Apple from 5/18 -6/24.

From 6/28-7/5 it will be at the Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Geijutsu Hall.

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