Friday, November 03, 2006

[NEWS][新闻]Poster of YJ for CREA Magazine cover

I read the following news from Sina Entertainment on Nov 1, 2006. Have posted on KOB site.

(新浪娱乐讯) 近日,裴勇俊拍摄的日本最知名女星杂志12月封面海报,引起了日本业内外的一致好评。本杂志一贯只允许海外知名女艺人及国际模特拍摄杂志封面,而本次破格邀请裴勇俊担任封面模特,是件非常罕见的一件事情。  



The english translation:

(Sina Entertainment) Recently, the cover poster that YJ photographed for the most well known Japanese female magazine (December edition), has earned credit from within and outside of Japan's magazine industry. This magazine normally only allowed overseas famous actresses and international models to photograph for their magazine cover, and this exceptional case of inviting YJ as the cover model, is a very unusual scenario.

1st (of Nov), this photographed poster was also officially released via the Japan's websites, similarly, this all new poster can also be found in YJ's Japan Official website, and hence the clicking of the poster has become the climax. As for this photographing, YJ changed from his usual charming, gentleman side, and make an exception, by posting a sexy charm that possess unlimited desire (wow, what a description). The half opened shirt revealed his tough muscular chest, and the various ornaments decorated the overall poster with rich atmosphere.

This magazine content also contained nearly 20 pages of YJ's posters and recent personal information, largely promoting YJ's activities in Japan and his latest development. The content will also include his list of activities during his visit to Japan in July.