Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Love Greeting / Salut D'Amour (1994)


The theme of Salut D'Amour, unlike later versions, are not interconnected to one another by one episodes. Each episode in Salut D'Amour contains a separate but closely-related theme from other episodes.
Bae Yong Joon- Kim Yong-min
** The lead role in the drama. He was born in 1975. Yong-min was elected as the group leader among his group of friends (all the major characters in the drama), and his powers apply in the fields of project work by the university that his friends are studying in, and to an extent, holidays. Yong-min is the childhood friend of Hae-yung, but she later broke up with him during their university days. He went on to develop relationships with Tongnam, Yujin and Ahn-chae. Yong-min had an elder sister, Yeon-ae.